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The Ultimate Rolex Reference Guide by Bonesy

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    The Ultimate Rolex Reference Guide by Bonesy

    I have taken all of Bonesy's threads that were stickied and put them in one huge order. This way, the stickies will mess up the appearance less and it will be more sorted.
    If you have anything to add to these threads, want to improve them, send me a PM and I will edit these.

    You can find the various threads below at their corresponding post number.

    # 2 + # 3 Rolex 101
    # 4 Rolex Submariner (5 digit)
    # 5 Rolex Submariner (6 digit)
    # 6 Rolex YachtMaster I + II
    # 7 Rolex Daytona
    # 8 Rolex GMT Master I + II
    # 9 Rolex Explorer I + II
    # 10 Rolex Milgauss
    # 11 Rolex DateJust I + II
    # 12 Rolex DayDate I + II etc.
    # 13 Rolex DeepSeaSeaDweller
    # 14 Rolex SeaDweller
    # 15 + # 16 + # 17 Vintage Rolex
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    TitleistRolex: my question wasn't to ask "Hey QueDick can you tell any flaws of this watch or that watch?!"
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    *Picture credit AskMeAgain*

    INTRODUCTION - Rolex Replicas 101

    Welcome to Rolex Replicas 101, where we will take you through your first steps in understanding Rolex replicas. We will discuss some of the abbreviations that you will come across as well as some basics of cost vs. quality. You will find very quickly that there is a broad spectrum of accuracy in all different Rolex replicas.

    The questions that we hear most often are;
    • Who has the best sub?
    • Can someone help me find the best version of this Rolex?
    • How do I find BK or TC?
    • What is the difference between Swiss or Clone movement?
    • Should I buy a 21j or 2836 version?
    • Is this a good dealer to buy from??

    If this is your first time visiting the forum then I suggest that you start here (New Members Area).
    Within here you can find Main Forum - General Discussion and Forum info
    And of course a list of all our Trusted Dealers - Wanna buy a watch? CLICK HERE!.

    ~ WIKI Directory ~

    Rolex Daytona

    Rolex Yacht-Master I & II

    Rolex Day-Date I & II / Datejust I & II + Turn-O-Graph

    Explorer I & II / Milguass

    GMT Master I & II

    Rolex SeaDweller and DSSD

    Rolex Submariner

    Rolex & Tudor Vintage Guide

    ABBREVIATIONS - Glossary of terms

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you try to search the forum using the standard search tool you will not be able to search for abbreviations or words shorter than four letters. This means that searching for 'TC' or 'WM9' will yield no results.

    Solution: Scroll to the bottom of your screen, change the style of the forum to VB Standard. Scroll again to the bottom of the screen and there is now a Google search bar. You can use this to search for shorter words.

    Forum Terms & Abbreviations
    *Credit Fakemaster
    • AR - Anti-reflective: denoting a chemical coating on the crystal (or cyclops) that reduces glare and reflections.
    • Bezel Insert - Aluminium or Ceramic ring installed in the bezel
    • BK (BKLM) - BKLM1234 is a low volume dealer who supplies modified Noobfactory and TW (Taiwan) case sets
    • BP - BP factory, or Big Pilot factory produces Ceramic submariners and DSSD with excellent quality.
    • CG - Crownguards; protect the crown from damage
    • Clark - Supplier of aftermarket Rolex crystals and parts (Clark Watch Parts eBay store)
    • Click Spring - Small ratchet spring installed underneath a bezel to provide single or dual way rotation
    • CP - Canon Pin/Pinion; portion of watch mechanism that connects the hands to the movement.
    • Cyclops - Magnifying lens attached to the crystal; genuine magnification = 2.5x
    • DW - Datewheel
    • DWO - Datewheel overlay; a printed overlay attached to the regular datewheel to give correct alignment or font
    • Easylink - Clasp found on GMTIIc, Explorer I 39mm, Milguass and Daytona
    • End-Link - Portion of the bracelet that connects to the case; sometimes hollow, sometimes solid
    • Fliplock - Clasp found on Submariner 16610 and other older models
    • Franken - Franken watches are those with additional genuine parts added, ie Crown/Crystal/Dial
    • GMT - In reference to Explorer II, GMT I & II with the fourth hand running round face once every 24 hours.
    • Glidelock - Clasp on DSSD and Ceramic Submariner
    • Keyless Works - Gearing that allows you to set the time and date via the crown
    • LEC - Laser Etched Crown: small Rolex crown visible at the 6 o'clock position of the sapphire crystal
    • Mid-Link - Centre section of the bracelet; sometimes hollow sometimes solid
    • Noobfactory - One of the major Rolex building factories, credited also with very accurate Panerai
    • Pearl - Luminous 'dot' installed in some Rolex bezel inserts
    • QC - Quality Control (The purpose of QC pictures)
    • Rehaut - The portion of case visible between the dial and the crystal, in newer models this is engraved
    • Sean - AKA ETASwiss, small volume high end case sets (no longer in production)
    • SEL - Solid End Links; portion of the bracelet that connects to the case
    • SS - Stainless Steel
    • Sternkreuz - Supplier of aftermarket Rolex crystals and parts
    • TC - TC is a low-volume dealer supplying high end Submariner and Yacht-Master case sets (no longer in production)
    • WM9 - High accuracy pieces with ability to take gen parts (no longer in production)

    ~ Who are all these dealers? ~

    Quite often on the forum you will hear dealers referred to by their names or shortened names. This can sometimes be confusing for new people to the forum so here's a list of the ones that you will hear most frequently (including some modders).
    • Shorthand name - Username - Forum Section
    • Andrew - Not on RWI - Not on RWI - aka Cartel
    • Angus - Puretime - PureTime Watches International
    • BK - BKLM1234 - BK's Repertorium
    • Jackson - jacksontse_MT - Jackson Tse
    • Josh - Not on RWI - Not on RWI - aka Cartel
    • Reg - Narikaa - narikaa
    • River - River - River
    • Ryan - ryanwayer - InTime Watches
    • Sead -Sead1999 - Supermirrors
    • Stan - WackoBirdKeeper - WBK Time
    • Tony - Asian7750 - Asian7750
    • Toro - ToroBravo - Toro Bravo
    • MOVEMENTS - Basic Concepts
    • ~ 21j (DG2813 / DG4813 / DG2812 / DG4803) ~
      Ofrei Chinese Movements List

      The most basic of all movements to be found in Rolex Replicas. This is a cheap, workhorse movement. Works at low beat (21,600 bph) as opposed to high beat movements (2836 etc). Can be replaced for as little as $10-30 USD.

      The DG4813 is a variation that runs at high beat. This is not a direct drop in replacement due to the canon pinion height and would need to be modified to work with most Rolex replicas. These were available for a short period of time in some Rolex replicas but seem to have been out of production for a while. You can still purchase a DG4813 from regular supply companies (CousinsUK/Ofrei) but would need to do a canon pinion swap with a DG2813 with high canon pins.

      The DG3804 is a true functioning GMT movement working at low beat and is accurate for hand stack and very close to the correct beat rate for older GMT movement Rolex watches.

      This is the variation most likely seen in the DayDate replicas and is, as above, low beat but with day as well as date function.

      ~ Asian Clone (2836 / 2824) ~

      Asian 2824 Clone

      High beat movement based on the ETA 2824. Reliable high beat movement.

      Asian 2836 Clone

      High beat movement based on the ETA 2836 with day and date functions. Primary choice for most Rolex replicas.

      Asian "Superclone" (2836 / 2824)

      ~ A3135 Clone ~

      *Picture credit PureTimeWatches*

      This is a clone movement that has been 'dressed' up to look like a Rolex 3135 movement. It is considered to be less reliable than the standard clone movement as it has been modified beyond the original specifications. The screw holding the rotor in place is notoriously weak. Please read this thread for more information

      ~ A3156 Clone ~

      The same stipulations apply to the A3156 Clone movement as do the A3135 movement. This is a clone ETA2836 that has been made to emulate the 3156 movement found in the Rolex Day-Date watches.

      ~ A3131 Clone ~

      As above this is the non-date version of the tarted up clone movements. You can find this movement in the Explorer I and Milgauss replicas.

      ~ A3187 Clone ~

      This is the GMT movement that you will find in some of the new Explorer II 42mm 216570 replicas. I have not seen this movement in any other replicas so far.

      ~ SA3135 Clone ~

      *Picture credit PureTimeWatches*

      *Picture credit 1234_Cool_Uncle*

      This SA3135 movement was originally described as being a proper clone of the 3135 Rolex movement. And in some ways it is. The V1 of this movement is notorious for having a weak stem. This has possibly been remedied in V2. There is also a second version out there which is slightly different. Both are reported to take gen dial, hands, and datewheels but information is light on the ground. There is also another version that TC reported on being in production which due to privacy reasons he has decided to withhold the publishing of pictures.

      ~ A7750 (Seconds at 6 / Second at 9) ~

      *Picture credit PureTimeWatches*

      This movement is found in the Daytona replicas currently available. It comes in two variations. With running seconds at 9 o'clock and running seconds at 6 o'clock. The seconds at 6 movement is notorious for being unreliable due to the additional gearing needed to transfer the running seconds from 9 to 6. There are new versions out that have 29 jewels and an increase in stability.

      For information on the upgraded version with 29j movement please read this awesome thread by 14060 or 16610?

      The seconds at 9 movement is the native configuration of the 7750 movement and doesn't represent a significant danger of failure. These are present in some replicas representing the Daytona from the period when it used the Zenith El Primero movement.

      ~ Venus 75 / Lemania / ST-19 ~

      *Picture credit PureTimeWatches*

      This is a bi-compax movement (meaning just two subdials, 7750 has 3). This often means that watches with this movement have a false register that follows the hour hand around the dial. You will find this movement in the vintage Daytona replicas. It is a sturdy and reliable movement with no serious issues. Modifications can be done on the faux subdial to freeze it in place.

      PRICES - How much should I pay?

    The bigger question is how much do you have to spend. You can start in the sub $100 range and go all the way up to over $1000 for franken or rare pieces. Here's a rough guide of what you can expect for your money.
    ~ $1-$99 USD ~

    Most sub $100 USD watches are going to be either 21j models or Quartz. These tend to have poor construction, inaccuracies and are at the low end of quality materials. They will generally have mineral glass crystals rather than sapphire. As a result of the lower cost movements in these watches they will tend to be low beat, and generally inaccurate to the genuine Rolex beat rate of 28,800 bph.

    If it is a model with complications; Daytona with chronograph, Yachtmaster II with timer etc. Then these are more than likely faux complications. This means that they will not function as per the genuine watch. For example the Daytona which uses the 21j movement (also called Asian Automatic) has sub-dials that will represent the day/date/week and can be moved by the pushers. But it is not a chronograph. See pictures below.

    *Picture credit*

    Also in this price range are low end replicas of vintage models. Because the 21j movement is close in beat rate to the original movements they are preferred. It is also a good base for customising or 'vintaging' an older Rolex model.
    • 21j or Quartz movement
    • Mineral Glass
    • Innacurate construction
    • Vintage base watches
    • Faux complications
    ~ $100-$200 ~

    Now we are entering the region of good replicas. The higher end 21j models will tail off in this price range and you enter clone movement territory. Once you hit the $150+ range you are almost definitely going to be receiving a watch fitted with a clone movement. Either a 2824 or a 2836 variation. It is unlikely that you will find an A7750 movement in this price range without some sort of dealer discount. In combination with better movements you will likely find better construction, sapphire crystal. In addition to this they will generally be more accurate than the cheaper models.
    • High end 21j / Swiss Quartz
    • Clone movements
    • High beat movements
    • Sapphire crystals
    • Better and more accurate construction
    • Decent lume (but generally not superlume)

    *Picture credit*

    ~ $200-$350 ~

    This is the price range where it starts to get a bit more interesting. How much more watch are you getting for that extra $250 over the sub $99 range? Well at the lower end of this price range you are getting watches with clone movements, sapphire crystals, much better accuracy to genuine watches and generally better construction. Creeping into this price range is also the watches with claimed 'super-lume'.

    You will also find the A7750 / Lemania movement watches in this price range with working chronograph functions. At the higher range you are getting Swiss (or Superclone) movements and also some of the A3135 movements.
    • Clone / Swiss Movements
    • A7750 / Lemania Movements
    • Working Chronographs
    • A3135 Movements
    • Sapphire crystals
    • More accurate case set
    • Superlume

    For example, here is the top end of the budget at $348. This Seadweller 16600 comes both superlumed and with the A3135 movement as well as the usual upgrades of sapphire crystal and a much better case construction.

    *Picture credit PureTimeWatches*

    ~ $350-$500 ~

    So now we are getting into the realms of expensive replicas. This is where you find the likes of A3135/SA3135 movements, NOS SW220 and ETA movements bought in by smaller specialised dealers. You start to see the offerings from BKLM entering the picture at around the $370 mark for his Explorer II's up towards the modified ceramic noobfactory submariners at around $420.

    All of the watches in this price range start to boast the same level of quality. Be it accuracy of construction to the genuine watches, or improved movements (guaranteed Swiss from BKLM) to upgraded QC control. This really is the higher end of unmodified Rolex replicas and the start of either modified or "Boutique" dealer replica offerings.
    ~ $500 upwards! ~

    From here on the sky is the limit. You stop getting standard dealer offerings at this level and start entering the world of custom work, franken pieces, rare and discontinued pieces and the small offerings from "Boutique" dealers (TC, Sean, and BKLM).
    Some frequently asked questions

    How do I tell Rolex crowns apart?

    Please visit this great thread for lots more information on the subject:

    Rolex Crowns - How do you tell which is which? by justlounging

    How do I use a GMT watch?

    "Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is a time system originally referring to mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, which later became adopted as a global time standard."

    Greenwich Mean Time
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Having a GMT hand on a watch DOES NOT mean that you have to leave it indicating the time in the UK. It just means that it has the ability to track a second time zone should you wish. The fourth hand on the Explorer II and GMT replicas functions as an hour hand that rotates round the dial once every 24 hours. So many people make using and setting a GMT hand a complicated procedure when it really isn't.

    As a general note for ALL automatic watches: do NOT change the date or GMT hand between 10pm and 2am. This is when the date change mechanism is starting to engage to automatically change the date. Adjusting the date or GMT hand during this time risks damaging the date change mechanism.

    On a GMT movement you have 4 positions to the crown.

    1: Screwed on to the crown tube
    2: Unwind crown until free from tube - winding position
    3: Pull out 1 stop - date and GMT hand setting position
    4: Pull out 2 stop - time setting position

    In position 2 winding clockwise will wind the mainspring of the watch. Counter-clockwise does nothing.

    In position 3 winding clockwise will advance the date, winding counter-clockwise will turn the GMT hand.

    In position 4 winding clockwise will turn the hands backwards, winding counter-clockwise will advance the time.

    You can use the 24 hour hand in two ways. Firstly you can set it to your home time zone. Whilst like this you can read the 24 hour clock from the bezel. The GMT hand will point to the 24 hour time. So if it says '10' it's 10am. If it points to '16' it is 4pm.

    Secondly you can move the GMT forward or backwards in relation to your own timezone. This way you can track any other time zone in the world either +12 hours or -12 hours.

    Thanks to gioarmani7428 for this useful information:

    Not many people know that on a GMT bezel, the wearer can use the 24-hour dial for approximate navigation anywhere between the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Polar Circle. But, both the 12 and the 24 hour hand must be synchronized to display local time.

    Method 1: When laid horizontally, the dial will head North if the 24 hour hand is pointed towards the sun.

    Method 2: If the 12 hour hand is pointed at the sun, the 24 hour hand will point North.

    The margin of error directly depends on the difference between local official time and actual local solar time, which is why you have to be between the Tropic of Cancer & the Arctic Polar Circle. But one doesn't need to get too much in the technical details for approximate North, East, South, West navigation.

    What is the difference between a 'Chronometer' and a 'Chronograph'?

    This is a very common question since people often confuse the two. While their names may sound similar, these terms have very little in common.

    Chronometer is the term used to describe a highly-precise timepiece which, after rigorous testing, has received an official timing certificate from the official Swiss timing bureau Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres (COSC). Thus, it is a rating or accolade given for the watch's accuracy.

    A chronograph on the other hand is a timepiece that, in addition to the normal time telling functions, also performs a seperate time measuring function such as a stop watch -- with a seperate seconds hand which can be started, stopped and reset to zero, via push-buttons on the side of the case. Please do not confuse 'chronographs' with 'complications' (which are described below). While all chronographs can be considered complications, not all complications are in fact chronographs.

    What do 'complications' mean when referring to a wristwatch?

    A complication is described as any additional function the wristwatch performs beyond basic time telling (i.e. hour, minute and second). A common example of wristwatch complications are calendar models which display the day/date. Additional complications include chronograph models, whereas the watch performs like a basic "stop watch" (as described above). Other complications worth mentioning are: second time zone, moonphase and alarms.

    What does the "T" designation at the bottom of the dial mean?

    This refers to the chemical used on the hands and hour markers, which causes them to illuminate. Around 1950, watchmakers started using Tritium as their luminous material, and began indicating the amount of that radioactive material with a designation at the bottom of the dial (i.e. T SWISS T or SWISS T < 25). Around 1998, watchmakers changed the designation to read SWISS or SWISS MADE, when they replaced the Tritium with LumiNova (an organic, non-radioactive chemical), as their source of luminescence.

    T SWISS MADE T indicates that the radioactive material Tritium is present on the wristwatch. The amount of radioactive material emitted is limited to a maximum of 25 milliCurie.

    SWISS T < 25 more specifically indicates that the wristwatch emits an amount of Tritium that is less than the 25 milliCurie limit.

    SWISS T 25 indicates that the wristwatch emits the maximum allowable amount of Tritium (i.e. a full 25 milliCurie).

    SWISS (or) SWISS MADE on wristwatches produced after (around) 1998, indicates the presence of LumiNova as the luminous material. (Please Note: "SWISS" or "SWISS MADE" was also the indication on wristwatches produced prior to the 1950s, when Radium was used as the luminous material. However, at that time "SWISS" or "SWISS MADE" simply indicated that the watch was, in fact, made in Switzerland.

    Why is the Day-Date sometimes called a "President"?

    Actually, Rolex has never referred to the Day-Date watch as a "President". However, the BRACELET we are used to seeing on the Day-Date is known as a President, since one was fitted to President Dwight D. Eisenhower's watch during a service overhaul in 1956 -- the same year the Day-Date was first introduced.

    And as a little known trivia fact, President Eisenhower's watch wasn't even a Day-Date... it was an 18kt Datejust given to him by Rolex in 1946 to celebrate the WWII victory -- and Winston Churchill was also given one at the same time.

    What kind of Stainless Steel does Rolex use in their watch cases?

    While most high-end watch companies utilize 1.4435 (or 316L) Stainless Steel, Rolex uses 1.4439 (or 904L) Stainless Steel. While they both have the same grade of hardness, 904L has a slighytly higher nickel discharge, and thus a slightly higher resistance to corrosion. 904L is mainly used in industry applications handling chlorides, sulfer dioxide gas or other toxic materials. While this may sound like overkill for use with wristwatches, it's just another exaple of over'engineering on the part of Rolex where only the best will do.

