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The ULTIMATE Guide to RWI - New members read here!

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    The ULTIMATE Guide to RWI - New members read here!

    Noob Guide to RWI

    As a newbie myself I thought I’d compile a thread which would be useful to other newbies and other users with all the valuable information I have found as I trawl through the site; a ‘Replica Watch 101’ so to speak!


    Kitersoze’s Noob Welcome

    I wouldn’t class this as informative but it is a great post which signifies that there will always be issues with replicas and they will never be perfect so stop whining over the smallest of problems, you are still buying a rep at the end of the day…

    Why bother with the TDs? Why not just buy from the Internet?

    Daytona for me has gone undercover and purchased $100+ worth of replica watches from DHGate to show the troubles from buying from a non-trusted dealer and how the descriptions and quality of those watches from sites like ioffer, aliexpress and DHGate can be

    Confused at the numerous abbreviations contained within the forum?

    Fakemaster has explained all the most common abbreviations in his wonderful thread:

    This tool is probably best used alongside reading the forum if there are any abbreviations you do not understand!

    Beginner’s Guide on how to find the Best Replica

    Here we have ThinkBach’s excellent guide to finding the best replica for YOU – it involves how to research what watch you want, how to find the best replica, how to source the best dealer and so on…

    It is a must read for all newbies who are buying!

    Don Brizzel’s First Timer’s thread

    This thread looks to have been a great first timer thread but the links are all out of date so it is not the best help anymore, in fact it isn’t a help at all, although AHW676’s post in the thread is valuable:

    The post above has answers to a few questions such as: ‘I’ve not got a confirmation e-mail!’, ‘My tracking number says my watch is stuck somewhere’ and ‘My watch has arrived damaged, what do I do?!’.

    The Top 10 Lies about Replica Watches

    This is a great thread which cuts straight through the bullshit of the replica industry.

    One example of such a lie which is debunked by AllergyDoc is that there are no grades of replica watches contrary to popular folklore.

    There are merely models, factories and versions. Which watch is most like the genuine is a) a matter of opinion; and b) easily found out with abit of research in the individual sub-forums for each manufacturer.

    How to purchase your first replica

    Pulp fiction’s handy guide provides a detailed breakdown upon the purchase process from choosing your watch to payment and arrival.
    This is a must read before embarking upon the replica trail.

    The purchasing process

    A handy guide walking you through the replica purchasing process step-by-step, made by Frigpig.

    Some points are a little outdated e.g. ‘do not buy direct from the website’ (this was mainly regarding stock not being updated on the sites back in 2009 but the websites are a lot more advanced at present e.g. still the thread above is still a very good guide.

    Time4Direct’s handy insight into the replica market

    I wouldn’t class this as a must read BUT if you want to have some background as to what goes on behind the scenes then this is the thread for you, not a must read before you buy but certainly interesting.

    How do you survive the long wait after ordering your replica and delivery?

    Mitchbaria’s must read thread warns those newbies who are waiting for their first rep not to be impatient because it will arrive and yes, in rare occasions it may be broken, don’t go complaining in the forum as your first action, read this thread first!

    How to buy, how to sell and avoiding scams

    N3tph4t has compiled a wonderful series of posts in the thread below which provide a how-to upon buying, selling and avoiding scams – a must read!

    Do not post QC pictures to ask for the forum’s approval

    These are your pictures for you to find issues/approve.

    In order to satisfy yourself research the particular model and find out about known issues then look for the typical issues within your QC pictures and satisfy yourself that everything is acceptable.

    Compare the QC photographs to either a) the TD’s photographs or b) a review from a satisfied buyer of their own purchase to check for any differences.

    KingKatona set it out perfectly via PM:

    ‘If you check the QC pictures against the pictures on [TD’s] website and you see no discernible difference then I'd say send [TD] an "OK to post" email, don't forget the pictures that TDs send are high resolution so if you happy with the QC pictures then you'll be more than happy when it's on your wrist...’

    Trailboss99 hits the nail on the head in the above thread. Do not post asking the forum to approve your QC pictures, only post QC pictures if you can see an issue/think you can see an issue and want a second opinion from the members.

    As AHW676 says your QC pictures are to make sure that the TD has got the right watch and to make sure there is no major problems, glaring flaws or damage:

    How to Read Timegrapher Results

    Adeodatus has made a fantastic post over on RWG on how to read your timegrapher results once they have been received. Because i'm sure like me, you are clueless as to what to do when they arrive!

    What are the best replica models?

    Chronomate has compiled a frequently updated list as to what the ‘best’ replicas are in the market at the moment. This list is not exhaustive and should be used to supplement your own research but it’s a bloody good starting point for that stereotypical ‘what is the best sub?’ question! The answer is most probably the TC sub or the Noobmaster V6S for those wondering…

    In addition, another good place to start is the ‘Rep of the Year’ vote because that has a list of the forum’s favourite replicas of the calendar year and the best is voted upon – see here:

    However, the answer to what the best replicas are can be found using a) the search tool (there are hundreds of threads asking this very same question) and also b) the individual brand sub-forums. If you know what watch you want it is quite easy to gauge what the best replica is of that model.

