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The Belkin12 Panerai Build Appreciation Thread - Post Yours Here


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1349 build from @Belkin12 just arrived. 🤌 🤌 🤌



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It looks better than the pam 911
Ha, I see you are a man of culture 😁
It's heavily inspired from it.

Indeed, I wanted a 911 but only H factory was available, and watch in hand it was not great.
But when I saw Belkin's work, I just knew he could make it happen, and with a few adjustments eg Destro to see both the open 6 and 9

for the anecdote we had a funny discussion on my dial request "sunburst dark green, almost black in the shade"
He was like WTF is that color, but replied in his usual extremely courteous manner.

I trusted his artistic sense and oh boy he is good.

Man, I will stop replying to this thread until I get the watch. This is giving me anxiety shivers 😅


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two incoming from Belkin to me in the UK. What a fabulous guy to deal with...... TWO great builds in TWO weeks turnaround!!!!!

First is a fantasy 207A .... ....44mm 207A hand finished PVD build:

- 44mm old cartel gun metal PVD coated bettarini case, ceramic blasted and hand finished to create the weathered effect. Significantly improved water-resistance.
- Modified CG with custom made flush pin. Modified lever - the tip is thinned and is closer to the midcase compared to a stock lever. Lever moves smoothly, not flimsy.
- Thick single-dome crystal. No AR coating (removed).
- Completely serviced (washed, oiled, re-assembled, regulated) a6497 movement. Screws were repolished to remove blue coating.
- H3 CP/HW set installed.
- Flattened and polished cannon pinion.
- Movement holders made to firmly secure the movement in the case.
- Custom made solid 207A CB with correct engravings and custom serial. Perlage finish and 6047 stamp from inside as per gen.
- Titanium lug tubes.
- 207A dial is made of whitened (not painted) brass, with correct indices and texts. Tritium look lume dots.
- Custom made brass 0.3mm backplate, correct model number stamped. Soldered dial feet are for 6497 movement.
- Custom made properly shaped Pre-v hands with elongated lume area. Tritium look lume.
- Custom made and distressed leather 24mm brown pre-v strap 130 x 80 mm.
- Ceramic blasted and aged Pre-v 24mm sew-in buckle with correct engravings.

The second build is PAM 1348 45mm hand finished PVD:

- High quality "pre-pandemic" 45mm Radiomir rep case. Significantly improved water-resistance. It was previously dismantled, ceramic blasted and hand treated PVD coating to create the weathered effect.
- 4mm thick high dome pot-shape crystal.
- Spring-loaded screw-in crown. Engraved. New O-rings for better water resistance.
- Modded and correctly engraved display CB.
- Vector traced and custom made aluminum 1348 sandwich dial. Grainy texture + gradient. Cream texts and lume.
- Custom made 0.3mm brass backplate. 00 1348 stamped. Soldered dial feet for 6497 movement.
- Custom made properly shaped carbon steel California hands which are shorter to fit a 36mm dial properly. Custom made seconds hand with tube. Hands are "black mirror" polished and heat blued. Cream lume.
- H3 CP/HW. CP flattened and mirror polished.
- Completely serviced (washed, oiled, re-assembled, regulated) a6497 movement. The wheels and ratchet screws are re-polished and heat blued.
- Movement holders made to firmly secure the movement inside the case.
- Titanium lug tubes.
- Custom 26x24mm vintage dark blue slightly distressed leather strap. Size is 125mm x 80mm.
- 24mm screw-in (removable) engraved buckle. Hand treated PVD coating.

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Looks nice. I will buy some off Belkin soon. Just saving some more money :)

He makes very nice watches.
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