    What is Rolesor?

    This is a Rolex term to indicate the case/bracelet configuration of Stainless Steel and Gold.

    What is Rolesium?

    This is a Rolex term to indicate the case/bracelet configuration of Stainless Steel and Platinum.

    Is there anything I can do to make my watch run a few seconds fast/slow each day?

    If your watch is off a few seconds per day (fast or slow) you can regulate it depending on the position you leave the watch at night when you're not wearing it, as follows:

    By leaving the watch's dial (or face) up can cause it to gain (or run fast) up to a few seconds per day. On the other hand, by leaving the watch's dial (or face) down can cause it to lose (or run slow) upto a few seconds per day.

    What is an SEL?

    Solid End Links (or SEL) refers to the final link on select modern Rolex bracelets. On these SEL bracelets, the final link is made from a solid piece of metal where the bracelet attaches to the watch's case (or head). This new design makes for a stronger bracelet and a cleaner look. On older bracelets, they utilized a hollow end piece to attach the bracelet to the watch's case

    What is a "Nipple Dial"?

    This is a variation of the regular dial markers seen on vintage Submariners and GMTs. See the picture below for reference.

    What is a "Serti Dial"?

    The French (or Swiss) word 'Serti' translates as 'inset'. A Diamond or other gem-set dial is thus described in the Rolex catalogue as 'Cadran Serti', meaning, inset dial.

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    TitleistRolex: my question wasn't to ask "Hey QueDick can you tell any flaws of this watch or that watch?!"
    I’ll give you my cell and FaceTime me and I’ll show you wealth you petty lil child




      What Do The Numbers Mean... Model numbers explained

      Rolex model numbers currently four, five or six digits long. The first two or three describes the type of watch. If the watch has five digits, the second from the last describes (some exceptions) the type of bezel and the last describes the material that the watch is made from.

      Typically the reference number only changes when major changes are introduced to the watch. If only minor changes are made a "1" is added to the beginning of the old reference. So in the early 2000s when the 14270 Explorer was remodeled only slightly it became the 114270. Major changes such as the introduction of a larger case or major cosmetic differences will result in a totally new reference number all together.
      Type of Watch:

      Oyster Perpetual - 10, 140, 142
      Airking - 55 & 140
      Date - 15 & 150
      Datejust - 16 & 162
      Daytona Manual Wind - 62
      Daytona Cosmograph - 165, 1165
      Explorer II - 165
      Sea Dweller - 16 & 166
      Submariner - 16, 166 & 168
      Submariner (no date) - 55 & 140
      GMT Master - 16, 65, 167
      GMT Master II - 167, 1167
      Oysterquartz Datejust - 170
      Oysterquartz Day-Date - 190
      Day-Date (President) - 65, 66, 18, 180, 182 & 183
      Yachtmaster - 166, 686 & 696
      Midsize Oyster Perp DJ - 68, 682
      Ladies Oyster Perpetual - 67, 671, 672
      Ladies Date - 65, 69, 691 & 692
      Ladies Datejust - 65, 69, 691 & 692

      Type of Bezel (does not include Sports/Professional models)

      0 = Smooth/Domed
      1 = Engine Turned
      2 = Engraved
      3 = Fluted
      4 = Bark
      5 = Pyramid (Not Used)
      6 = Turn-O-Graph
      7 = Various
      8 = Special (Not Currently Used)
      9 = Open (Not Currently Used)

      Type of Material...

      0 = Stainless Steel
      1 = Yellow gold Placor (Tudor)
      22 = Stainless steel and Platinum (Yachtmaster)
      3 = Stainless Steel and 18k Yellow gold (Yellow Rolesor)
      4 = Stainless Steel and 18k White gold (White Rolesor)
      5 = Gold Shell (No Longer Used)
      6 = Platinum
      7 = 14k Yellow gold (No Longer Used)
      8 = 18k Yellow gold
      9 = 18k White gold

      What clasp should my Rolex have?

      Note: You can change the older style fliplock clasp for the newer Glidelock clasp on most Rolex replicas without issue.

      You can also see all the current bracelet codes here: Rolex bracelet references by Carlton

      Old clasp vs. Glidelock by Bonesey

      Historical Timeline and Listing of Technical Achievement

      1905 Founding of “Wilsdorf & Davis.” A distribution company of watchcases and other horological items headquartered in London.

      1908 Hans Wilsdorf registers the Rolex trademark located at La Chaux-de Fonds, later moving to Bienne.

      1910 Rolex obtains the first Official Swiss Chronometer certificate

      1914 Rolex obtains a Class “A” certificate, Kew Observatory in English as the first wristwatch to outperform a pocket watch.

      1919 Hans Wilsdorf moves the company office to 18 Rue du Marche, Geneva and establishes the manufacturing company, Montres Rolex S.A.

      1926 Rolex patents the screw-down crown, and creates the oyster case with a screw down caseback and bezel.

      1927 Mercedes Gleitze swims across the English Channel wearing a Rolex Oyster. The swim lasted 15 ¼ hours. Serial Numbers Engraved On Oyster Case

      1928 Rolex obtains a First Class Certificate from the Geneva Astronomical Observatory, the first ever awarded for a 6 ¾” wrist watch.

      1931 Rolex invents and patents the “Perpetual Automatic Rotary Winding Mechanism.”

      1935 Sir Malcom Campbell breaks the world automobile speed record (300 MPH) wearing a Rolex wristwatch

      1938 Rolex introduces the "bubble back"

      1939 Rolex introduces the fist chronograph with 30-minute and 12 hours totalizers.

      1945 Rolex introduces the DateJust, the first automatic and water wristwatch chronometer. Rolex also introduces the Jubilee bracelet.

      1947 Rolex introduces the waterproof chronograph with 12-hour totalizer and triple date. Also releases the Oyster bracelet.

      1947 Chuck Yeager breaks the “Sound Barrier” in a Bell X-1 wearing a Rolex Oyster, the same one he had worn throughout his deployment in WWII.

      1950 Rolex introduces the Turn-O-Graph, the first Rolex with a rotating bezel and the precursor to the Submariner. Introduces the signature Mercedes hands.

      1953 Rolex introduces the Submariner, the first automatic diver’s wristwatch water-resistant to 100 meters.

      1953 On May 29, Rolex rose to 29,035 ft above sea level on the wrist of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

      1954 Rolex introduces the Submariner Ref. 6200, water-resistant to 200 meters. Rolex introduces the GMT-Master, an automatic chronometer with a 24 hour hand for aircraft pilots. Also debuted the date cyclops on the watch crystal as well as the ladies Oyster Perpetual.

      1956 Rolex introduces the Day-Date model, first wristwatch to spell the day of the week as well as the numeric date. Also included is the President bracelet.

      1957 Rolex patents a new Microstella regulated balance in Beryllium

      1959 Rolex introduces the Submariner Ref 5512 water resistant to 200 meters complete with crownguards for the first time.

      1960 Rolex straps a specially designed Deep Sea to the bathyscaphe Trieste which descended 10,916 meters to the bottom of the Mariana Trench being the first watch to reach such a depth.

      1960 Hans Wilsdorf passes away on July 6, leaving Rolex to appointees stated in the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation.

      1961 Rolex launches the first Oyster Cosmograph series ref. 6239

      1962 Rolex launches the Cosmograph Daytona

      1963 Andre J. Heiniger leads Rolex to 1992, when his son Patrick takes over.

      1964 Rolex patents a pressure-proof screw-down push button for chronographs

      1967 Rolex, in conjunction with Comex , a French diving company, releases the Sea Dweller guaranteed water-resistant to a depth of 610 meters.

      1967 Pete Knight breaks Mach 6.72 (4,534 MPH) in an X-15 aircraft wearing a GMT-Master; a record that still stands today.

      1969 Rolex releases a Submariner with date and water resistant to 200 meters.

      1970 Rolex starts using synthetic sapphire crystals with the introduction of the all gold OysterQuartz beta ref 5100. Rolex started rolling out sapphire crystals throughout the 70’s and 80’s. By 1989, all Rolex watches were fitted with sapphire crystals.

      1971 Rolex releases Reference 1655, the first Explorer II with the solid steel 24 hour bezel famous orange 24 hour hand, and also the first Sea Dweller.

      1972 Introduction of the first hacking movement.

      1977 First use of the quick set date feature, release of the Oyster-Quartz.

      1978 Conquest of Mt. Everest without oxygen by Reinhold Messner, who wore an OysterQuartz

      1980 Release of the Sea Dweller 4000.

      1982 Rolex redesigns the GMT Master II and allows timing in three different time zones rather than two by allowing an independently set 12-hour hand.

      1984 Rolex updates the Explorer II to reference number 16550 to resemble other successful selling models, the Submariner and GMT II. The 16550 was available in either white or black dial and shared the same independent 12 hour hand as the GMT Master II.

      1985 Rolex surpasses more than 4 million movements officially awarded the “Chronometer” title.

      1986 Guided by only a sextant and their Rolex chronometers, Will Steger and Paul Schurke lead the first expedition without resupply to reach the North Pole

      1987 Rolex starts using 904L stainless steel in its Sub Date 168000 that uses a high Nickel and Molybdenum content to help prevent pitting between the caseback and the case that results in salt water seeping into the threads. Rolex previously used 316L Steel. Rolex used a mixture of 316L in its bracelets and cases until the mid-2000’s when the DeepSea was made exclusively with 904L steel. Modern Rolex stainless models introduced later than 2011 use 904L in the bracelet, case, clasp, and caseback.

      1988 Rolex redesigns and releases the new Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Chronometer “Daytona" using the modified Zenith El Primero Movement.

      1988 Rolex purchases its watchband supplier РGay Fr̬res

      1992 Patrick Heiniger takes the reins from his father leading Rolex until December 17, 2008. Heiniger, a lawyer by training specialized in intellectual property and international law. Also released is the Yacht-Master.

      1996 Rolex manufactures more official Swiss Chronometers than all other manufacturers combined.

      1998 Introduction of the Solid End Link (SEL)

      1999 Start using Luminova in favour of Tritium.

      2000 Roles launches the new Oyster Perpetual Chronometer Cosmograph “Daytona” with Rolex’s in-house movement, the 4130 with 72 hours power reserve.

      2001 Introduction of the Laser Etched Crown (LES) on the sapphire crystals.

      2003 In celebration of 50 years of the Submariner releases the Anniversary 16610 LV with green bezel.

      2007 Rolex re-releases the Milgauss, a newly redesigned watch from a old classic that is resistant to magnetic fields up to 1000 gauss; Rolex releases the Yacht-Master II, the first yachting watch with a programmable countdown feature and memory utilizing side pushers and the bezel.

      2008 Launch of the new GMT-Master II, with a new 3186 movement, Paracrom hairspring, and ceramic bezel.

      2008 Rolex introduces the new Deep Sea SeaDweller water resistant to 3,900 meters.

      2008 Patrick Heiniger suddenly resigns from his position, two days after Rolex today denying a L’Agefi report that the company lost 1 billion Swiss francs ($900 million) invested with Bernard Madoff, who was later convicted of the largest financial fraud in U.S. history. Bruno Meier, Rolex’s CFO takes over as CEO.

      2008 Rolex employs over 4000 people and is estimated to be worth over 5 billion dollars.

      2010 Rolex releases the updated 116610 LN Submariner with ceramic bezel

      2011 Rolex names a new CEO, Gian Riccardo Marini, formerly Rolex Italy SpA’s chief.

      2012 On March 26, Rolex revisits the Mariana Trench with an experimental DeepSea Challenge watch strapped to the outside of James Cameron’s vessel. The watch survived the 2.5 hour decent, 60 minutes on the trench floor, and the 70 minute ascent back to the surface.
      Contributers to this WIKI:

      I would like to thank the following people for contacting me and adding to this WIKI page.


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        The birth of the Submariner (early models) by Debellum

        First Submariners. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner went into production in 1953. It was first introduced to the public in the Swiss Watch Fair of 1954 (Ref. 6204 and 6205). It feature a rotating bezel with 5 minute markers, and ushered in a new look for Rolex. In 1954, the distinctive "Mercedes" hands were added to all Submariners. The Submariner look, later adopted by the Rolex GMT Master and Rolex Yatchmaster is one that everyone associates with Rolex. The basic Submariner design is so popular it has become the basis for almost all the divers watches in the world. The Submariner was built for diving. The early Submariners had water resistance ratings of 180 meters (Ref. 62xx). There is some doubt as to whether these early Submariners met their stated ratings.

        In 1955, after just two years in production the first Submariner models were replaced by the Ref. 6536 (Small Crown) and 6538 (Large Crown) Submariners, with water resistance ratings of 100 and 200 meters, respectively. The watches featured Rolex's Cal. 1030 movements with improved rotors which could wind the watch rotating while in either direction. The Ref. 6536 and 6538 were later certified as chronometers. The Ref. 6536 was renamed 6536-1 while the 6538 retained its number. In 1958 the Ref. 6536-1 and 6538 were replaced with the Ref. 5508 and 5510 with the same water resistance ratings as their predecessors.

        The birth of the modern Submariner. In 1959 Rolex released the Ref. 5512. Submariner and in 1962 released the Ref. 5513 submariner. Both submariners now sported the big crown and had "shoulders" to protect the crown. The difference in reference numbers was that the Ref. 5512 was certified as a chronometer while the Ref. 5513 was not. These watches both had water resistance rating of 200 meters. Unlike the early Submariners, the Ref. 5512 and 5513 had long production lives. The 5512 remained in production for nearly twenty years, until 1978, while the 5513 stayed in production till 1990.

        The modern Submariner. In 1989, Rolex released the Ref. 16610 Submariner Date and Ref. 14060 Submariner, which was the first Submariners with movements which generated 28,800 vibrations per hour (vph). Movements in previous models produced 21,600 vph. Notably only the Ref. 16610 Submariners are certified by the COSC as chronometers. The non-date Ref. 14060 are not.


        Rolex WIKI page - All the basics

        Please see the above link for information on the current movements found in Submariner replicas.

        Asian Clone 2836-2
        Asian Superclone 2836-2
        ETA 2836-2
        SW220 (Sellita)


        Several of the Rolex Submariners have designations after their names which relate to the colour of the bezel. These are listed below;

        LN - Lunette Noir - Black Bezel
        LV - Lunette Verte - Green Bezel
        LB - Lunette Bleue - Blue Bezel

        Standard Submariners 1977 to 2012


        Circa 1979 Rolex upped the ante on the date diver with the introduction of the 16800. For the first time Rolex had a diver with a high beat 3xxx movement, quick-set date feature, and a uni-directional ratcheting bezel. Of course the 16800 debuted the sapphire crystal in the diver community increasing the depth rating to 300M. Also known as the "transitional" early versione of the 16800 had a lovely matte tritium dial devoid of white gold surrounds. Latter as Rolex moved to the gloss dials with WGs the 16800 incorporated this change around 1985.

        Some feel the 16800 represents the best of both worlds as it displays (in the early versions) the lovely matte dial with the scratch resistance of sapphire and accuracy of the 3xxx movement.

        The official bracelet combinations for the 16800;

        93150 Bracelet - 501B Hollow End links
        93250 Bracelet - Solid End Links

        Mix 16800/16610 by Pismo

        Starting the first 16800 project in RWI (I think) by mclarendude

        16800/0 case set found? by mitchbarria

        factory 16800/0 case, OEM specs,predrilled lugholes by mitchbaria

        16800 Submariner on a budget by southcoast68


        In the late 80s (circa 1988) Rolex made the next leap in the diver line with the introduction of the reference 168000. This was the first diver to feature 904 stainless as opposed to the 316 used previously. Many feel this was the shortest run diver of all (perhaps 10 months or so) as the reference 16610s 3135 movement was not yet ready for introduction.

        Rolex simply boxed the 16800s 3035 movement in the 16610s case and there you are. Many of these examples carry 16800 paperwork for those fortunate enough to find an example with all the bits.

        Most 168000's would be seen with a glossy dial with white gold surrounds; a dial which - like the 16800 which also had glossy dial variants - could develop the so called "spider web" effect due to a fault in the paint mixture used back then, causing small spider web looking cracks in the surface of the dial. Naturally, the matte dials did not have that issue.

        The official bracelet combinations for the 168000;

        93150 Bracelet - 501B/593 Hollow End links
        93250 Bracelet - Solid End Links

        168000 Just Arrived (Picture Heavy) by Dukes

        Rolex 16800/168000: a fun project. by Stephane

        Rolex 168000 'Transitional' Submariner by Sconehead


        There are so many different variations on the 16610 that I cannot possibly collate all that information in one place. What I will do is attempt to break down this sub-section into the most commonly referenced Submariners that we deal with in the replica trade. These can cost anywhere from $60 all the way up to high priced franken pieces costing in excess of $1000.

        Model information and characteristics:

        Is waterproof to a maximum depth of 300 metres/1000 ft.

        Has the Triplock system, featuring a triple gasket system, is identified by three dots on the crown which screws down tightly onto the case tube and against the Oyster case providing another layer of protection.

        Has a case made from a solid block of 904L stainless steel or gold. 904L steel is a corrosion-resistant stainless steel alloy. Rolex makes its gold in its own foundry where it can create new alloys and control the quality of the gold.

        As a true diving watch, the Submariner utilizes a unidirectional bezel that enables the diver to memorize and follow immersion time. Since the bezel only rotates counterclockwise, the dive time can only become "shorter" in case of accidental bezel movement, thus avoiding the danger of spending too much time underwater.

        As of 2007, and more particularly, with the "Z" serial number series, there are no holograms on the casebacks.

        More recent models of the Submariner (late 2008) have a distinctive "ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX" and serial number engraved on the "inner bezel" known more correctly as the "Rehaut" (French) or "Flange"(English).

        The official bracelet combinations for the 16610;

        93150 Bracelet - 501B/593 Hollow End links
        93250 Bracelet - Solid End Links

        - Noobfactory 16610 -

        As is the case with most of the replica industry there is almost never a concrete answer to any question. The Noobmariner or Noobfactory submariner has become the staple of the forums over the years for a cheap introduction to the 16610 and 16610 LV. Usually supplied with 21j movements these can be had for under $150 shipped and provide excellent quality for the price point. For the sake of a few simple mods these can be made to look very good indeed.

        Noobmariner/Nymphomariner History by ebzen02 (External link to

        What is Noob Factory..? by Ryanwayer

        Finished pics of modded noobmariner by skiffcool

        Review of Noob-mariner 16610 Black from Narikaa..Updated with TW Clasp and Insert by justlounging

        Rolex 16610LV Mark 6 & 16600 M Series..Updated Pics.. by justlounging

        TC 16610 vs. Modded Noobmariner by pjsayer

        Best Submariner for $150 by o1314

        Noobmariner Mod - Gen Style Crystal by rsh

        HOW TO: A VERY VERY simple and quick Pearl Mod for Noob Sub by justlounging

        - TC 16610 -

        TC is a low volume, high quality (and cost) creator of what is getting close to being the best Submariner replica available. TC has a supporting vendor slot on RWI TC watch parts and also an Independant TC Blogspot.

        This watch is getting as close to 1:1 as you can expect. It will take genuine parts including a genuine 3135 movement. This case set is also known as the WM9 V4 due to it coming from the same factory source as the original WM9 watches sold by BKLM1234.

