It's been a hectic morning. Someone gained access to the forum settings via a weak administrator account and used that access to delete users and forums and also to send threatening and insulting messages, which you can ignore.

At no point did the attacker have access to any information other your e-mail address and what you've already made available on the forum. You may receive an email purporting to be from TB demanding monies, obviously it isn't him. Most of the details he is threatening to release we simply don't have so he's pretty much full of it.

Please take this as a reminder to make sure that your own account has a strong password. If you routinely send personal information via PM, we recommend turning on two-factor authentication in your settings ( to ensure that only you can log into your account.

We are currently sweeping up the mess and will have RWI back up and running ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can browse the exile forums at

RWI Staff

PS: when we come on line please change your password immediately in case your account has been cracked (as far as we know only a very small number of staff were cracked but better safe than sorry) and if it is the same at other rep fora you would be advised to change them as well.