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How To Find A Local Watchsmith

This is a sticky topic.
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    Hey friends! I was wondering if anyone could PM me the information of a watchsmith in the area of Las Vegas. Let me know, thank you!


      Any watchmaker, modder in CONUS. I have several watches but in particular, have a JF Submariner 11460 no date that I would like to get serviced possibly change out the movement. It came with SA3130 that will stop on my wrist after a few days. I had a genuine SUB that I would wear for months without having to wind it. I also want to possibly brush the bracelet and do something with the face and bezel insert. Any recommendations of a good watch guy here in CONUS to mod my watch would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Carlos


        Originally posted by Esmatt2012 View Post

        Hello there buddy,

        Thanks for your recommendation. I had a crown issue with a 6497 movement. Raul charged me $10 when others wanted $100 to $250. He is a RESOURCE for folks in LA and San Fernando Valley. I drove from Santa Clarita Valley to see him but well worth it. He is honest good man.
        Thanks for the confirmation. Looks like I found my rep guy. I have a guy that I always go to for my gens but I am afraid he might take it badly if I bring him a rep so I've been looking for a rep guy for me in LA. Raul seems like a perfect person.


          Hi all - anyone happen to have a recommendation for a reliable rep-friendly watchsmith in the Bay Area in California? Preferably in San Francisco?
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            Great thread! Awesome advice. Thanks op.

            i will say that I managed to find a willing watch smith who was able to breathe new life into a few Pam reps that I had killed somehow (by overwinding & the like). He has since replaced a hublot rep dial with a gen (replaced all the hands & little chronos as well). I found him by traveling through the poorer side of town...his sign said something like “watches & clocks repair” and he sells nothing but low cost used watches and clocks and his English is good but not great. I have no idea how this guy makes money...maybe it’s a front for something else lol

            But he had no problem working with reps. I never even mentioned that they were reps (because I was afraid he’d turn me away).

            But now that he sorta knows me, I’m thinking about trying to get him to service some working movements (seeing as how I have never once done this for any of my movements lol). Thanks for the pointers. I will be sure and tell him that it’s ok if he takes one apart and it breaks.

            I tried to tell him to service that hublot but he either didn’t understand what I was asking him to do or else he was afraid (like u said) that he was gonna break it and be held responsible


              Hi everyone...any watchsmith in CONUS that willing to get watch shipped to them? Is Raul in LA area open to this or anyone else?

              Also I am in Central Ohio...any here that I can take to watch to would be preferable. Please pm me if so desired. Thanks...


                Has anyone had any luck finding a smith in the London / South East U..K. Area? My JF AP15400 has died on me but having not had it serviced in 2 years I suspect there could be something relatively easy to fix!
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                  Originally posted by Redco97 View Post
                  I am currently looking a watch smith in the Dallas, Texas area. Wanted to replace seals and General good service on my Noob V7. If someone could PM me that would be great.
                  I'm in North DFW area. I was curious if you were able to find someone? Just getting into the rep game. It would be nice to know if I can get service locally. Posting here so others can find the info. Feel free to PM me and/or share you experience. Thanks