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The purpose of QC pictures

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    The purpose of QC pictures

    At RWI, we're fortunate to have a few dealers who take the time to individually procure, inspect, and photograph watches for potential buyers. This has not always been the norm, and in fact, it's a recent development. Up until about two years ago, all of the dealers drop-shipped everything and never even had the items in their hands before it got sent to buyers. As a result, buyers got items with obvious flaws and occasionally received the wrong thing altogether, and it was all "part of the game".

    Things have changed, and for the better. We do now have dealers who are willing to post QC pics to buyers to make sure that people get what they want. But there's a specific purpose for those pictures, and unfortunately, we're seeing more and more buyers (usually new members) who are abusing this privilege.

    Purpose of QC pic:

    1) ensuring that you are getting the right watch
    2) identifying any serious flaws in the item

    You may post a QC pic if you have a specific question about a possible serious flaw that you have found, and want input on how common or acceptable it is. However, the purpose of QC pics, and especially posting it on the open forum, is not: "Dealer X has sent me this QC pic, what do you think?" or "xxxxxx under 1000x magnification looks slightly xxxxxx, should I accept?" etc.

    We expect everyone to do their own research and homework as to whether an item is acceptable to them. If you haven't noticed a flaw, asking 38K members to jump in and identify all the problems they can possibly find is unfair to everyone. It's unfair to the folks who have taken the time and effort to learn about this hobby. It's even more unfair to the dealers, who have to individually buy the watches for you, inspect and photograph it, only to have you decide that some tiny imperfection which you never noticed in the first place, renders the piece unacceptable.

    The staff here does not want the responsibility of censoring these posts, so we ask you to use your own good judgment in posting these pictures, or responding to the requests of others. Fortunately, having reviewed a recent thread on this topic, it seems that the consensus of the longtime members is that they understand and agree with this policy. Feel free to point offenders to this thread as often as necessary!


    Amen sister!

    I can't agree more.

    It's simply amazing how a macro shot can turn nothing into something.

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      Originally posted by ahw676, post: 940159
      However, the purpose of QC pics, and especially posting it on the open forum, is not: "Dealer X has sent me this QC pic, what do you think?"

      We expect everyone to do their own research and homework as to whether an item is acceptable to them. )
      Sing it Sister.

      If a buyer can't see any serious flaws on his own then tough patoodies. Too many newcomers expect to be coddled.
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        This definitely needed some clarification...


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          Thank you JESUS... and ahw.
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              Well said! It's about time this got addressed. QC abuse will not be tolerated


                Well i would like to add something but i cant... Well said ahw!

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                  We needed something like this post.
                  Please don't think I'm not willing to help noob members. But I would like to avoid some type of post like ahw says: "Dealer X has sent me this QC pic, what do you think?"...
                  From this moment I will use this link to reply nonspecific query about QC pics.
                  I encourage all members to do the same.

                  Well said ahw !!
                  I can't agree more !!



                    This is one of those things that if you have entered the hobby in the last year or so, you just would think its the appropriate thing to do based on all of the posts doing exactly that.

                    Its good to clarify what the purpose of QC pics are. Honestly, the dealers were getting an unfair shake in many cases because it turned into "whats wrong with this rep" as opposed to whether or not the specific piece is correct and not severely jacked up. Dealers dont make em, they just sell em.


                      hey guys...These all are really great purpose pictures. Keep it up.
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                        Sorry I missed this thread. Lets hope it's actually read, and we will see less of...
                        "Does the date window have dust in it"?...Ask the dealer, they won't bite. Well some will, but it won't hurt.


                          very good, your tips can help us.


                            no queston about it-gret policy-unfortunatley the helpful ideas in life are often abuse(and sometimes w good intentions) and hamper a good thing for others-people just need to do some things themselves first-use this forum as an additional aid and tool for this hobby...not let the forum DO it for them..after all isn't that what makes it fun?!
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                              Good to know, unfortantely I was refered to this post after posting my QC photos