    What happens when you need the watch serviced or repaired?

    If you like a service or repair you have four options (correct me if I am wrong):

    a) Strike up a relationship with a Local Watchsmith:
    b) Send the watch back to the TD to repair (if broken upon arrival)
    c) Find a forum member who can service/repair the watch and contact them via RWI
    d) Buy a new watch if it is irreparable

    King Kantona posted a thread which provided information as to whether a service is needed upon arrival of a new watch and linked us to a detailed post by a reputable watch smith regarding the different movements and their repairability and quality:

    links us to this great post by UK Watch Services:


    Utilise the main sub-forum:

    Read around, read the stickies and the latest posts.

    Typical Rolex Sub-C (Submariner Ceramic Bezel) QC Issues

    Some of these may be wrong - I am a noob after all!

    · Date alignment issues
    · DWO (Date Window Overlay) issues (font smudging)
    · Lume pip ‘uneven’ when viewed flat
    · Not gen-like Cyclops (Date Window) (no ‘black-hole effect’)
    · Mis-aligned ‘rehaut’ (The silver bit around the inside of the watch which says 'ROLEXROLEXROLEX'
    · Rehaut polishing poor
    · Mis-aligned SELs (Solid End Links)
    · Date font issues (too bold)


    Again, utilise the main thread – read the stickies and the latest posts:

    The best Panerai post is Ale’s guide, this is fantastic and full of excellent information – must read for Panerai addicts:

    Other Brands

    I want to add to this guide so please point me in the direction of any other essential threads/posts and lets add to the subheadings regarding each brand.

    Thanks for reading!

    Parked for future updates.


      I was unsure which sub-forum would be the most appropriate to put this in so I started it in both.

      Sorry for inconvenience.


        Really great compilation of threads for noobs and old timers alike.

        Great job @rfirmino !
        The First Constitution of RWI
        The ULTIMATE Guide to RWI - New members read here!
        First timers: Read me first before posting
        Who can I buy replica watches from?
        Trusted Replica Dealers for RWI
        Who has the best sub? A guide for noobs
        New Sales Rules, March 30th, 2016
        Guide - how to purchase your first rep
        Best replica models of the particular factories
        Rolex Submariner
        Reference PAM REVIEW-GUIDE
        {*PCTeam*} PAM Luminor 44mm CASE-SETS - Noob vs. KW vs. H maker
        ETA 2836-2 vs Clone - how to tell "Swiss" from "Asian"
        Movements Guide for Noobs
        The Purpose of QC Pictures

        Buy any and all reps after doing your research. Pick your dealer, then pick your watch.
        Sad thing is I will go to sleep tonight and have no worries on what mean people on rwi have to say about me.
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          Awesome [MENTION=120174]rfirmino[/MENTION] wish I had this easy go to when I started


            Originally posted by kdo2milger, post: 2718237
            Really great compilation of threads for noobs and old timers alike.

            Great job @rfirmino !
            Originally posted by Odub, post: 2718322
            Awesome @rfirmino wish I had this easy go to when I started
            Thanks guys, I hope that it can be a useful tool in the years to come!


              Originally posted by rfirmino, post: 2718447
              Thanks guys, I hope that it can be a useful tool in the years to come!
              Super work thank you for taking the time and giving good descriptions. I for one am subscribing to this thread Mods this is a good one to consider for sticky post. I see you have given credit to [MENTION=117884]KingKantona[/MENTION], he does a wonderful welcome post.

              Now I just hope people read this.

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                Definitely should be sticked.

                Tudor GMT


                  must have taken awhile to put all of this together. Thanks OP for your effort. This is excellent for all new members and should be stickied.



                    Originally posted by JAFO
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                      He put a lot of work in that...

                      Just the the 2 or 3 before him did. And their threads still exist too. Several are stickied.

                      Thanks for contributing

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                        Great reference point [MENTION=120174]rfirmino[/MENTION], Can I delete my 'copy & paste' ditty now [MENTION=113530]yllekp[/MENTION] and spend my evenings monkeying around in the 'Brig'?

                        How big is a 44mm?..Its about 44mm, or maybe 38mm.
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                          Originally posted by KingKantona, post: 2718692
                          Great reference point @rfirmino, Can I delete my 'copy & paste' ditty now @yllekp and spend my evenings monkeying around in the 'Brig'?
                          How you spend your evenings is none of my business my friend

                          Do. Or do not. There is no try.
                          There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.
                          ? Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings


                            [MENTION=120174]rfirmino[/MENTION] great job! Even if i am not new, with all the readyng and the amount of information there is, sometimes, you just can't retain everything so, it is great to have a concentration point for the major subjects reunited all together. Bravo!


                              Great thread. I subscribe. A lot of useful information.
                              Thanks you rfirmino!

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