        This watch is now up to V5 with upgrades from TC that take this to the next level. A gen spec pearl and insert, upgraded bracelet and clasp, new TC clone 2824 with V3 datewheel overlay.

        How to Be Period-Correct with your Sterile TC Sub by Arcadia

        Can't find a TC Sub v5 review... please help? by ratpatrolteam01

        Issues have also arisen with the crown/stem and winding the movement.

        TC sub and winding issue... by SherrifWho

        *Photo credit - LHOOQ*

        The All-Rep Modded Sub 16610 by arcadia
        TC Sub and Gen Y-series by arcadia
        TC Sub With DWO V2 (Photos) by rols16610
        TC & BK Sub Review by rollout
        TC and gen 3135 by misiekped
        TC VS BK? by turbo350z
        Modded TC w/ Glide-Lock from How's Hot Mods by mitchbaria
        Are TC Subs water resistant OOB? by emmdeevee
        TC Sub and Gen Y-series by Arcadia
        Unboxing a TC ROLEX Submariner v5 + Caddell Insert by dextergolf

        - TC 16610 Caddell Submariners-

        This is probably the culmination of a few years hard work to produce the perfect replica submariner. TC has just released the Caddell Submariners. These are lightly customised versions of his current V5 submariner with subtle modifications like a negative colour datewheel overlay, crystals without cyclops, Yachtmaster red seconds hand, and combinations of the above.

        Caddell Submariners (TC blog spot)

        *Picture credit TC*

        TC.caddell version.just arrived by Mike.116

        - Sean 16610 -

        Sean ( is another low volume, high quality supplier. Some would argue that TC's case set is of better accuracy due to needing very little modding and that the crownguards are especially accurate.

        *Picture credit Fidhle007*

        Franken Sean's Case Rolex Submariner LV Flat Four F-Series
        TC or Sean case for a Franken 16610? by DC109
        Rolex Submariner LV Mark-1 Franken Project by dpark1234
        New Submariner 1:1 Case Set by FatMatt
        SA3135 Installed! by Fidhle007

        - BKLM TW16610 -

        The TW Best version sold by BKLM in his section (BK's Repertorium) is technically known as the WM9 V1 case set. In BK's own words;

        "This is a gen style 16610 sub, i.e. it has gen construction, allowing it to accept gen crystal and gen bezel assembly. It can also take gen or aftermarket tube without re-drilling and re-tapping the crown hole.

        It is basically the same case set as the wm9 v1 sub. I'd like to just call it TW sub or TW 16610. TW stands for Taiwan. That's where the case set is made. The watch is assembled by me and my partner, not by the factory.

        *Picture credit BKLM1234*

        BK TW 16610 Sub Mod Questions by Rollout
        General My new bk sub franken pics by tonyammine
        TC & BK Sub Review by rollout
        BK TW Sub incoming by canuck2k

        - BK16610 Sub (TC/TW parts) -

        This is a custom build piece by BKLM using both TC and other aftermarket parts. You can find more details of the watch under BKLM1234's section, or by following this link;

        Product Offering: BK 16610 Sub by bklm1234

        BK is known for exceptional attention to details as well as a rock solid QC process. His claims for this piece are as follows;

        - assemble every watch myself
        - put in my own custom DWO
        - put in fixed up crystals from the TW sub factory and Clark. Both the TW crystal and Clark crystal often have crooked cyclops. I pop and re-glue the cyclop the best my eyes can tell. BTW, I reserve the freedom to use either the TW stock crystal or Clark crystal.
        - put in TW sub insert with pearl modded with epoxy coat
        - put in genuine Swiss ETA 2824-2 H4 (high cannon pin)

        There has however been a little controversy over at least a few of the mid case crownguards as noted in this 20+ page thread. It's a slightly misleading title as it is also discussing the TC mid case it should be using.

        Opinions Please, TC's new cg's by mitchbaria
        Just In: BKLM's TC 16610 pictures by doublenickle
        - BKLM WM9 16610 -

        The original WM9 models are no longer carried or available. They were supplied to the forum members through BKLM1234 who built/modified and QC'd them prior to sale. There were three versions, V1 (aka TW16610) is still available from BKLM1234 (BK's Repertorium). V2 was built using an undersize ETA 2678 movement with a large spacer ring. Version 3 was produced using ETA 2836 movements.

        These are now only available through member to member sales.

        For BK's explanation on why he stopped selling the original versions please read this thread; Here's what happened to wm9

        *Picture credit BEYER8888*

        Review of the ROLEX WM9 Submariner, the "Super Sub" by By-Tor
        WM9 rolex is it worth the extra money? by nicole
        A few observations about the WM9 subs by rsh
        [Review] Rolex Submariner Z-series (BK/WM9 v3 vs Gen) by unregistered
        TC Sub v4 vs WM9 v3 by wilazn
        My new wm9 Lv by jonnylang
        WM9 V2 Sub - My First Rolex!!! by b16a2
        my new submariner WM9 v2 lot of pictures by MEYER8888
        REVIEW - WM9 V2 Submariner by MEYER8888

        ~16610 LV~

        Rolex Submariner 16610LV (Lunette Vert) - The 'true' anniversary Submariner

        The original green Submariner (aka 16610LV) was introduced in 2003 as part of Rolex 50 years anniversary of the Rolex Submariner, and underwent many minor changes in the last 7 years (2003-2010). This means that this model Only had a life time of 7 years, much less than that of most regular Rolex models.

        The first models were issued on a 'Y' serial in September 2003 with very early 'F's following in October/December hence only a narrow band of watches exist as true anniversary models. The earliest serial I have come across is Y94XXXX with papers dated 26/09/2003, however there was some speculation that it could have been a regular 16610 with changed dial. Given there were no accompanying images of the model ref; and/or s/n between the lugs I have my doubts over it too. I can confirm however a watch with s/n Y96XXXX to be correct thereby giving a ballpark reference as to when the first watches hit AD's. It is the opinion of some that there were a very small batch of watches released on a 'Y' serial that utilised the last of the lug hole cases, however I am yet to see one in the flesh, for sale or even an image of one for that matter. If they do in fact exist then they are a even greater rarity than the early lug hole versions that followed.

        - Noobfactory 16610 LV -

        As per the above discussion on the Noobfactory 16610 LN this is the LV variation. Comes with a 21j DG2813 movement (or similar variation) as standard.

        Basic set of Noobmariner mods using commonly available tools Sneed12
        Noob LV by kgomez1992
        Noob Rolex Sub LV - 21j - Pics! by Naylor07
        Fitting Clark to Noobmariner LV by schaffhausen

        - TC 16610 LV-

        Similar to the discussion in the TC 16610 sub-section above this is TC's LV version of his Submariner. This project would never have gotten off the ground if it wasn't for member Pamluver80 persuading TC to look into this as a project to develop and bring to the forums. If anything it is probably just as successful as the standard 16610 offering.

        TC Submariner photos by Jean-Francois
        TC 16610LV Submariner Type I by MC21
        TC's LV insert vs. GEN LN insert quick macros..... by Pamluver80
        TC 16610LV Franken Done by Pam007
        "The Official TC 16610LV Thread" (Post em if you got one) by eVojlib
        TC LV Type II vs. Gen Sub by Pamluver80
        TC LV Type II..instagoodness! by Pamluver80
        My TC LV - finally back together by tats
        TC 16610LV Vintage !! by Pam007

        - BKLM TW16610 LV -

        This is a hybrid piece based off the standard TW16610 that BK currently offers in his Repertorium. BK supplies this watch with a superlume WM9 LV dial and hand set although he doesn't advertise this piece.

        *Picture credit DarthAlex*

        Review: BK TW Submariner with WM9 LV dial and insert (Subasaurus LV) by DarthAlex

        - BKLM WM9 16610 LV-

        Please help me build my LV! by Jamdot
        Rolex Sub - 16610LV - wm9/BK V3 - Pictures by Tmax
        My new wm9 Lv by jonnylang
        WM9 LV first pics... by sconehead
        The tale of two LV's, WM9 BK v3 vs. TC LV by sixers_610

        - Rolex LV Insert -

        As with other Rolex models there is a huge amount of variation in parts, especially the bezel, and bezel colouring. The LV is not an exception to the rule and same as there is changes in Rolex genuine parts there is also changes in the replica parts as well.

        The 8 dial types of rolex submariner LV green (gen) by ologoff
        Rolex Are you geek enough to verify this gen LV insert's serial number? by jtx0512
        Best Bezel Insert for LV Sub? by gasdoc
        Most accurate 16610LV bezel insert by garyss
        Gen green sub insert vs Clark? by indianajones23


        The 16613 is probably one of the most sought after Rolex reps due to the amazing starburst finish on the blue dial. This watch again comes in various qualities, from cheap 21j variations up to MBK and WM9 versions. Bracelets come in two variations as well. 14k wrapped bracelets offer the best wear protection, but the 18k plated versions are decent enough as well.

        As with the other subs I have broken it down into the main players for this, which in this case is Noob + others, WM9 and MBK / MBW variants.

        The official bracelet combinations for the 16613;

        93153 Bracelet - 501B/593 Hollow End links
        93253 Bracelet - Solid End Links

        My new 16613 with Serti dial by CL65captain
        TT blue dial 16613 by jas0npsd
        ROLEX ? Submariner 16613 - Two-Tone "Blue Index" by Spirit
        Is this an actual Noob 16613 from Perfect Clones? by warrcraft
        Review of ROLEX 16613 two-tone Submariner "Noob factory" by By-Tor
        Pictorial Review: Sead's Classic TT Blue / Gold Sub (16613 LB) by flyinmysoup

        - WM9 16613 -

        Just as with the other WM9 subs, these are no longer available direct from source. Originally modded and distributed through BK's Repertorium they are only now available via member to member deals. These were originally available back in 2010 in very limited numbers with 14k wrapped bracelets. If you have the time you can read through the pre-order thread in BK's section as this was one of the watches that took a long long time in coming and was disrupted by several issues.

        TT Preorder Progress by BKLM1234
        wm9 v3 TT components pics by BKLM1234
        BK WM9 V3 TT Sub pics, pics, pics by BKLM1234

        MBW TT/WM9 TT comparison review by Ruprekt
        WM9 16613 TT Submariner -ETA2824-2 by abtt
        My Uberfranken 16613 by asjsrs
        Who has a wm9 16613 AND a TC Sub by rsh
        MBW TT/WM9 TT comparison review by Ruprekt

        - MBW / MBK 16613 -

        Currently available only from a single dealer, Narikaa, who travels to Thailand to pick these up specifically for members on here. They are not cheap, running at around $450 without shipping. But they are considered probably the current best version still freely available.

        Fantastic Mods by the one and only BK.. by justlounging
        Review of the ROLEX Two-Tone Submariner 16613 "MBK" by By-Tor
        Calling all MBW/MBK Sub Owners...Fall in by justlounging
        Pictorial Review - Rolex Submariner 16610 / 16613 by justlounging
        New happy Narikaa customer : Submariner Two Tone 16613 by BrinEter
        Rolex submariner TT gold wrapped by ztradeg
        MBK\MBW 16613 is still available (Updated new pics page 4) by Ruprekt
        Franken Sean's Case Rolex Submariner Blue 16613 by dpark1234


        Not much is talked about on the full gold Submariner for a few reasons. Primarily because there are no really good replicas of the 16618. No high accuracy replicas have been produced so far with almost all of them falling short of the mark. Any issues that might appear on other Stainless Steel replicas such as the crownguards are impossible to modify on the full gold models due to the gold plating. Some pop up now and again, the TWbest version was available for a while (pictured below) but I'm unsure of the availability of it currently.

        Secondly is the difference in weight between Stainless Steel and solid 18k Gold. This would be immediately noticable to anyone wearing or handling such a watch.

        Thirdly there is the cost vs believability factor. If you are wearing a replica of a watch that costs tens of thousands of dollars then this is probably the quickest way to be 'called out' for wearing a replica watch.

        *Picture credit*


        Brève histoire des Rolex Submariner no date (depuis 1959) by ed911 (French Language)
        Brève histoire des Rolex submariner no date (partie 2) by ed911 (French Language)

        Most people see the Submariner and the Submariner Date and just assume that one has a date, the other doesn't, and that's the difference. Of course, this is not true. They are completely different watches. There are definite, but subtle, diferences between the measurements on both case sets.

        Almost nothing on these watches interchanges except the hands and Triplock Crown... Even the bezel inserts are different to fit the different size bezels, and they use different (although interchangeable until SEL's) bracelets.... Since they do use the same hands, it gives an illusion that they are longer because of the smaller dial..they extend into the markers more..


        The Ref. 14060 Submariner remained in production till 1999, when it was replaced by the Ref. 14060M Submariner, which had an improved movement movement. However, it was not COSC certified. In 2007, some of the later production Ref. 14060M's were sent to COSC for certification, the first non-date Submariners to be certified as chronometers since the 5512 stopped production in 1978.

        The 14060 is available in varying qualities. It's not the most widely replicated watch so they are a bit thin on the ground. That doesn't stop people from wanting it though.

        *Picture credit Trevor*
        Example Rolex Submariner 14060 2 line dial - Asian 2836 clone
        14060 no date sub that will take Gen parts by pat1113
        Does a 14060 Insert fit on a 16610? by ProLex
        no date sub comparrison 14060 vs. 114060 by bmorena
        Submariner ND out of a TC Sub? by honeybear
        Need info about 14060M by gladio32

        TitleistRolex: my question wasn't to ask "Hey QueDick can you tell any flaws of this watch or that watch?!"
        I’ll give you my cell and FaceTime me and I’ll show you wealth you petty lil child




          Ceramic Submariners 2008 to present

          ~Updates and Improvements~

          The line of ceramic submariners were released in 2008 starting with the 116619LB full white gold Submariner with Blue dial and Blue bezel. The release schedule can be see below;

          Several updates of note were brought in with the advent of the new 1166-- series Submariners.

          -Ceramic Bezel; "Cerachrome"
          -Maxi-case design based on the GMT II Ceramic case
          -Maxi dial markers (as found on the 16610 LV)
          -Maxi minute hand (as found on the 16610 LV - only the DSSD has maxi hour and minute hands)
          -Blue "Chromalight" lume; a mixture unique to, and patented by, Rolex
          -Anti-reflective coating on crystal Cyclops (also found on some late model 16610)
          -Glidelock bracelet clasp

          The better ceramic Submariners can be broken down into two factories that currently compete in this market. We have the original Noobfactory versions and the better Big Pilot (aka BP factory). On the horizon is the release of the new Noobfactory versions of the ceramic Submariner and from what we've seen so far it could be very good indeed. I won't talk about earlier versions as there really is no point, they were innacurate and pretty rubbish. You can buy 21j versions of the Noobfactory Sub-C and that is about as cheap as you should go in my opinion.

          BKLM1234 (BK's Repertorium) also sells modified versions of the Noobfactory Submariners. His modifications are an extended QC session. He gaurantees a Swiss movement, an updated datewheel overlay with a better font and also makes sure the crystal cyclops is aligned with the datewindow.

          ~116610 LN~

          - Noobfactory -

          The de facto watch for anyone looking for an entry into the world of ceramic submariners. One of the first ones to get it "mostly" right. This can probably be attested to by the number of people that have bought it.

          Rolex Submariner Ceramic rep vs. gen comparison by tonnixon

          Maxi markers on dial SUB Ceramic 116610 - GEN vs REP by dordonko

          Noob Black Sub Ceramic microscope photos by Bonesey

          MEGA PICS / Submariner ceramic BP MAKER vs NOOB vs BP MAKER blue white gold by dordonko

          Rolex Submariner 116610LN The Quintessence .............. by FMALDONADOG

          For those who have purchased's Ceramic Sub, speak up on how you like it by prsist

          Help choosing a 116610 Black Sub by fzara2000a

          - Noobfactory V2 Prototype -

          Currently still not released as of 16/05/2013 but hotly anticipated. Full updates are still to be confirmed but upgrades to the pearl, AR crystal and case set are expected. Initial batch appears to be only available with the A3135 movement.

          The NOOB Sub C is coming!!! by 4roul

          Noob Factory 2013 New Submariner 116610LN prototype by Ryanwayer (Dealer)

          Anyone buy a new Noob 2013 Ceramic Sub??? by AlFru

          Home from work to meet my new '13 Noob "prototype" Submariner. by AlFru

          Update 01/08/2013: As of now the V2 Noobmariner ceramic sub is available for order from our TDs in both 116610 LN and LV (Hulk) variations. Currently this is the best ceramic sub rep on the market. Lists of upgrades over the V1 include;

          More accurate case set
          Upgraded bracelet and end links (now using 2mm gen size springbars)
          AR coated cyclops
          Sapphire crystal clad pearl using genuine construction style
          Correct smaller hour hand

          Comparison new version noob sub with GEN. by 1234_cool_uncle

          noob sub c 116610 v2 by mattr845

          Noob and BP sub-c side by side by mitchbaria

          New Sub up on Toros - Noob V2? by cubicle_monkey

          The latest version. Noob sub by 1234_cool_uncle

          REVIEW/PICTURES: Rolex Submariner Noob V2 by designerx

          Just recieved my Sub V2 QC pics . by jorgeinmiami

          - BP Factory -


          -Case and lugs almost perfect - better than the Noob Sub-C V1
          -Great pearl (although issues with coming loose)
          -Tight bezel rotation - very solid feel
          -Nice insert with numbers that appear engraved rather than printed
          -Superb date font
          -AR on cyclops
          -Above average SEL fit
          -LEC is very small and hard to see (as per gen)
          -Rehaut engraving aligned with minute markers


          -Loose pearls on some (easy fix)
          -Dial spacing ('OfficiallyCertified') - not visible apart from Macro
          -Slightly lumpy lume application on some
          -Issues with initial run of bracelet clasps being loose, fixed on run #2

          New Noob Sub C bracelet fits BP Sub by pjsayer

          BK sub-c or BP? by lukhard

          New BP Sub-c Clasp issue by roktoy

          116110LN BP factory questions = Darthalex where are you! by Mark831

          BP maker SUB, QC pics received, question about them. by offroadfreak

          New v2 Sub-C from BP Maker hits! by Harley07

          - TW Best -

          This maker is known for selling ceramic submariners using the SA3135 movement which is a clone of the Rolex 3135 movement. Generally these are quite expensive (±$400) and the movement itself has not proven itself wholly stable. There are quite a few variations. V1 had issues with stems breaking in the Submariner models due to movement alignment in the case. There were also reports that some gen hands and dials did not fit as expected. V2 supposedly resolved these issues but they are quite rare so not many reviews are about.

          Positives on this watch were the upgraded and very nice pearl, a deeper engraved bezel, correct hour hand, correct rehaut engraving and of course the mimic operation of the SA3135 movement.

          Any Reviews of the Timeshops TW Ceramic Sub? by wirelessness

          New TW Ceramic subs by Agrigoras

          Submariner 116610 LN SA3135 Best Edition, the best subc? by fab.mar

          - BKLM Noobfactory 116610 LN -

          This is a slightly modified Noobfactory Ceramic submariner V1.

          As per BKLM1234's description in the thread below:

          - Guaranteed genuine ETA 2836-2 OR Swiss Sellita SW-220
          - Bracelet all brushed like gen except the sides are mirror-polished
          - My custom datewheel overlay installed
          - Fully press in the crystal for WR and even it to maximize WR. **NEW: my own better, more expensive (at least 3x more, not the cheap PE gasket that the noobfactory uses) crystal gasket that doesn't "hair out" when fully pressed in.
          - Line up the 12 o'clock marker to the engraved coronet on the rehaut engraving. Again the factory often leave them misaligned.

          Product Offering: Noobfactory Ceramic Black Sub by BKLM1234

          BK's Noob Sub-c.. or TW by applesandoranges

          ~116610 LV aka The Hulk~

          116610lv - hulk - owners club - post em if you got em by pilworx

          - Noobfactory V1 -

          Based on the standard V1 Noob submariner case set this was the best replication attempt at the Hulk. It got a lot of things right, the hardest being the colour of the ceramic insert (emerald green) and the "sunburst" dial effect. This still has a lot of the issues that plague the V1 116610 LN version from the Noobfactory. There's several threads that give lots of information, but the information from the LN section above is also applicable.

          116610 LV - The Hulk by Bonesey

          Hulk Smash! - TWbest Vs. Noobfactory 116610LV by Bonesey

          My Rolex 116610LV [Pearl updated] by Franke

          116610LV Noob Somes pics... by antoine83

          Rolex Hulk from Sead (with 360 pic!!) by toehh

          - Noobfactory V2 Prototype -

          Still unreleased in fully complete form as per the 116610 LN V2 this is the prototype Hulk sub seen on offer from a few dealers. It has the same upgrades as the LN version and appears to retain the same dial/hands/bezel combo as the original 116610 LV Hulk V1 from the Noobfactory. There is very little information on this as of yet but I will update this section as more threads and information is available.

          New SUB-C 116610LV Green Submariner NOOB FACTORY PROTOTYPE by Sora (Dealer)

          - BP Factory -

          Base off the very successful case set for the LN version this is a contender as a very good Hulk. A large detractor is the metallic nature of the bezel insert as opposed to the gen which is a matte emerald green. It carries the same upgrades and advantages as the LN version.

          new rolex hulk by clyde

          - TW Best -

          Again as per the TW Best 116610 LN there is very little information as these don't seem to be commonly bought. I bought one so I feel I can say that you probably shouldn't. The flaws against the current Noobfactory version cannot make up for slight benifits in other areas.

          Hulk Smash! - TWbest Vs. Noobfactory 116610LV by Bonesey

          ~116613 LB~

          - Noobfactory -

          Up until Baselworld 2013 the 116613 LB sported a flat blue dial unlike the original 16613 which had the signature 'sunburst' effect which made it so appealing. However it looks like Rolex is bringing back the 'sunburst' effect which I'm sure will make a lot of people very happy. Unfortunately it's an effect that the rep makers sometimes struggle to get right. The worst case scenario is that the dial ends up being purple rather than blue. Some ceramic subs already come with the incorrect (but now correct) sunburst dial. Rep makers influencing the gen makers perhaps?

          One of the major issues with this watch will be the colour of the numbers and markings on the ceramic bezel. They tend to be yellow rather than the gold as per the genuine.

          New Sunburst Blue Dial by tictoc21

          Blue Sub 116619 BK or Puretime ? by nyu

          16619 or 16613? by crappymonkey

          Rolex Submariner TT Blue (QC) by zarezki

          ~116613 LN~

          As per the above statement on the bezel colouring this is still just a base Noobfactory (in most cases) offering.

          Rolex 116613 from Andrew by George Grasser

          - BP Factory -

          Update 08/06/2013

          This is one of the first sightings of the 116613 LN from BP factory and comes with the usual upgrades as well as an improved bezel. It still looks like they are having issues with the clasp not closing properly.

          TT SubC - looks alot better than expected by BlackSealPanerai

          ~116618 LB~

          As with a lot of the other full gold replicas there is not very many posts about them. In part because the percentage of full gold replicas vs standard SS versions is very small.

          All Gold SUBC - Blue by DenisSpa

          ~116618 LN~

          As per the above statement on the 116618 LB. Not often seen.

          ~116619 LB aka The Smurf~

          This is one of the most popular Ceramic Submariners that are currently in production. There are several different manufacturers all with varying qualities. The stock version to pick up would be the Noobfactory V1 (no news of a V2 just yet).

          The original is solid white gold, hence the 9 at the end of the model number. This means that the genuine is a lot heavier than a stainless steel replica. On the other hand the white gold looks quite similar in appearance to the stainless steel so it is a lot easier pull off than a full yellow gold submariner.

          This has the same glidelock clasp and bracelet as the other Submariners but the center links of the bracelet and the center of the clasp is polished as opposed to brushed.

          - Noobfactory V1 -

          As per the other NF products it is all based off the same case set. It still carries the same flaws that the other NF Subs have but the colour replication is very close.

          Rolex Sub 116613LB from Marvellous by Buster Hyman

          Rolex Submariner Blue Ceramic: A look at the Gen, the BK Version, and ReplicaMake by Thinkbachs

          - BP Factory -

          No official release yet but that doesn't stop members from creating pieces made from several other watches.

          116619 blue ceramic Sub built on BP case by sneed.12

          - BKLM Smurf -

          As per BKLM1234's other offerings he puts his own twist on the Smurf Sub

          - guaranteed genuine ETA 2836-2 (commonly called Swiss ETA 2836-2 by other dealers) OR Swiss Sellita SW-220
          - fully press in the crystal for WR and even it to maximize WR. **NEW: my own better, more expensive (at least 3x more, not the cheap PE gasket that the noobfactory uses) crystal gasket that doesn't "hair out" when fully pressed in.
          - line up the 12 o'clock marker to the engraved coronet on the rehaut engraving. Again the factory often leave them misaligned.
          - what's a bk watch without any mod even though there's not much needed. The mod is wm9 dw overlay swapped in. I don't like the wrong date font of the noob dw overlay esp. left-justified 21, 31, and 19
          Very accurate blue color. Bezel numbers are big and bold enough now.

          Product Offering: Noobfactory Ceramic Blue Sub by BKLM1234

          Rolex Submariner Blue Ceramic: A look at the Gen, the BK Version, and ReplicaMake by Thinkbachs


          BP 114060 Sub-C 'No Date' pics by pjsayer

          No Date Ultimate Version from TS by radekglaz

          Noobfactory Submariner 114060 (No date) by rupert37

          Info about 114060 bp factory modding by ressmeplz

          My first Rep. from Andrew TT by stanislas

          Submariner 114060 Noob Edition A2836 from Puretime by arnaudu21

          ~Modification Information for Ceramic Submariners~

          Popular modifications depending on model;

          New 'slim' hour hand
          Install AR cyclops crystal
          Superlume dial/hands/bezel pearl
          Modify bezel engravings from white paint to silver look

          The pilworx Penultimate Platinumizing Procedure by Pilworx

          116610LN - Custom Building the Ultimate Ceramic Sub by DarthAlex

          SubC: DIY for painting clasp engravings black? by greg325i

          Quick and easy BP Sub-c 116610 mods! by watchguyusa1

          Tutorial: Disassemble and assemble BP Rolex Submariner 116610 LN (lower crystal mag. by Mike00

          Contributers to this WIKI:

          I would like to thank the following people for contacting me and adding to this WIKI page.


          TitleistRolex: my question wasn't to ask "Hey QueDick can you tell any flaws of this watch or that watch?!"
          I’ll give you my cell and FaceTime me and I’ll show you wealth you petty lil child




            Picture credit AskMeAgain*

            ~ History ~

            The Small History of the Yacht-Master by Debellum

            The Rolex Yacht-Master is a sport watch made by Rolex, first introduced in 1992 with the model 11628 in 18KT yellow gold. In 1994, Rolex released a lady's model (69628) and a mid-size man's model (68628), which was the first time Rolex had ever issued a smaller professional size watch. In 1996, Rolex introduced two-tone (stainless steel and 18kt yellow gold) to the lady's and mid-size line.

            In 1997, Rolex released the Yacht-Master in Rolesium, a term patented by Rolex in 1932 which gives the Yacht-Master a stainless steel and platinum construction; the bezel and dial are platinum, while the case, band, crown, etc. are stainless steel. This model is also known as the Platinum Yacht-Master.

            Some facts on the rep quality:

            - Biggest tell typically is the Rolesium dial reproduction. First versions, noob Yacht-Master included, tended to have a brownish color here.

            - The 2008 ETA version, as well as the current SA3135 rep try solving that by applying a flat grey background with some metal sparkle elements in between.

            - The TW best had the right rough texture and now brown color tint, but it was slightly too dark overall, plus it came with some flaws in the black print reproduction (crown, Rolex word, etc).

            - Golden (or Rolesium?) standard is the wm9. TC uses the identical dial like wm9.

            - Second biggest flaw is the bezel insert. Both numbers font, numbers spacing, numbers position relative to the inner and outer bezel rim, the degree how much the numbers get rised, and the texture of the sanded background is not always well reproduced on the reps.

            - Again wm9 and TC are golden standard, followed closely by SA3135, then TW best. All others are typically bad, including aftermarket inserts from eBay.

            - Other potential flaws are: the red color both in the "Yachtmaster" print (the latter being too thin font sometimes on top) and the seconds hand; the date font, size and position (only perfect on the wm9, even the TC has flaws here); crown position; case shape ("Sean case" on wm9, TC and TW best v1 is most accurate); crown reproduction on the clasp (tell on all reps, including wm9).

            ~ 16622 ~

            Available with 21j through to 'Swiss ETA'
            Quality varies with case set
            Available with / without rehaut engraving
            Available 34mm through to 40mm sizes

            *Picture credit*

            Noob Yacht-Master (2008)
            Click picture for full size image

            Example Yacht-Master 16622 Rolesium 21j

            Example Yacht-Master Rolesium 16622 without rehaut engraving Clone ETA / Swiss ETA

            [REVIEW] 16622 ? Yacht-Master "Rolesium" by Spirit

            Gen Yacht Master dial vs rep dial by Ruprekt

            Best YM Rolesium price variations? a discussion thread started by odyseus10

            New Yachtmaster From Andrew @ Trusty Time (Pic Heavy) by bbphrog

            ~ 16623 ~

            Available with 21j through to 'Swiss ETA'
            Quality varies with case set
            Available 29mm through to 40mm sizes
            14k Wrapped Bracelet option possible

            *Picture credit /*

            Example Yacht-Master 16623 18k Plated / Swiss ETA / 40mm

            Example Yacht-Master 16623 29mm / 34mm Swiss Movement

            ~ 16628 ~

            Available with 21j through to 'Swiss ETA'
            Quality varies with case set
            Available 29mm through to 40mm sizes
            18k Plated

            *Picture credit /*

            Example Yacht-Master 16628 18k Plated 29mm / 34mm / Swiss ETA

            Example Yacht-Master 16628 18k plated / 40mm / 21j movement

            ~ 116622 ~

            The blue faced Yacht-master has just appeared in the dealer websites as of 29/12/2012. The only version of this so far on the market appears to have the SA3135 Rolex clone movement as does the original SA3135 Rolesium version. Although superficially it appears good there are some issues with this new version.

            First of all the sunburst blue dial. It is difficult to tell whether this is a feature of this new watch. Secondly the numbers on the bezel insert are too close to the outer edge. Thirdly the bracelet has the wrong clasp. The clasp on the new 116622 Yacht-Master should be the Easylink clasp found on the GMT and Milgauss models, instead it is the older style short Fliplock bracelet found on older style GMT II's. This would be a simple replacement job, but is another sign that this is the original SA3135 Yacht-Master Rolesium with an updated dial rather than a completely new watch.

            *Picture credit*

            Example Rolex 16622 Yacht-Master II - Blue dial

            ~ WM9 Yacht-Master Rolesium ~

            Click pictures for full size image

            WM9 / BKLM Yacht-Master watches are no longer produced. They still command a premium depending on whether or not genuine parts have been added to the watch. The only chance of you buying one now is through the member to member sales forum.

            BKLM Yacht-Master: So how good is it really?

            Rolex No Rh YM e or reason.... A day in the sun pictoral.... by eVojlib

            ~ TC Yacht-Master Rolesium ~

            Small volume, high quality case sets come from TC enabling you to build an excellent Yacht Master 16622 watch. The TC factory Yacht Master was a pre-order sale and I'm unsure at this time of its further availability. You can find more details over on TCs Supporting Vendor section on or on his blog directly.

            TC vs. WM9 Dial
            Click pictures for full size image

            TC Watches Blog Spot

            TC Watches Supporting Vendor page on

            TC Factory Direct YM Pre-Order Shipping Address Form

            Massive pictorial review of the TC Yacht-Master 16622 Rolesium by Fixen

            ~ TW Best Yacht-Master Rolesium ~

            This version from the TW factory (Taiwan) were available for a short time. Current availability of this version is unknown.

            Click pictures for full size image

            TW Best dial Vs. Gen

            Puretime TWbest 16622 Yacht-Master with Swiss ETA

            TW BEST & SA3135 YACHTMASTER side by side pics by watchguyusa1

            TW Best YM vs. SA3135 YM (both from PT) by SOLEX

            SA3135 Yacht-Master Rolesium

            The SA3135 version should still be available. Please read the Rolex WIKI page for more information on this movement.

            Puretime Yacht-Master 16622 SA3135 Best Edition with Rehaut Engraving

            SA3135 tear down and review by Ruprekt

            A Pictorial Review - Rolex Yachtmaster 'Rolesium' 16622 SA3135 by Justloungin

            I Love My SA3135-For Those Of Us On Board by txrob779

            Rolex Yachtmaster from PureTime SA3135 went smooth by Warrcraft

            ~ Sean (ETASwiss) ~

            Sean at ETASwiss is another boutique dealer offering case sets close to 1:1. As with the BK/TC Yacht-Masters expect to pay a premium for this accuracy. These case sets are designed for the genuine Rolex 3135 movement. You can purchase movement spacers to allow you to use ETA movements, or if you are lucky enough to have a genuine movement (or an SA3135) it will drop right in to the case.

            **As of 21/07/2012 the case is not listed on his site. I am unsure of its availablity**

            ETA Swiss Homepage

            New Yacht-Master 1:1 Case Set by FatMatt

            Picture credit AskMeAgain*

            ~ History ~

            The Rolex Yacht-Master II is a sport watch made by Rolex, first introduced in March 2010 with the models 116688 (Yellow Gold) and 116689 (White Gold). One year later, Rolex introduced model 116681 which was made from steel and everose gold. The Yacht-Master II uses the 4160 movement specifically designed for the Yacht-Master II. All Yacht-Master II watches have a case size of 44mm.

            The Rolex 4160 movement is a chronograph movement with the complication of a programmable timer that counts down ten minutes. The countdown mechanism was primarily designed for regattas where the Starting sequence can last up to 10 minutes. The movement took 35,000 hours (nearly 4 years) to create and is made up from 360 parts. The movement also has a 72 hour power reserve for when the watch is inactive.

            The countdown mechanism is constructed using a column wheel that extends through the main plate and a vertical clutch. The mechanism makes it possible for the wearer to program in advance of and official countdown time and then start the timer once the countdown has begun and the mechanism can be programmed to count down 0 to 10 minutes. The countdown feature can be locked and unlocked by twisting the bezel through 90 degrees. The Yacht-Master II was one of the first watches in the world to have a bezel that worked in conjunction with the movement.

            If the wearer has started the countdown either too early or too late then the countdown can be synchronized. By pressing the start/stop button, located at the 2 o'clock position, and then pressing the reset button, located at the 4 o'clock position, the minute countdown hand re-positions its self to the nearest minute while the seconds countdown hand returns to 0.

            ~ Replica Movements ~

            There is unfortunately nothing in the replica world that could re-create the functions of this watch. As per the description above it was incredibly hard to make and I believe was the first ever watch with a mechanical function tied to the rotation of the bezel. The replica movement is a modified 2813 movement with running seconds at 6. The exact functions of the movement are unclear as I simply have not seen anyone who has bought this watch. This watch is also I believe the first 44mm watch that Rolex have made in modern times, with most being 40mm or less and only the new Explorer II (42mm) and Datejust II (41mm) above that range.

            Update: 07/06/2013

            We finally have confirmation that the rep does have the correct functions as the gen watch.

            YM II by Bruisedknux

            ~ 116688 ~

            44mm x 14mm
            Nickel-plated Asian 2813 automatic 23J Movement
            18K rose-gold plated solid 316L stainless steel case
            Scratch-proof sapphire crystal
            Bi-directional rotating bezel

            *Picture credit*

            Example Yacht-Master II 116688 Full Rose Gold

            ~ 116689 ~

            44mm x 14mm
            Nickel-plated Asian 2813 automatic 23J Movement
            Solid 316L stainless steel case
            Scratch-proof sapphire crystal
            Bi-directional rotating bezel

            *Picture credit*

            Example Yacht-Master II 116689 SS case / White dial

            ~ 116681 ~

            44mm x 14mm
            Nickel-plated Asian 2813 automatic 23J Movement
            Solid 316L stainless steel case
            Stainless steel bracelet with 18k yellow gold-plated midlinks
            Scratch-proof sapphire crystal
            Bi-directional rotating bezel

            *Picture credit*

            Example Yacht-Master II 116681 Two Tone

            ~ 116680 ~

            Released at Basel World 2013 is the Yachtmaster II available in Stainless Steel for the first time. Given that the rep is already based on Stainless steel there isn't any need to change much other than the serial number and adding the blue bezel with a white font from the 116688 or 116681 model.

            Contributers to this WIKI:

            I would like to thank the following people for contacting me and adding to this WIKI page.


            TitleistRolex: my question wasn't to ask "Hey QueDick can you tell any flaws of this watch or that watch?!"
            I’ll give you my cell and FaceTime me and I’ll show you wealth you petty lil child




              *Picture Credit AskMeAgain*

              ~ History ~

              The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is a mechanical, self-winding chronograph. It is manufactured since the early 1960s and known as the archetype of a sport watch for racing drivers.

              There are two series of the Cosmograph Daytona. The original series, produced in small quantities from the early 1960s to the later 1980s, has a four-digit model or reference number, for example the reference 6263. This original series eventually became iconic but in very short supply in the early 1990s, which led to a second series to meet demand. This second series was a Zenith modified movement, the five digit series movements noted by dropping the "1" from the current 6 digit code is notably the most accurate of all movements whose pedigree is in the famous Zenith "El Primero" movement. This movement was originally manufactured and released in the '60s and is still the highest VPH mass produced movement on the market at 36,000 VPH. The "El Primero" movement is often considered the hallmark of chronographs for accuracy and reliability. Rolex purchased these movements for the Daytona and then modified the movement from 36,000VPH to 28,800VPH and made a few other subtle changes. These later series Daytonas prior to in-house movements were produced from 1988 to 2000 and represent the time period where Rolex Daytonas really began cult status, due to its limited production, accuracy, reliability and limited supply as they were coming from Zenith. This Zenith based movement is often considered more accurate and reliable than any other movement in the Chronograph space, including the current in-house Rolex Daytona model. The current series, the Rolex in-house made movement, has a six-digit reference number, for example reference 116520. The new six-digit Daytonas are certified, self-winding chronometers with chronograph functions.

              From 4030 Zenith to 4130 of manufacturing (Small Story) - by Debellum

              *Click picture for link*

              Daytona- Everything You Need To Know and Then Some by txrob779

              Hodinkee - A Vintage Watch Nerd's Critical Dissection Of The Rolex Daytona, Past To Present (Part 1)

              Hodinkee - A Vintage Watch Nerd's Critical Dissection Of The Rolex Daytona, Past To Present (Part 2)

              Hodinkee - A Vintage Watch Nerd's Critical Dissection Of The Rolex Daytona, Past To Present (Part 3)

              ~ A7750 useage and good practice ~

              The A7750 overall is a robust movement in standard configuration. Complications arise when it is modified. This could be moving the seconds to 6, as per the Portuguese or Daytona replicas, or the seconds at 12 configuration for some Audemar Piguet replicas. However, these modifications aside there are good and bad ways to use any mechanical movement. Here are some handy links for anyone owning an A7750 equipped replica.

              7750/7753 Technical Support Section

              A7750 user guide and best practice guide by Trailboss

              Swiss Valjoux 7750 Automatic VS Japanese Quartz

              R2D4's 7750, 51,52, 53, 54 ect. Reference Sheet

              How to distinguish Asian 21,6 7750 from 28,8 7750?

              ~ Seconds at 6 ~

              Seconds at 6 explained by thedoover

              The seconds at 6 configuration most commonly seen in the Rolex Daytona is, as stated before, a modification to the movement. Seen below is the older style seconds at 6 movement with multiple additional gears. These are often, dirty, misaligned, on press fit pivots and prone to very erratic timekeeping.

              *Picture credit 14060 or 16610?*

              The solution to this was to create a new movement plate that incorporated 3 new jewels to the gear train. This has lead to a much more reliable movement.

              *Picture credit 14060 or 16610?*

              For more in depth information please read this thread by 14060 or 16610?
              The "New and Improved" Seconds-at-6 Movement Explained

              How dmuit solved the Seconds at 6 problem my manually adding 3 jewels to the gearing

              Review, FAQ & buying guide of ROLEX Daytona "Seconds at 6" by By-Tor

              ~ Seconds at 9 ~

              Zenith El Primero Cal 400

              Seconds at 9 is the native configuration for the A7750 movement. The only versions of the Daytona that I have seen are a mashup of the older Zenith Daytona (secs at 9) with the dial and the case set & clasp system from the current 1165** models. This being said, if you can live with the inconsistency of the movement vs the case set it means you can have the most stable of the Daytona replicas.

              There is currently only one factory that builds the seconds at 9 Daytona. It is not well known for amazing QC according to the dealers. Current dial / case sets are limited to the 116520 with white and black dials. I have not seen any other variations recently but this doesn't mean they are not available.

              116520 Black Dial [email protected]

              116520 White Dial [email protected]

              Review of Daytona Sec @ 9 by P4GTR

              Daytona Seconds 9 From Mary by landrax

              ~ Frozen centre seconds (21j) ~

              The frozen centre seconds Rolex Daytona was a piece offered by only one dealer on this forum who now, sadly, has passed away. This movement offered some advantages and disadvantages over the A7750 modified movements. It allowed for a thinner and more gen like case, with a reliable running seconds at 6 on the dial. This was a native 21j movement with this configuration. Standard 21j Daytona reps would have either both the main seconds hand AND the running seconds. It took 3 years before a dealer listened to us about a reliable 21j movement, for a reasonably cheap price, and a good case set. You can read about this offer HERE in T4Ds old section (RIP).

              Rolex Daytona 116520, Same Bezel bevel, Thickness with GEN Frozen Sec Hand, [email protected]

              [REVIEW] Some ? Daytona discussion... (a21j, Secs @ 6 Overview) by Spirit

              Update: 02/04/2013

              One of the newer dealers to the forum, Ryanwyer at Intime watches, has posted up some interesting threads about this 21j version and customers have already been receiving pieces from him. Good news for those wanting a reliable Daytona.

              Rolex Daytona 116520, Same Bezel bevel, Thickness with GEN Frozen Sec Hand, [email protected]

              REVIEW: 21j Frozen Second hand from Ryan by chaw6125

              Update: 08/05/2013 - WM9 Daytona??

              This was not something that I have heard of before, or seen before. Possibly a first for the forum. A member has turned up and posted what he claims to be a WM9 Daytona with a slim profile and working seconds at 6 movement. This is, he claims, a prototype from the WM9 factory and possibly the only one. He has further modified it with a genuine crystal.

              Have you heard about the WM9 Daytona?? by darktheko

              One of a kind daytona by darktheko

              Franken modern 116520 daytona by darktheko

              ~ 116505 ~

              Available with 7750 movement
              29j Movement availability unknown
              18k Rose gold plating / Sapphire Crystal

              *Picture credit*

              Example Daytona 116505 Rose Gold / Black dial

              Example Daytona 16505 Rose Gold / Rose Gold dial

              ~ 116509 ~

              Available with 7750 movement
              29j Movement availability unknown
              Sapphire Crystal

              *Picture credit*

              Example Daytona 116509 Black dial

              Example Daytona 116509 White dial

              ~ 116515LN ~

              Available with 7750 movement
              29j Movement availability unknown
              18k 'thick' Rose Gold plating
              Sapphire Crystal

              *Picture credit*

              Example Daytona 116515LN Brown Dial / Brown Leather strap

              Example Daytona 116515LN White Dial / Black Strap

              Daytona 116515LN Rose Gold, Black Bezel, Leather Strap discussion thread

              ~ 116518 ~

              Available with 7750 movement
              29j Movement availability confirmed
              18k Yellow Gold plating
              Sapphire Crystal

              *Picture credit*

              Example Daytona 116518 - Blue Dial

              Example Daytona 116518 - White Dial

              ~ 116519 ~

              Available with 7750 movement
              29j Movement availability unkown
              Sapphire Crystal
              Unable to verify existence of MOP/Diamond dial combination

              *Picture credit*

              Example Daytona 116519 Grey/Slate Dial

              Example Daytona 116519 White Dial

              Example Daytona 116519 Black Dial

              ~ 116520 ~

              Available with 7750 movement
              29j Movement availability confirmed
              Sapphire Crystal

              *Picture credit*

              Example Daytona 116520 Black Dial

              Example Daytona 116520 White Dial

              ~ 116523 ~

              A7750 Version / Grey Sunburst
              A21j Version / MOP & Diamonds
              29j Movement availability unconfirmed
              Availability of other versions unconfirmed

              *Picture credit*

              Example Daytona 116523 Grey Sunburst Dial / A7750 / Two Tone

              Example Daytona 116523 A21j / White Mother of Pearl Dial / Diamond Markers / Two Tone

              Example Daytona 116523 Black Dial / Two Tone

              Example Daytona 116523 White Dial / Two Tone

              ~ 116528 ~

              A7750 Version Available
              29j Movement availability unconfirmed
              Sapphire crystal
              18k Plated

              *Picture credit*

              Example Daytona 116528 18k Plated / Black Mother of Pearl dial / Diamond Markers

              Example Daytona 116528 18k Plated / Gold Dial

              Example Daytona 116528 Black Dial

              Example Daytona 116528 White Dial

              ~ 116506 ~

              Introduced at Basel World 2013 is the newest version of the Rolex Daytona with a chocolate coloured ceramic bezel and powder blue dial. This is the first Daytona made from Platinum. As it's only just been released it should be a little time before we see a replica of this.

              New 2013 Rolex Daytona Cosmograph by iamthestig

              ~ 116598 RBOW / 116599 RBOW~

              Japanese Quartz Movement
              Sapphire crystal
              18k Plated

              Example Rolex Daytona 116598 RBOW - Quartz Movement

              ~ Project X / Pro-Hunter ~

              Project X and Pro-Hunter are customisation houses working specifically with Rolex watches. There are other customisation houses such as Bamford, Blackout and Fragment. You get the ability to customise the entire colour of every aspect of your watch. As far as replicas are concerned there are as many variations out there as you can imagine. With the ability for customers to change almost anything the replica makers have taken as many designs as possible and churned them out.

              TitleistRolex: my question wasn't to ask "Hey QueDick can you tell any flaws of this watch or that watch?!"
              I’ll give you my cell and FaceTime me and I’ll show you wealth you petty lil child




                *Picture credit AskMeAgain*


                Rolex GMT Master History and Reference Pictoral (Part 1) by eVojlib

                Rolex GMT Master History and Reference Pictoral (Part 2) by eVojlib

                The History of the GMT by Debellum

                The Rolex GMT-Master wristwatch was originally designed in collaboration with Pan Am Airways and issued by the airline to their crews on transcontinental long-haul flights. ("GMT" in the name stands for Greenwich Mean Time). The watch has a convenient capability that was unique at the time as it enabled the crews to have GMT or another second time zone displayed. GMT is the time zone that is required for all aviation planning, weather forecasts, schedules and other paperwork. In addition as Inertial Navigation and Global Positioning System technologies did not yet exist, and aircraft were out of range of normal radio navigation beacons during transoceanic flights, an accurate GMT time source was essential for use with specialist sextants for astronavigation (obtaining geographical position by relative angles of the horizon, the sun and other stars). In fact the very first “Marine Chronometers” (the predecessors of more modern mechanical watches) were specifically developed for use in astronavigation on ships during the 18th century.

                The second time zone on the watch also proved a great help to crews for managing jetlag and for communications home when abroad. It is this capability that has made them very popular with businessmen and other travellers. They have also been particularly popular with NASA and military pilots and many soldiers and sailors who often require GMT or a second time zone.

                In the early 1980s the Rolex GMT-Master II was released (although production of the original version continued alongside it until the late 1990s). Although the watch looks almost identical it uses a movement that has the additional capability of a quickset hour hand that can be adjusted to local time without stopping the seconds or disturbing the minutes and 24 hour GMT hand. As the watch continues to feature the rotatable bezel it is now able to display a third time reference.

                The Rolex GMT 24 hour hand feature has been adopted by many other watch manufacturers and is now a relatively common feature. However nearly all of these watches use an ETA movement that is operated slightly differently from the Rolex GMT-Master II design (the 24 hour hand is quickset rather than the local hour hand) and whilst perfectly usable, it is a slightly less convenient design for pilots and regular travellers but very suitable for those staying at home and wishing to track a time zone in another country (e.g. Telephone calls for business or relatives abroad). Omega are one exception as they operate in the same way as the Rolex GMT-Master II.

                Although the original Rolex GMT Master was only available in Stainless Steel, as it was conceived as a functional, work watch, Rolex have been making luxury versions in both mixed steel and gold and all gold since the 1970s and there are even exotic variations that incorporate elaborate designs that include precious stones. All variants have significantly increased in their purchase cost relative to inflation and are now often regarded as high luxury or status symbols. In spite of this they still make a very accurate and robust work watch that is very well suited to its original design purpose and with their all metal construction, shock proofing and water-resistance they still remain popular amongst pilots today.

                The 50th anniversary model has a green "GMT" hand (forth hand) and the words GMT MASTER II on the face are also in green. Green has traditionally been used by Rolex to denote watches that have been in continuous production for 50 years. The updated GMT Master II also has the new in house produced hairspring, dubbed by Rolex as the "Parachrom hairspring". The new hairspring is made of a new Non Ferromagnetic alloy which has a distinct blue colour. The hairspring is reported to be less susceptible to magnetic fields and more resistant to shocks, leading to a more accurate timepiece. The watch has been nicknamed the GMT II C to distinguish it from its predecessors.


                Rolex WIKI page - All the basics

                Please see the above link for information on the current movements found in GMT Master I and II replicas.

                Asian Clone 2836-2 (CHS and ICHS)
                Asian Superclone 2836-2
                ETA 2836-2 (CHS and ICHS)
                SW220 (Sellita)

                ~Handstack (CHS/ICHS)~

                When referring to handstack we are talking about the ordering of the hands on the movement. On all regular 3 hand movements the Hour hand is placed on the movement first, followed by the Minute hand and finally the Seconds hand.

                In Vintage GMT models (1675) this has the additional GMT hand first (as above pic), followed by the others in succession. With the 16750 onwards this is different.

                Hour Hand / GMT Hand / Minute Hand / Seconds hand - (as below)

                There are two variations of replica GMT movements. Firstly you have the DG3804. This is a low beat movement with native GMT function (meaning it is a purpose designed GMT movement). This is low beat 21,600 BPH and is closest to the beat rate of the 1675. Its handstack is also accurate to the 1675.

                The modified Clone 2836 (or ETA 2836) has an aftermarket addition of gearing to allow the GMT hand to work. This is a high beat movement of 28,800 BPH and is accurate to modern Rolex movements. The handstack is innacurate for representing anything other than the 1675. When this movement is used in 16750 models onward it is referred to as an Incorrect Hand Stack (ICHS).

                There are modified movements out there with the Correct Hand Stack (CHS) as per the gen movements in the 16750 models onward. These are rarer than the ICHS movements and are prone to breaking down. As a result they are not recommended.

                Rick914 had this to say on the modified 2836 movement in a discussion found here:

                Movement for CHS GMT? by gw4k

                GMT-Master II 116710 LN with Correct Hand Stack by rarebear

                Are GMT IIc's unreliable?! by Low Note

                ~How does the genuine GMT function work?~

                Jumping Hour Hand: On genuine Rolex GMT movements they have what is described as a jumping hour hand. When changing the time the movement remains unhacked (seconds hand continues to move) and the hour hand moves in 1 hour increments. This allows the wearer to change the local time zone on the main time keeping hands without altering the time keeping of the watch. The GMT hand will continue to follow the original time zone.

                Jumping GMT Hand: On replicas we have it backwards to the genuine. The GMT hand is tied to the Date setting position of the movement. This means that when we counter clockwise rotate the crown the GMT hand will 'Jump' one hour. If we adjust the time the GMT hand will 'follow' the timekeeping of the main hand set. This means that to change time to local, and keep GMT hand to home time we have to set the main hands to local and then change the GMT hand forward or backwards to 'home' time.

                NOTE: The jumping GMT hand is present on the ETA 2893 GMT and modified Clone/ETA 2836 movements. The 21j DG3804 movements GMT hand is infinitely adjustable and does not 'jump'.

                ~Coke / Pepsi / Lunette Noir~

                These are the terms used when describing the bezel insert on the GMT master.

                ~Spiderweb dial~

                For more information on this please see this thread:

                Spider Webbing / Crazing Explained Via Images.. by justloungin

                GMT Master


                Production Period: 1981-1988
                Model Name: Rolex GMT Master
                Caliber: 3075, 28800A/h, hacking, quickset
                Pressure proof to 100m/330ft
                Bracelet: Oyster 78360, Jubilé 62510
                Glass: Acrylic crystal
                Indexes: Tritium
                The 16750 followed the 1675, introducing the quickset feature. With this change, the order of the hands got changed:

                1675: GMT/Hour/Minute/Second
                16750: Hour/GMT/Minute/Second

                Two different variants of the dial:

                Matt, without white gold indexes - rare.
                Glossy, with white gold indexes (identical to the newer GMTs). Rolex switched the dial during production (approx. serial 9XXXXXX / 1986). This dial was first introduced without 'Date'-imprint, later versions show this imprint. During service, many matt dials got replaced by glossy ones.

                Other Variants:

                Ref. 16753 steel/yellow gold (Oysterbracelet 78363, Jubilébracelet 62523) aka "Root Beer GMT"

                With black dial and insert:

                Ref. 16758 yellow gold (Leather or Oysterbracelet 7206/8, Jubilébracelet 6311/8); sapphire crystal

                ~16750 Replica Availability~

                Some points to note:

                The 16750 is the same case as the 1675

                Early models had matte dial + applied lume markers
                Early models were Oyster Perpetual
                Early models had the same hand stack as the DG3804 and ETA 2836-2 modified GMT movements

                Later models had gloss dial + white gold markers
                Later models were Oyster Perpetual Date
                Later models have a different hand stack as the DG3804 and ETA 2836-2 modified GMT movements

                Most of the 'vintage' replicas available are based on the 1675, and not the 16750.

                Are there any Franken capable 16710 or 16750 GMT II's currently available?? by correctime

                Rolex 1655 to 16750 Birthday Project Build - Pictorial... by justloungin

                *Picture credit AskMeAgain*

                GMT Master II

                ~16760 aka Fat Lady aka Sophia Loren~

                Production Period:1983-1988
                Model Name: Rolex GMT Master II
                Caliber: 3085, 28800A/h, hacking, quickset (24-hour-hand)
                Pressure proof to 100m/330ft
                Bracelet: Oyster 78360, Jubilé 62510
                Glass: Sapphire crystal
                Indexes: Tritium
                The Ref. 16760 is the first GMT Master II.

                It is nicknamed Fat Lady because of it's extra thick case.

                First GMT with white gold indices borders and sapphire crystal, steel was the only option.

                Was only offered with the red/black bezel, which was also a new combination.

                With the new caliber 3085 the 24-hour hand became Independently adjustable. The seconds hand only stopped when the crown was pulled all the way out -> accurate time could be kept while setting the watch.

                Extra large crown guards.

                Even more interestingly, the 16760 GMT-II boasted an extra-thick case, some .5mm thicker than its predecessor, as well as a thicker bezel & crown guards. This has led to the affectionate nicknames “Fat Lady” and “Sophia Loren” in a nod to the 16760’s zaftig proportions. One can see in this comparison with the 16660 Sea-Dweller just how thick the original GMT-II’s case actually was:

                Produced only until 1988, the short-run 16760 was replaced by the much longer running ref. 16710 GMT-Master II. Not only did the 16710 sport a new caliber of movement (the identically functioning cal. 3185), but it had also lost weight and returned to more slender, GMT-like dimensions.


                Production Period: 1988-1999
                Model Name: Rolex GMT Master
                Caliber: 3175, 28800A/h, hacking, quickset (direct)
                Pressure proof to 100m/330ft
                Bracelet: Oyster 78360 and 78790 (Oysterlock starting 1989), Jubilé 62510
                Glass: Sapphire crystal
                Tritum up to U-Series 1997: T<25 dial
                Luminova starting 1998: Swiss dial (variant: Luminova on T<25 dial)

                1988 the Ref. 16700 replaced the Ref. 16750. The Ref. 16700 was cheaper compared to the Ref. 16710 which got introduced at the same time.
                The caliber 3175 (same functions as the 3075) had still the non-independant hourhand which was the main difference between the Ref. 16700 and the Ref. 16710.

                New introduced with this watch:
                Sapphire crystal
                White gold indexes (altough some predecessors (Ref. 16750) were also already equipped with these).
                New case

                Date-wheel has vintage open numbers until 1992/1993.

                Only available in Stainless Steel.
                Bezel colors:
                BLRO, Blue/Red aka Pepsi (bleu/rouge), (Bezel 315-16700-6)
                LN, Black, (Bezel 315-16700-1)


                Production Period: 1989-2007
                Model Name: Rolex GMT Master II
                Caliber: 3185 (late models with 3186), 28800A/h, hacking, quickset (24-hour-hand)
                Pressure proof to 100m/330ft
                Bracelet: Oyster 78360 and 78790 (Oysterlock), Jubilé 62510
                Glass: Sapphire crystal
                Bezel: Anodized aluminum, 120 clicks
                Tritium (until 1997): T<25 dial
                Luminova (1998/99): Swiss dial
                Superluminova (2000-2007): Swiss made dial

                The Ref. 16710 replaced 1989 the Ref. 16760 featuring a new, but identical functioning caliber and a slimmer design.

                Variant: Luminova on a T<25 dial (1998)

                1997/2000: Tritium -> Luminova -> Superluminova
                2000: Solid end link bracelet indroduced (SEL).
                2003: Laser crown introduced.
                2003: No holes case starting (late Y-series).
                2007: New certificate (plastic/credit card size) introduced (Z-series).
                Late 2007: Caliber 3186 instead of 3185 (late Z-series and the M-series).

                Available with three different bezels:
                Red/Black aka Coke (Bezel 315-16760-7)
                BLRO, Blue/Red aka Pepsi (bleu/rouge), (Bezel 315-16700-6)
                LN, Black (lunette noire), (Bezel 315-16700-1)
                Other variants:

                Ref. 16713 steel/yellow gold aka Tigerauge (Tigers Eye) (Bezel: 315-16713-5 or 315-16718-1); Oysterbracelet 78363 and 78793 (Oysterlock), Jubilébracelet 62523

                GMT Master II Tiger Eye by pcsam

                Ref. 16718 yellow gold (Bezel 315-16718-3); Oyster bracelet 7206/8 and 78798 (Oysterlock), Jubilébracelet 8386/8

                ~16710 Replica Availability / Eyecandy and Information threads~

                Modding a noob GMT II The Original and Best thread by BKLM1234

                The most accurate option at the moment is a custom build using the 16570 Explorer II replica as a base and adding on a TW best bezel assembly.

                3 GMT Masters: 1675, 16710, 116710 by sneed.12

                Making a gen style 16710 case out of a 16570 case and TW bezel assembly by BKLM1234

                Franken GMT Master II by GlennRyuen

                Gen-style 16710 with CHS, reliability update by sneed.12

                Rolex GMT Master! by Maw (lots of discussion)

                Explorer II to 16710 GMT white dial

                An older case set that is no longer in production is the BKLM1234 'Transformer' Noobfactory GMT.

                Modding GMT II by BKLM1234

                Comparative review: BK Transformer and Noob GMT/Explorer Hybrid by sneed.12

                GMT Master II Ceramic

                ~116710 LN~

                40mm as per genuine
                Solid mid link bracelet with SEL
                Real Ceramic bezel insert
                24 click Bi-Directional bezel
                Incorrect Hand Stack
                Sapphire crystal with no AR cyclops

                ~116713 LN~

                40mm as per genuine
                Two tone 18k plated
                Solid mid link bracelet with SEL
                Real Ceramic bezel insert
                24 click Bi-Directional bezel
                Incorrect Hand Stack
                Sapphire crystal with no AR cyclops

                ~116718 LN~

                40mm as per genuine
                Full gold 18k plated
                Solid mid link bracelet with SEL
                Real Ceramic bezel insert
                24 click Bi-Directional bezel
                Incorrect Hand Stack
                Sapphire crystal with no AR cyclops

                40mm as per genuine
                Full gold 18k plated
                Solid mid link bracelet with SEL
                Real Ceramic bezel insert
                24 click Bi-Directional bezel
                Incorrect Hand Stack
                Sapphire crystal with no AR cyclops

                ~Bi-colour ceramic bezels~

                Up until Basel World 2013 the bi-colour GMT Master was a fantasy piece imagined by the rep makers. This is now a reality but probably not what everyone was expecting. Up for release at some point soon is the 116710BLNR;

                New GMT master from 2013 Basel by hurk

                ~Serti Dials / Diamond Bezels / Pro-Hunter~

                Rolex offers a large amount of extra options as standard. Diamond dial markers, diamond bezel inserts, jewel encrusted bracelets and cases. There are so many options, far too many to list here.

                Another customising house for Rolex is Pre-Hunter. Usually focusing on PVD / DLC coating and customisation of dials, inserts, hands etc.

                ~Eyecandy / Modification and Reference threads~

                pilworx 116710LN GEN BEZEL BUILD by Pilworx

                Gen bezel and crystal GMT IIc by sneed.12

                116710 GMT II Mods by Goin6633

                DIY The pilworx Penultimate Platinumizing Procedure

                Reviewing Puretime GMT-Master II 116710 LN with Correct Hand Stack by miamiboy

                GEN Rolex GMT Master II ceramic vs noob rep by watchfaker

                Rolex GMT II C V2 and V3 comparison by guru

                My new GMTc Coke! by Ruprekt

                RLX GMT MASTER II CERAMIC BEZEL REF 116710 vs GEN!!! by Precious Time

                Ceramic gold bezel too yellow by dmacnz

                GMT-Master II 116710 LN with Correct Hand Stack by rarebear

                Picked up my first gens - 116710 and 116520 by watchfaker

                New GMTIIc V3 - Review by seifert

                Review of ROLEX GMT Master II 116710 Ceramic ETA 2836-2 ICHS by By-Tor

                Rolex GMT MASTER II 116713 Modded by ryanwayer

                116718 incoming from Lay - please input by thisismynick

                Piece of Junk or desirable beauty? (116718) by donaldejose

                Contributers to this WIKI:

                I would like to thank the following people for contacting me and adding to this WIKI page.


                TitleistRolex: my question wasn't to ask "Hey QueDick can you tell any flaws of this watch or that watch?!"
                I’ll give you my cell and FaceTime me and I’ll show you wealth you petty lil child




                  *Picture credit AskMeAgain*


                  Most people believe that the Explorer I was launched by Rolex for commemorating the Everest expedition and that this watch was with British explorer team consisting of Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay etc on 29th, May of 1953, achieving a great task of human being climbing. This story is definitely magic and attractive, but it still has a certain distance to the real fact. Rolex indeed had supported Himalayan expedition since 1933, and later in Everest expeditions, Rolex had been always the official supporters, so Rolex supported each explorer team with its wristwatch. However, Rolex was not the only supporter: it is said that when Edmund Hillary climbed up on the top of Everest, what he wore was a watch from the British supporter Smith. But what Tenzing Norgay wore was indeed an Explorer.

                  The Explorer was based on the already existing tough and hard wearing bubbleback, which has been modified by Rolex for the more active and adventurous customer. In 1952, the references 6098 and 6150 (both using the A296 movement) were in fact the first prototypes of Explorer to be used by climbers; they were watches with white dials and leaf shaped hands and did not bear the name Explorer yet.

                  After five years production of Ref. 6610, Ref. 1016 replaced its production in 1963. Ref. 1016 is the most famous edition with the longest production in all the Explorers, until Ref. 14270 replaced it. Explorer Ref. 1016 looks like Ref. 6610 from semblance, but its movement changed to use Cal. 1560 and its water resistant increased from 50m to 100m. During the long production of 26 years, the Explorer Ref. 1016 also changed quite a lot.

                  In 1989, Ref. 14270 came to the market with surprise. Apart from remaining the name of Explorer and mercedes hands, the conception of Ref. 14270 was completely different from Ref. 1016: the movement is Cal. 3000 with higher frequency, the crystal is sapphire, the case is designed again and the dial changes quite a lot. Such a change definitely makes the style of 14270 have a feeling of elegance and modern, but the pure sports and explorer style of Ref. 1016 actually made most watch lovers hard to forget. In 2001, the reference 114270 replaced 14270 to use Cal. 3130. The Explorer I - 214270 was debuted at Baselworld 2010 and increased the size from 36mm to 39mm with the Cal. 3132 movement.


                  Rolex WIKI page - All the basics

                  Please see the above link for information on the current movements found in Explorer I and II replicas.

                  21j DG2813
                  Asian Clone 2836
                  ETA 2836
                  Asian Clone 2824
                  ETA 2824

                  Rolex Explorer I

                  ~Differences between the 14270 and the 114270~

                  1. I know they have different movements: Pro's and con's of each?

                  Both the Cal. 3000 (27 jewels - 14270) and the Cal. 3130 (31 jewels - 114270) are excellent movements.

                  2. Different bracelets.

                  Both retain the same clasp, but the 114270 gained SEL links on the bracelet.

                  3. Were the only changes to the 114270s the ones that have come w/in the last year, w/ "Rolex" repeated inside the bezel, et cetera?

                  Yes, the Explorer got the RBR (Rolex Branded Rehaut) recently. Besides that, no other changes were introduced.

                  4. Older 14270s use tritium for illumination: Was this the case w/ all 14270 models? Did all 14270 models have illuminated 3, 6, 9, and triangle markers? if not, when did this change?

                  The change from Tritium to SuperLuminova happened around 1998. All Explorers with WG markers would have NON glowing 3, 6 and 9 markers. The numbers LOOK as if they are filled out with SuperLuminova / Tritium (depending on serial number), but in fact they don't glow. The triangle does glow in the night, though.

                  Gen lume shot (Super Luminova)


                  THE ROLEX EXPLORER - REF. 14270 by Walt Odets

                  36mm as per gen
                  Twinlock crown
                  Fliplock bracelet clasp
                  Hollow mid-link bracelet
                  Hollow End Links
                  Sapphire Crystal



                  Rolex Explorer Ref 114270 by Jocke

                  36mm as per gen
                  Twinlock crown
                  Fliplock bracelet clasp
                  Hollow mid-link bracelet
                  SEL (correct for model)
                  Sapphire crystal

                  Note: the watch below on Puretime site is mis-labelled, it should be a 114270.

                  *Picture credit*

                  Example Rolex Explorer I - 114270 - Clone 2824

                  Example Rolex Explorer I - 112470 - Clone 2836

                  Intrepid modder greg325i has discovered that you can add a Clarks 295 sapphire crystal to the Explorer I - 114270. This involves adding a new gasket but I think we would all agree that the crystal is not only nicer in profile but no longer has the over sized LEC.

                  Clarks crystal into 36mm 114270 Exp-I (success!) by greg325i


                  39mm as per gen
                  Twinlock crown
                  Oysterlock Safety Clasp (same as GMT II and Explorer II)
                  Solid mid link bracelet
                  Sapphire Crystal
                  Blue Luminova


                  Incorrect Submariner Glidelock clasp
                  Incorrect Green Lume

                  Rolex Explorer I - 214270 - V1


                  Incorrect Submariner Glidelock clasp
                  Incorrect Green Lume
                  Incorrect Maxi Minute hand

                  Rolex Explorer I - 214270 - V2


                  Incorrect Submariner Glidelock clasp
                  Incorrect Maxi Minute hand

                  The V3 is currently the best of the Explorer I - 214270 reps. But it needs some mods to bring it further in line with the genuine watch. The handset is currently incorrect. The genuine watch has a slightly smaller minute hand, and the dial is matte and not gloss as per the rep. As far as I know the V3 still comes with the incorrect Submariner (116610 Ceramic) Glidelock bracelet clasp, as opposed to the Easylink clasp. With these three mods you can have a very close to genuine watch.

                  Rolex Explorer I - 214270 - V3

                  *Picture credit*

                  ~Reviews and Eye-Candy threads~

                  Explorer 36mm from Trevor by Khanage

                  Explorer 1 36mm from Trevor by dznrguy

                  Questions about building a franken Explorer 14270 by Druss

                  Rolex Explorer I 39mm Review "Ultimate" A3131 Clone by airking

                  Rolex Explorer I 114270 (36mm) by j62a (French sub-section)

                  *Picture credit AskMeAgain*


                  Rolex Explorer II 216570 challenge FDOMADONALDOG

                  The Rolex Explorer II – sometimes referred to as the ‘Steve McQueen’ Rolex, despite the fact he never wore one – is one of the best examples of an unpopular watch becoming a highly sought-after collector’s item.

                  Introduced in 1971, the Explorer II was an addition to the Explorer model released in 1953, and intended as a tool watch for cave explorers. This first Explorer II watch, ref.1655, featured an extra hour hand (in a bright orange color) for a 24-hour notation. This is an important feature to cave explorers who may become easily disoriented after long periods underground.

                  During the entire production period of the ref.1655 Explorer II watch, Rolex only changed small details of the watch. Besides the different bracelets Rolex used during the 1970s (riveted, folded and later on, solid) the second hand went from a straight shaped ‘needle’ to a hand with two circles, one on the long end and one on the short end. The color of the 24 hour hand changed from orange to red-orange and the font on the dial had minor differences on later models.

                  The movement inside the Explorer II was identical to the movement used in the GMT-Master models, also featuring a 24 hour hand. Caliber 1570 and 1575 movements were used for the entire line-up of ref.1655 Explorer II watches.

                  The ref.1655 Explorer II was a watch that didn’t sell very well in the early years. Just like the Milgauss and Daytona, jewelers sometimes had them in stock for years and nobody would buy them. The ref.1655 Explorer II is now one of the most collectible Rolex models, fetching impressive bids during auctions.

                  It wasn’t until 1984 that Rolex introduced a new Explorer II, ref.16550. Changes included the sapphire crystal, a caliber 3085 movement – with a double bridge – and a white dial in addition to the black dial model. The shape of the hands changed drastically as well, especially the 24 hour indicator which changed from a small red-orange arrow shaped hand to a long and sleek designed red 24 hour hand with a white arrow at the end.

                  This model, ref.16550, in combination with its white dial, had some issues with the white paint which faded to a more creamish color. The black models encountered problems as well, showing cracks in the glossy finish. Some owners had this faulty dial replaced by a Rolex Service Center. Those who didn’t are now owner of the so-called and highly sought after cream-dial Explorers or – in case of the black dial models – spider-web dial Explorers. The ref.16550 is also occasionally referred to as a transitional model, as the new reference 16570 was introduced in 1989. For Rolex in particular, 4-5 years is a very short production time for watches.

                  The Explorer II ref.16570, featuring a newer type of movement (caliber 3185) had – aside from the bracelet – only one major optical change from its predecessor, the use of black hour marker rings and hands on the white dial version. The cream-dial model had white gold hour markers and hands, just like the Submariner and GMT-Master for example. It is said that beneath the black paint, the hour markers and hands are still white gold.

                  For information on how to use the GMT function of the Explorer II please read the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Rolex WIKI Page - All the basics


                  Twinlock crown
                  Hollow mid link oyster bracelet
                  Smaller Flip-lock clasp
                  Sapphire Crystal
                  Green lume (Tritium on earlier models)

                  One of the original best Explorer II's were manufactured by the Noobfactory. These are well remembered for their ability to take genuine size dials. See this review from 2010 LINK. Unfortunately for some reason they stopped making this model and subsequently they became quite rare and only available through member sales.

                  As a result of their ability to take genuine parts they were the perfect base to build a franken watch. See Sneed.12's build with a genuine dial here LINK and By-Tor's review of his gen dial build here LINK.

                  Thankfully this year was a new release from Hublot V6 factory (CITATION NEEDED). This is the best Explorer II on the market currently and is available from all dealers. This is superlume from factory and very high quality. Unfortunately there is an issue with the 12 marker on the dial, this is slightly off-centre.

                  This watch is also available from BKLM1234 in his section: LINK.

                  This base watch is also able to be used to create a very accurate GMT 16710. You can see how BKLM1234 created this transformation here: Making a gen style 16710 case out of a 16570 case and TW bezel assembly.

                  *Picture credit*

                  Example Rolex Explorer II - 16570 - Superlume - White Dial

                  *Picture credit*

                  Example Rolex Explorer II - 16570 - Superlume - Black Dial


                  42mm as per gen
                  Larger 7mm Twinlock crown (confirmed on rep)
                  Solid mid link bracelet with SELs
                  Blue lume
                  Sapphire crystal with AR cyclops

                  *Picture credit*

                  Example Rolex Explorer II 42mm - 216570 - White Dial

                  42mm as per gen
                  Larger 7mm Twinlock crown
                  Solid mid link bracelet with SELs
                  Blue lume
                  Sapphire crystal with AR cyclops

                  *Picture credit*

                  Example Rolex Explorer II 42mm - 216570 - Black Dial

                  Update 08/05/2013 - Noob factory Explorer II

                  This update has been a little time in coming just due to real life commitments. The Noob Factory released the best Explorer II to date with a lot of upgrades over the previous versions;

                  -Superlume dial and hands
                  -Double AR crystal cyclops
                  -2mm springbars
                  -Updated and very good looking LEC
                  -Perfectly aligned rehaut engraving
                  -Running serial numbers on rehaut

                  To me this is now one of the best Rolex reps out there. The black dial on this model should be matte [need confirmation], so for replication purposes the white dial should be the more accurate.

                  Explorer II 42mm 216570 1:1 Noob Best Edition Black Dial

                  Explorer II 42mm 216570 1:1 Noob Best Edition White Dial

                  Noob Explorer II 42 White - Best Rollie Rep So Far? by pjsayer

                  ~Reviews and Eye-Candy threads~

                  ROLEX EXPLORER2 42mm WHITE REVIEW noob newest !! HIGH RES PICS !! by 1kenny1kenny1

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                  NOOB Explorer II White Essential Mods by commanderbond

                  TitleistRolex: my question wasn't to ask "Hey QueDick can you tell any flaws of this watch or that watch?!"
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                    The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss is a highly collectible model introduced by Rolex in 1956 with the model number 6451. The Milgauss was designed as an antimagnetic watch specifically for those who worked in power plants, medical facilities and research labs (like those in Geneva) where electromagnetic fields can cause havoc with the timing of a watch. The current model Milgauss is equipped with amagnetic alloy (Parachrom-Blu) hairspring and movement encased by a Faraday cage. The name Milgauss is derived from the Latin mille, which means one-thousand, and gauss, the unit of a magnetic field. This model is so named because it can withstand a magnetic flux density of 1,000 gauss.

                    Like the ref. 6541, the current Milgauss sports a "Faraday" cage. There is an outer and a second, inner, caseback. The outer caseback is engraved "Milgauss" (x 2) and also sports two Rolex coronets. Interestingly, the Milgauss was the first men's watch after the Sea-Dweller to sport a factory caseback engraving (some Lady Rolex watches up to the mid 1990ies had an engraving saying "Original Rolex Design"). The inner caseback is laser etched with a "B" which is the symbol for magnetic flux density.

                    Here are a couple of pictures of the Milgauss case opened, showing the inner caseback:

                    The original Milgauss was very similar to the appearance of the Rolex Submariner, with an oversized case and bezel, with the Twinlock crown, and a riveted Oyster bracelet. Although the Milgauss only went through two different models (6541, 1019) the Milgauss went through numerous configuration changes before being discontinued in 1988.

                    The Milgauss today remains a sought after model amongst Rolex collectors due to its relatively low sales and popularity during the 1960s and 70s, it has become rare in today's vintage watch market. A vintage Milgauss signed by Tiffany & Co. recently sold for over $32,000.

                    In 2007, Rolex brought back the Milgauss after nearly two decades as the model number 116400. There are currently three versions: white dial or black dial with a standard colorless sapphire crystal, and the GV (Glace Verte) or "Anniversary" model, with black dial of a slightly different design and a green-tinted sapphire crystal. The GV is the only Rolex produced with a tinted crystal. Although initially rumored to be a limited edition, the GV version is still produced nearly 3 years later.

                    The Milgauss is only available in 904L polished stainless steel, an alloy that is extremely resistant to scratches and corrosion. Aside from its resistance to magnetic fields, the Milgauss' most unusual feature is its orange lightning-bolt second hand, a unique feature in the Rolex lineup that was originally introduced with the 6541 Milgauss model.

                    In 2008, the MSRP for it was $6,200 and selling at or below retail. The MSRP for the GV was $6,575 and it was selling above retail in most situations. A short time before its release, resellers and retailers were asking as much as double retail in anticipation of the new model.


                    Rolex WIKI page - All the basics

                    Please see the above link for information on the current movements found in Milguass replicas.

                    21j DG2813
                    Asian Clone 2836
                    Asian Superclone 2836
                    ETA 2836
                    Sellita SW240

                    As a note on movements: The 21j movement should be avoided for this model. The extra weight of the large lightning shaped seconds hand causes extra strain on the 21j movement. This causes the hand to stutter and even fail on occasion. As a result this movement is NOT recommended for this watch.


                    40mm as per gen
                    7mm Twinlock crown
                    Solid Mid link bracelet with SEL
                    Easylink clasp
                    Sapphire Crystal

                    *Picture credit*

                    Example Rolex Milgauss - 116400 - Black Dial

                    *Picture credit*

                    Example Rolex Milgauss - 116400 - White Dial

                    ~116400 GV~

                    The Milgauss GV is a special edition of the Milguass which has a very distinguishing feature; the Green Sapphire crystal. This is a Rolex exclusive. There is apparently only one company in the world that can make the Green Sapphire crystal and Rolex has the exclusive rights for its use in this model.

                    The letters "GV" in the model reference "116400GV" stand for "glace verte" which refers to the green edge of the crystal. Depending on angle and light conditions, the green edged glass varies from being hardly noticeable to glowing up in a vivid green.

                    Here it's caught in the sun:

                    And here in the shade:

                    It is worth noting that the Milgauss GV does NOT sport the laser etched coronet at 6 in the crystal. It has been said that the laser etched coronet would be too obvious due to the green edged crystal. Other reports state that the laser etched coronet would simply be distorted due to the green crystal. The other two Milgauss models (both named "116400", too, but without the GV nomenclature) both sport the laser etched coronet:

                    Apart from the green edged crystal, what identifies the Milgauss GV is the special dial.. The indices at 3, 6 and 9 are orange coloured and ever so slightly broader than the other (white) markers. Finally, only the Milgauss GV sports orange numbers at the end of every markers (on the "ordinary", black faced Milgauss, there are orange squares at the end of the markers). The third version has all-orange markers and - like the GV - orange numbers at the end of the indices.

                    Genuine Milguass GV Lume shot:

                    40mm as per gen
                    7mm Twinlock crown
                    Solid Mid link bracelet with SEL
                    Easylink clasp
                    Sapphire Crystal with Green AR coating and green gasket

                    Note on the Replica GV crystal: The true green crystal is almost impossible to replicate. In place of this the factories have given the crystal a green Anti-Reflective coating as well as a green crystal gasket in an attempt to re-create this effect. Out of the three Milguass replicas this makes the GV the most innacurate.

                    Some people have attempted to colour the edge of the crystal to make it appear more accurate.

                    My custom mod to the 116400 GV crystal... by josf1

                    Adding a genuine crystal is also possible. See page two for pictures.

                    Gen crystal on Milgauss GV ? by danielv2000

                    *Picture credit*

                    Example Rolex Milgauss GV- 116400GV - Black Dial / Green Crystal

                    ~Reviews and Eye-Candy threads~

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                    Is Milgause the best bet to pass off as gen? by Omega88

                    Milgauss review and photoshoot (pictorial monster) by MurkleMark

                    Milgauss factory vs. Noobfactory by Donaldejose

                    Contributers to this WIKI:

                    I would like to thank the following people for contacting me and adding to this WIKI page.


                    TitleistRolex: my question wasn't to ask "Hey QueDick can you tell any flaws of this watch or that watch?!"
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                      *Picture credit AskMeAgain*

                      ~ History ~

                      The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust is an officially certified, self-winding chronometer wristwatch manufactured by Rolex. When it was launched in 1945, the Datejust was the first wristwatch with a date function. The Datejust is offered with two classic Rolex bracelets: the jubilee and the oyster. The original Datejust was launched with a bezel size of 36mm. Later, however, ladies and mid-sized versions became available. The Turn-o-Graph model was introduced in 1955 as an award given to US Air Force pilots returning from combat missions. It featured a rotating bezel marked to 60 minutes, which can be used to measure time intervals. Datejusts of this type have been nicknamed "Thunderbirds". Chuck Yeager wore one of these models when he broke the sound barrier. This would be the basis for the Rolex Explorer (designed for Sir Edmund Hilary's Mount Everest expedition), the Rolex Submariner, and the Rolex Sea Dweller.

                      The standard men's Datejust is available in steel; steel with white, yellow or everose gold; or yellow gold.
                      In 2009, the Oyster Perpetual Datejust II was released. Its case is bigger than the standard Datejust and it also features an updated movement. The men's size is 41mm diameter and it is presently only available in steel with white, yellow or rose gold on an Oyster bracelet.

                      ~ Ladies Date-Just 79174 ~

                      Pictorial Review: Ladies Datejust 79174 Build - Warning! Many Facts and Pictures by justloungin

                      DateJust Turn-o-Graph

                      ~ 116264 ~

                      21j / Clone 2836 / Swiss ETA available

                      *Picture credit, PerfectClones*

                      Example DateJust Turn-O-Graph 116254 - White dial / Red datewheel

                      Example DateJust Turn-O-Graph 116254 - Black dial / Red datewheel

                      Example DateJust Turn-O-Graph 116254 - Blue dial / Red datewheel
                      Open this link twice in order for it to work.

                      ~ 116263 ~

                      36mm as per Genuine
                      14k Wrapped Bracelets available
                      18k Plated available (more common)
                      Existence of Silver dial unconfirmed

                      *Picture credit PerfectClones*

                      Example DateJust Turn-O-Graph 116263 - Black dial / Two Tone

                      Example DateJust Turn-O-Graph 116263 - Gold dial / Two Tone
                      Open this link twice in order for it to work.

                      ~ 116261 ~

                      38mm (36mm unconfirmed)
                      14k Wrapped Bracelets available
                      18k Plated available (more common)
                      Existence of Silver dial unconfirmed

                      *Picture credit Perfectclones*

                      Example DateJust Turn-O-Graph 116261 - White dial / Two Tone / Rose Gold

                      Example DateJust Turn-O-Graph 116261 - Black dial / Two Tone / Rose Gold

                      Rolex DateJust I

                      ~ 116200 ~

                      26-36mm Available
                      21j / Clone 2836 / Swiss ETA available
                      Stainless Steel

                      *Picture credit*

                      Example DateJust I - 116200 - Silver Dial / Stick markers

                      Example DateJust I - 116200 - Silver Dial / Stick markers / Concentric pattern

                      Example DateJust I - 116200 - White dial / Roman Numerals

                      ~ 116234 ~

                      26-36mm Available
                      21j / Clone 2836 / Swiss ETA available
                      Stainless Steel

                      *Picture credit*

                      Example DateJust I - 116234 - Black Dial / Stick Markers

                      Example DateJust I - 116234 - Blue Dial / Diamond Markers / Computer Dial

                      Example DateJust I - 116234 - Silver Dial / Roman Numerals

                      ~ 116233 ~ 116203 ~

                      26-36mm Available
                      21j / Clone 2836 / Swiss ETA available
                      Stainless Steel / 18k plating / 14 Wrapped bracelet

                      *Picture credit*

                      Example DateJust I - 116233 - Silver dial / Baton Markers

                      Example DateJust I - 116203 - Grey sunburst dial / Roman Numerals

                      Example DateJust I - 116233 - Champagne Dial / Diamond markers

                      ~ 116201 ~ 116231 ~

                      26-36mm Available
                      21j / Clone 2836 / Swiss ETA available
                      Stainless Steel / 18k plating / 14k Wrapped bracelet
                      Availability of 116201 Pink Etched dial unconfirmed

                      *Picture credit*

                      Example DateJust I - 116201 - Black Dial / Arabic Numbers / Rose Gold

                      Example DateJust I - 116231 - White dial / Roman numerals / Rose Gold

                      ~ 116238 ~

                      26-36mm Available
                      21j / Clone 2836 / Swiss ETA available
                      Stainless Steel / 18k plating

                      *Picture credit*

                      Example DateJust I - 116238 - White dial / Stick markers / Full gold

                      Example DateJust I - 116238 - Mother of Pearl dial / Diamond markers / full gold

                      ~ 116138 ~

                      21j Available
                      18k plated Stainless Steel
                      Availability of white and black dials unknown.

                      *Picture credit*

                      Example DateJust I - 116138 - Brown Dial / Arabic numbers / gold plated

                      ~ 116139 ~

                      21j available
                      Silver dial unconfirmed

                      *Picture credit*

                      Example DateJust I - 116139 - Silver Dial / Blue Arabic numbers

                      Example DateJust I - 116139 - Blue Dial / Stick Markers

                      Rolex Date-Just II

                      To be completed.

                      ~ DateJust Reviews / Eye candy and Wristshots~

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                      External Reference Links

                      History of the Rolex Datejust

                      Contributers to this WIKI:

                      I would like to thank the following people for contacting me and adding to this WIKI page.


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                        *Picture credit AskMeAgain*

                        ~ History~

                        The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date is a COSC certified, self-winding chronometer manufactured by Rolex. Initially presented in 1956, the Day-Date was the first watch to display the date, as well as the day, in its entirety. The Day-Date is one of Rolex's watches that is exclusively offered only in solid 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, 18k rose gold and platinum. Additionally Rolex manufactures a specific bracelet only available for the Day-Date line, the President bracelet.

                        ~ Movements ~

                        Rolex WIKI page - All the basics

                        Please see the above link for more information on the current movements used in Day-Date and Datejust replicas.

                        21j DG2813
                        21j DG2812
                        Asian Clone 2836
                        ETA 2836

                        Rolex Day-Date I

                        ~ 118208 / 118238 ~

                        36mm as per gen
                        Clone/ETA 2836 or 21j movements
                        18k Gold Plated
                        Multiple variations or bracelet/bezel/dial available

                        *Picture credit*

                        Example Day-Date I - 118208 Black Dial / Stick markers

                        Example Day-Date I - 118238 White Dial / Roman Numerals

                        Example Day-Date I - 118238 Champagne Dial / Stick markers

                        ~ 118239 ~ 118209 ~ 118339 ~

                        36mm as per gen
                        Clone/ETA 2836 or 21j movements
                        Stainless Steel case and bracelet
                        Multiple variations or bracelet/bezel/dial available
                        Existence of exact 118339 replica unconfirmed

                        *Picture credit*

                        Example Day-Date I - 118239 Black Dial / Diamond Markers

                        Example Day-Date I - 118209 Blue Wave Dial / Arabic Markers

                        Example Day-Date I - 118339 Silver Dial (No diamonds)

                        ~ 118205 ~

                        36mm as per gen
                        Clone/ETA 2836 unconfirmed
                        21j Available
                        Rose Gold plated case
                        Multiple variations of bracelet/bezel/dial available
                        Existence of Black / White dial variations unconfirmed

                        *Picture credit*

                        Example Day-Date I - 118205 Champagne Dial / Diamond Markers

                        ~ 118206 ~ 118296 ~

                        36mm as per gen
                        Clone/ETA 2836 / 21j Available
                        Multiple variations of bracelet/bezel/dial available

                        *Picture credit*

                        Example Day-Date I - 118206 Blue Dial / Roman Numerals

                        Example Day-Date I - 118296 Blue Wave Dial

                        Rolex Day-Date II

                        ~ 218238 ~

                        41mm as per Genuine
                        Available 21j - ETA/Clone - Clone 3156 movement
                        DLC coated 18k plating (claimed better than standard plating)
                        218238 available in Rose Gold 18k / Yellow Gold unconfirmed

                        *Picture credit*

                        Example Day-Date II - 218238 Gold Dial / Roman Numerals / 18k DLC Gold plated

                        Example Day-Date II - 218238 White Dial / Roman Numerals / 18k DLC Gold plating

                        Example Day-Date II - 218238 - White Dial / Arabic Numerals / Concentric Dial / ROSE GOLD

                        ~ 218239 ~

                        41mm As per Geniune
                        Available 21j - ETA/Clone - Clone 3156 movement
                        Stainless Steel case

                        *Picture credit*

                        Example Day-Date II - 218239 - Silver Dial / Diamond Markers

                        Example Day-Date II - 218239 - Brown Dial - Roman Numerals

                        Example Day-Date II - 218239 - Black Dial / Roman Numerals

                        ~ 218235 ~

                        41mm As per Genuine
                        Available 21j - ETA/Clone movement
                        Stainless steel case w/ Rose Gold plating
                        218235 Pink set with Diamonds unconfirmed

                        *Picture credit*

                        Example Day-Date II - 218235 - Chocolate Dial / Roman Numerals / Rose Gold plated

                        Example Day-Date II - 218235 - White Dial / Roman Numerals / Rose Gold plated

                        ~ 218206 ~

                        41mm As per Genuine
                        Available 21j - ETA/Clone movement
                        Stainless steel case
                        Exact Black Concentric dial unconfirmed
                        Exact Blue dial/hands dial unconfirmed
                        Exact Blue dial/diamond numerals unconfirmed

                        *Picture credit*

                        Example Day-Date II - 218206 - Black Concentric dial variation

                        Example Day-Date II - 218206 - Blue Concentric dial / blue hands

                        ~ Day-Date Reviews / Eye candy and Wristshots~

                        Rolex DayDate II - all black version 218206- Review by Member X

                        Day-Date Platinum with special dial review by DeeKa

                        Rose Gold Rolex Day Date II Diamond Dial pics and vid by Saras

                        Tuxedo Watch? by Donaldejose

                        Daydate II wave dial from Replicamake (pics) by tbonner1

                        Gold Day Date Presidential by BMW760

                        Review of ROLEX Day-Date "President" ETA 2836-2 by By-Tor

                        TitleistRolex: my question wasn't to ask "Hey QueDick can you tell any flaws of this watch or that watch?!"
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                          ~ 116660 - Deep Sea SeaDweller (DSSD) ~

                          Before you read any further in this thread regarding the DSSD you need to visit the DarthAlex 116600 DSSD MegaThread. This should be your first stop for any information you want and has been a sticky in the Rolex section for a long time and has almost 12,000 views!

                          RWI DeepSea 116660 Mega Thread - Gen info and teardown plus rep comparisons

                          "Official DSSD Club"

                          ~ History ~

                          In the 1950's, Rolex carried out rigorous testing of an experimental dive watch, called "Deep Sea Special". In August 1953, the Deep Sea Special descended to 1,080 meters (approximately 3,543 ft), then to 3,150 meters (approximately 10,334 ft) later the same year, finally reaching 3,700 meters (approximately 12,138 ft) in 1956. in 1960, using the knowledge gained from the making of the first two models, the third Deep Sea Special was created to withstand the most extreme conditions. This was the watch that, strapped to the Bathyscaphe Trieste, was found to be in perfect working order after having reached the Challenger Deep portion of the Mariana Trench at 10,916 meters (35,813 ft) below the surface of the sea.

                          In 1960, the US Navy's experimental bathyscaphe, The Triest, successfully descended in to the Mariana Trench, the deepest know depression on the Earth's surface. With Lieutenant Don Walsh (USN) at the helm, accompanied by Jacques Piccard, the Trieste accomplished a feat so incredible that it forever set the bar for deep sea exploration. Emerging from 10,916 meters (37,800 ft), the bathyscape was in perfect working order - as was the Rolex Deep Sea Special experimental watch that had been attached to the outside during the historic dive. A performance that would cement Rolex's place in history as the maker of the most reliant and reliable watch ever.

                          ~ Replica Availability ~

                          The DSSD has been through at least 7 different versions, each bringing different upgrades. The two current versions (V6.1 and V7 according to dealers) are both still available. The V6 currently has the best case set but the V7 has the best dial markers. You can see the difference between the two dials here; V6.1 dial on the left, V7 dial on the right. As you can see the silver rim around the markers on the V7 are much thinner than on the V6.1. This has lead a number of people to source the V7 dial and transplant the markers over into the better case/dial combination.

                          DSSD V7 dial print quality? by Ruprekt

                          *Picture credit*

                          ~ DSSD 116660 V6.1 - Noobfactory ~

                          Example DSSD V6.1 Noobfactory - Asian 2836 movement

                          bklm1234 also offers a modified Noobfactory DSSD.
                          This is a stock noobfactory DSSD (V6.1?) with his usual modifications, excellent QC, datewheel overlay upgrade and guaranteed Swiss Movement.

                          The New Rolex DSSD V6 from PureTime: Best DSSD? by bklm1234

                          Product Offering: Noobfactory DSSD by bklm1234

                          ~ DSSD 116660 V7 - unknown factory ~

                          Example DSSD 116660 V7 - Asian 2836

                          ~ DSSD 116660 BP factory ~

                          This is a maker that has pretty much come out of nowhere. Known for creating the IWC Big Pilot range of watches it appears they are now making strides into Noobfactory territory. So far I have seen the 116660, the 116610 LN and LB from this maker. Some highlights are really excellent pearl construction (and centered as well!), AR on the cyclops, perfect lume markers on the dial and excellent end link fitment.

                          newest DSSD, updated...superlumed.. alot of pics by sead1999

                          New version DSSD? by Mike116

                          ~ Eyecandy, Reviews and information ~

                          My ultimate DSSD build, finally on it's way to me! by blue rocket

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                          Noob V7 Swiss Eta. What modding is right ? by Debellum

                          Genuine Rolex DSSD box vs Puretime Box (Loads of images and details) by DarthAlex

                          ~ Modification Threads ~

                          The ULTIMATE DeepSea Franken "The DSPB" - finally complete by Blue Rocket

                          Ring Lock Text Paint Mod by mch2112

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                          The pilworx Penultimate Platinumizing Procedure by Pilworx

                          116610LN - Custom Building the Ultimate Ceramic Sub by DarthAlex (contains best pearl mod)

                          ~ Deep Sea Challenge ~

                          The Deep Sea Challenge watch is essentially a DSSD on steroids. Manufactured specifically for the Deep Sea Challenge expedition set up by National Geographic.

                          ROLEX DEEP-SEA HISTORY


                          This is now available as a replica possibly more for novelty purposes (seeing as there is only a handful made and is stupidly large!)

                          Example Rolex Deep Sea Challenger

                          ~ Deep Sea Challenge threads ~

                          Bigger IS better: SubC vs. DSSD vs. DSC by Strodda

                          Deep Sea Challenge is out... by Londongeorge87

                          New Rolex Deep Sea Challenge by iamthestig

                          New Rolex Deep Sea Challenge by Panera

                          What is James Cameron's diving watch ? by Katt

                          Rolex Deepsea Challenge - Relumed and on black Bronzy leather

                          ~ The DarthAlex Threads ~

                          Due to the high amount of awesome threads by DarthAlex in regards to the DSSD I thought it best to include them all (again) as a single list so folk can get to them quickly if needed.

                          RWI DeepSea 116660 Mega Thread - Gen info and teardown plus rep comparisons

                          Genuine Rolex DSSD box vs Puretime Box (Loads of images and details)

                          BKLM DSSD - Up close and personal (aka Darth Alex's Review - porn included)

                          And also applicable to the DSSD

                          16610LN - Custom Building the Ultimate Ceramic Sub

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                            ~ Rolex SeaDweller ~

                            ~ History ~

                            A brief history of Sea Dweller (No photos) by Debellum

                            During the 1960s, the needs of professional divers working at great depths led to the development of the first 'ultra water resistant' tool watches designed for conducting safe diving operations at 300 m+ (1,000 ft+) depths. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller Submariner 2000 (2000 ft = 610 m) that became available in 1967 was developed from the Submariner for the Comex S.A. industrial deep-sea diving company by increasing crystal thickness and was produced in several variations. It had a depth rating of 610 metres (2,000 ft) and its Rolex reference number was 1665.

                            Most Sea-Dweller watches incorporate a helium escape valve for saturation diving. Early Sea-Dwellers did not always have the helium escape valve. The model is also distinguished by the absence of the date magnifier ("cyclops") present on most other Rolex models. The Sea-Dweller diving watch range has been standard issue for Comex divers since 1977. The Sea-Dweller Submariner 2000 watches had 2 red text lines on the watch dial which led to an unofficial "Double Red" designation under watch collectors for these watches.

                            The Sea-Dweller Submariner 2000 models were succeeded by the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller 4000 (4000 ft = 1220 m) model with an increased depth rating to 1,220 metres (4,000 ft). The last Comex Sea-Dweller 4000 Rolex reference number is 16600 and this watch was issued to Comex divers since 1992. Several semi custom production runs of Sea-Dweller Submariner 2000 and 4000 models were produced with and without helium escape valves and differing watch dial patterns for the Comex S.A. company. These variants sometimes also had differing Rolex reference numbers. Some of these non standard Sea-Dweller watches had the Comex S.A. logo depicted on the watch dail which led to an unofficial "COMEX watches" designation under watch collectors for these watches. These watches were either issued to actual Comex staff members or served as gifts for business relations.

                            At the BaselWorld watch and jewellery show 2008, Rolex introduced an updated Sea-Dweller model, named the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA. Its reference number is 116660. With an official depth rating of 3,900 metres (12,800 ft), the Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA represented in its launch year the most water resistant mechanical watch in serial production. For obtaining this official depth rating the Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA water resistance is tested to a depth of 4,875 metres (15,994 ft) to offer the 25% safety reserve required by the ISO 6425 divers' watches standard. To test the water resistance of the Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA, Rolex uses testing equipment developed for them by Comex.[6] Normal surface air filled watch cases and crystals designed for extreme depths must be dimensionally large to cope with the encountered water pressure. To obtain its water resistance the Rolex Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA watch case has a diameter of 44.0 mm (1.73 in) mm, thickness of 17.7 mm (0.70 in) (domed crystal thickness 5.5 mm (0.22 in)) and the case and bracelet weigh 220 g.


                            Rolex WIKI page - All the basics

                            Please see the above link for information on the current movements found in Seadweller and DSSD replicas.

                            21j DG2813
                            Asian Clone 2836
                            Asian Clone 2836 "Superclone"
                            Swiss ETA 2836
                            Swiss Sellita 240 (26J)
                            ETA 3135 (A3135)

                            ~ Interesting Rolex Sea-Dweller Facts ~

                            The Rolex Sea-Dweller is the only model of Rolex with a date, but without the date magnifier. The date magnifier often referred to as the bubble!

                            The Sea-Dweller is the only Rolex with writing on the caseback. It says “ROLEX OYSTER†and “ORIGINAL ESCAPE VALVEâ€.

                            The additional thickness of the Sea-Dweller’s case beyond that of the Submariner is to accommodate the helium escape valve.

                            The bulbous shape of the hour hand which Rolex uses on many of their sport models allows it to be seen while directly under the minute hand. This may seem like an unnecessary detail, but it’s actually a great, widely copied, and under appreciated design. It also makes the hour hand more easily distinguishable in low light.

                            Rolex is one of the few remaining Swiss watchmakers who still makes their own movements. Most brands purchase either movements, or movement kits, from companies like ETA. Rolex, however, designs and builds everything but a few oils themselves.

                            Rolex is a privately held company which donates a great deal of it’s profits to charity.

                            Rolex Sea-Dweller has never had any marking or engraving in the inner ring of the watch.

                            ~ 16660 / Tripple Six ~

                            The 16660 was a transitional model for Rolex. It spans the move from the vintage 1665 to the 16600 models. Early models have matt dials from the 1665 but dials soon transitioned into the classic gloss finish with white gold luminous surrounds.

                            Brief History of the Rolex Sea Dweller 16660

                            In 1978 a new Sea-Dweller 4000 was launched – the ref. 16660. Fitted with a flat profile sapphire crystal, the 3035 movement and a larger improved gas escape valve, resulting in a depth rating of 1220 meters / 4000 feet.

                            The first couple of years the dial of the ref. 16660 had a matte black finish with flat hour markers. From around 1983 the dial had the same look as the present day Sea-Dweller 4000.

                            For reasons unknown to others than Rolex the ref. 16660 was manufactured concurrently with its successor the ref. 16600 from 1986 to 1988.

                            The ref. 16600 was introduced by the end of 1988 and was fitted with a cal. 3135 movement – the only real difference compared to its predecessor the ref. 16660.

                            16660 came with caliber: 3035 - since 1977 it was considered to be the work-horse of most men's perpetual Rolex watches. It could be found in Datejust, Submariner, Sea-Dweller & others until the introduction of caliber 3135 in 1988.

                            Sea Dweller 16660 was also the first steel Rolex to introduced solid end links. And first SD with a sapphire crystal, increasing the depth rating to 4,000 feet.

                            ~ Replica Availability ~

                            Currently there is no good out of the box 16660 replica available. Some people have built 16660 with either SSD (NoobFactory discontinued) or the new Superlume SD. This involves drilling lug holes in a fresh case and finding a matt dial or tritium look gloss dial and a new datewheel. Some folks have made a start on modding this rep but finding a machinist capable and equipped to drill accurate and fresh lug holes in a case is more difficult than sourcing the parts.

                            16660 project by dbane883 (incomplete - 11/12/2012)

                            Considering 16660 build on SSDv2. Help! by 45acp

                            ~ 16600 - Classic SeaDweller ~

                            [ ? The 4000ft Club ? ] ...for the fans of the 16600 by Spirit

                            The 16600 Sea-Dweller is a stainless steel automatic dive watch on a bracelet. It is a discontinued model, having been superseded by the 116660 Deepsea in 2008. The original Sea-Dweller (SD), was developed by Rolex and, famously, COMEX, as a higher water resistance version of the Submariner suitable for saturation diving. The 16600 was introduced in 1978.

                            The greatest visual differences between the SD and the Submariner are the lack of cyclops over the date and the automatic helium escape valve (HEV) opposite the crown. The SD is the only sports Rolex with date and no cyclops, so lack of cyclops is probably the most obvious differentiator. The HEV is also quite visible, and it is constructed from Titanium.

                            40mm As per gen
                            Triplock Crown
                            Fliplock bracelet with Diver extension
                            Solid Mid Link bracelet
                            Sapphire Crystal
                            Green Superlume

                            ~ Super SeaDweller (SSD - Noobfactory) ~

                            *Picture credit Q5?*

                            The original and best of the SeaDweller replicas. This was a run of pieces that went out of production a few years ago. Getting your hands on one requires a bit of patience and keeping an eagle eye on the sales forums. The benifits of this version over the newer version is the ability to take a genuine size dial and crystal (Also confirmed on new Superlume version).

                            SSD + gen dial build pics by sneed.12

                            TEST-SPECIAL: Replica Divers' Watches (Post of the Year) by SD4K

                            Is this the elusive SSD ? - UPDATED pics on page 3 and 4 by rsh

                            Rolex Super Sea-Dweller Review / Franken Project by Q5?

                            ~ MBW SeaDweller ~

                            Not a common model, and not one that I have seen mentioned more than once or twice. MWB was a factory that produced not very accurate replicas but they could be modded to be very good due to accepting genuine parts.

                            Last mention of MBW SeaDweller circa 2010 that I can find

                            ~ WM9 SeaDweller ~

                            This watch has never appeared from the pre-order list. Originally started in 2010 by bklm1234 via George at the WM9 factory. A lot of people lost out on money for this watch because George dissapeared.

                            SD Preorder Progress by bklm1234

                            Here's what happened to wm9 by bklm1234

                            ~ Superlume SeaDweller ~

                            *Picture credit Wiz*

                            *Picture credit Wiz*

                            This is the newest release from the factories. This features a much more accurate case set and a nice non-wokky rehaut. Back in 2011 people were shouting for a new classic SeaDweller replica. The SSD from the noobfactory had long been discontinued and only way to get one was through member sales. People even went as far as starting petitions in the Rolex forum. This is currently the top standard for SeaDweller reps.

                            The initial release was also a rather bizarre situation. You can read about the unfolding events here; It might just be here¬! SSD by Bonesey. And a brief quote from the thread.

                            All of the trusted dealers should be able to get this one for you and it is definitely a must have in any serious Rolex collectors box. Sort it out with a gen crown and a watchmaterial pearl and you have a very accurate replica.

                            *Picture credit*

                            Example Rolex SeaDweller 16600 - Asian 2836 clone movement

                            Update 08/05/2013 - Updated pearl on Superlume SeaDweller

                            Quietly released into the wild without any update from the factories is the much needed and sought after mod on the classic SeaDweller. The pearl, which is always a problem with Rolex replicas, has now been updated and seems to have a clear glass covering. With this already being a great replica out of the box it has now been made even better. This is available with a high beat 21j movement for under $200, and also with the modified A3186 and A2836 clone movements. For more information you can read through this massive thread;

                            BP Seadweller.. Best SD available Period by ebzen

                            BP factory Superlumed Sea-dweller meets TC SD bracelet [mini tutorial] by madcatlancelot

                            BPSD Hands Thread by Q5?

                            Bp sd qc note. Engraved rehaut warning by botsyboy

                            ~ Eyecandy and information ~

                            New Seadwelller versus the SSD - pictorial review by RSH

                            Ultimate Seadweller vs Genuine (PIC HEAVY) by gw4k

                            Seadweller Relume for Ted by Wiz

                            Sea Dweller on Leather by bradj

                            16600 Modded, Gen Dial, Gen Hands, Gen Crown and Tube, Gen Crystal. by tigerwoods

                            $128 Classic SD with a pearl mod....looks pretty dang good! by Pamluver80

                            TC SD Dial - Major Problem! by KBH

                            TitleistRolex: my question wasn't to ask "Hey QueDick can you tell any flaws of this watch or that watch?!"
                            I’ll give you my cell and FaceTime me and I’ll show you wealth you petty lil child



                              Rolex & Tudor Vintage Guide

                              I will say this right now; this is not an exhaustive guide to vintage Rolex models. There is massive variation on dials/bezels/case shapes etc. that is far too in depth to cover in this basic WIKI page. All this information is out there, or has been previously collected by members of this and other forums. If you wish to research further on a specific model then I wish you well. It’s a minefield out there!

                              Vintage case sets vary in price and quality and accuracy. As in all the other replicas there is no such thing as 1:1. It is up to you to decide if you think a piece is accurate enough for what you want to do. You can find cheaper 21j based models (usually inaccurate) for <$100 or go for a custom build watch in the thousands depending on the parts you use. Here are some frequently mentioned parts vendors for vintage parts. Out of all of these only YukiWatch is a supporting vendor on the forum so you are advised to research the seller or be very aware that you will receive no support from the admin if a deal goes wrong.

                              ~ “Aftermarket” parts ~

                              Seller of aftermarket dials/case sets

                              Supporting vendor on RWI; seller of aftermarket dials/case sets/hands/misc. parts. Also sells clone 3135 movement and genuine parts.

                              aka Phong; seller of high end dials/case sets/crown+tube/full build watches. Very expensive.

                              Seller of aftermarket dials/hands/case sets/crown+tube/spares and movements

                              aka Minh; aftermarket dials etc

                              Cheap alternative to sourcing parts through dealers or forums. Has both sterile and branded versions of most parts. Dials/hands/case sets etc.

                              Sells vintage tone lume as well as other lume products.

                              Athaya Watch Parts (
                              Source for 8mm Brevet crown/tube combo

                              Sells sterile case sets for use in custom builds as well as some parts/dials

                              For the below vendors please never mention replicas in any of your communications. These are legitimate sellers who will not deal with you should you intimate you are involved in anything illegal.

                              Seller of aftermarket parts; inserts and hands etc

                              eBay store selling lots of misc stuff for vintage builds, excellent aftermarket Tropic crystals

                              Vintage Rolex Market (VRM); you will get ripped off here but might be your only chance to pick up genuine or rare parts.

                              Supplier of aftermarket tubes/crystals and various watch making tools

                              Supplier of aftermarket tubes/crystals and various watch making tools

                              Parts and information guides:

                              Every single Rolex Case # and Crown Tube # by Bonesey

                              Tropic / cyclop list for all refs..... by Bonesey

                              Vintage Rolex Bracelet and Endlink Guide by Bonesey

                              Rolex Crown Reference Guide by Bonesey

                              Vintage Submariner & GMT-The Springbar "Look" Tutorial for the Modding Impaired by txrob779

                              Rolex Insert dimensions by SubJeff

                              Rolex Submariner Case Evolution by Subjeff

                              General Vintage work guides.

                              These are threads created by our very own members, myself included, in order to help you create your very own vintage piece. Many more threads can be found in the Vintage section sub-forum, or the Modifications & Repairs / Tutorials sub-sections.

                              Vintage Watches Forum Sub-section

                              Modificatons and Tutorials sub-section

                              How to age your Vintage Rolex - New and Improved! by Bonesey

                              Rolex Case Polishing to restore the SHOWROOM LOOK!! by Alvinado
                              (I used this guide when learning to re-finish case sets after re-shaping and softening)

                              Waterproof or not?: Guide to helping your reps survive water by gioarmani7428 (General guide to waterproofing your reps)

                              How to make a frankenjust by Jerkstore

                              How to swap in gen dial with feet removed? by mrnemo

                              HOW TO: Replace broken dial feet with dial stickers by Co-Axial

                              How to drill lug holes in a Rolex by Bonesey

                              Vintage lume experimenting by Wiz

                              Red 1680 Sub Vintage Project by Arkseven

                              Watch Hand Lume Tutorial I found by Bronzy

                              Turning bad Rolex 5513 COMEX rep to nice looking Rolex 5513 COMEX rep by 1kenny1kenny1

                              How to tighten your vintage rolex's bezel by ShiroTenshi

                              Converting 2846 to GMT movement for a vintage build by Bonesey

                              ~ Some commonly used case sets and their source ~

                              Disclaimer: a lot of this information is from my own experiences and from reading on the forum. If somehow the information is wrong because the supplier or dealer has changed the product then I cannot be held responsible. You will NEVER know if a product is what they say it is until you have it in your hands.


                              This is used to describe case sets sold by Andrew and Josh (aka the Cartel). They are not trusted dealers on this forum and you should be advised that in using them you are not supported by the forum admin should something go wrong. There are a few case sets that stand out as being worthwhile for vintage builds. These should be available from our own trusted dealers.

                              Cartel 5512 - Genuine bezel assembly style, plexi pearl, takes genuine size dial, has short stubby crownguards that need some serious re-working to look good (see RolexAddict build). Retaining ring will need to be modified to take genuine crystal sizes.

                              Cartel 5513 - Genuine bezel assembly style, plexi pearl, takes genuine size dial, has short stubby crownguards that need some serious re-working to look good (see RolexAddict build). Retaining ring will need to be modified to take genuine crystal sizes.

                              Cartel 1680 - Almost genuine bezel assembly, comes with plastic gasket. Nice long crownguards that provide a good base for re-shaping and modification. Takes genuine size dials. Supplied with low beat Swiss 2846 movement (vintage, not new, condition varies)

                              Cartel 1665 - Almost genuine bezel assembly, comes with plastic gasket. Nice long crownguards that provide a good base for re-shaping and modification. Takes genuine size dials. Supplied with low beat Swiss 2846 movement (vintage, not new, condition varies)


                              Only available through Narikaa from Thailand, or as part of the Member to member sales. Old school case sets might have smaller than genuine dial openings. Expensive but accurate case sets for builds. Generally takes genuine dial sizes, genuine crystals etc.


                              Angus at Puretime has several very nice vintage Rolex offerings. Unfortunately these are the last ones you should pick if you want to modify them easily. If you want something that looks good straight out of the box then these are the ones to go for. If you want to modify with aftermarket or genuine parts then I would avoid. Tubes on the 1680/1665 should take genuine crowns without modification.

                              Vintage Rolex Watches

                              Explorer I – 1016

                              The 1016 Explorer was the longest running of all the models, being in production from 1963 right through to 1989. During this period it did not, however, remain unchanged. The first model (in production from the start to around 1975) used the basic caliber 1560, but, as is the general Rolex policy, there were certain updates and modifications. The second version of the 1016 was really the second version of the 1560 caliber (now renamed 1570), because the major recognizable difference is in the movement. The "hack" feature, stops the second hand when the winding crown is pulled out to the hand setting position. By stopping the hand at the "12" position, it is possible to synchronize your time with that of a known source, a radio or telephone time signal for example.

                              Simultaneously with the movement change, Rolex introduced the new Oyster bracelet. It had links machined from solid steel, instead of the folded sheet steel of earlier bracelets. In this revised form the Explorer continued through to 1989, when, to the astonishment of the Rolex retailers, it was removed from the new catalogue.

                              You can check the below threads for building a 1016 replica. They range from the <$100 area to franken or custom pieces. The majority of good ones are custom builds using genuine DateJust case sets as they have the advantage of taking a genuine dial and also have pre-drilled lug holes.

                              Rolex 1016 Gilt Dial franken project started. by Jphendren

                              Slightly Less Expensive 1016 by jmb

                              Who Sells the Best Vintage Explorer I? by LHOOQ

                              Hont finds me a Rolex 1016 by LHOOQ

                              Vintage Explorer Redux: A 1016 Project by LHOOQ

                              Vintage Explorer Project 4: Datejust-based Franken by LHOOQ

                              Vintage Explorer Project 5: Gen 1016 by LHOOQ

                              my 1016 vintage build diary by irate03

                              My first watch disassemble (1016) by Bonesey

                              ~ Space-Dweller ~

                              The 1016 also exists with another name on the dial: "Space Dweller." The model was first introduced into the Japanese market in 1963, just after a visit to Japan by the Mercury astronauts. A trial run of Space Dwellers was made to honour these men, who were (at that time) seen as the ultimate explorers. The watch was not a major seller, either in Japan or elsewhere, and very few of the watches so signed have ever surfaced.

                              This is a very rare bird indeed as far as replicas go. There are no ‘off the shelf’ replicas of the Space Dweller available. Your only option is to go for a custom build. On top of that there is also no good off the shelf 1016 replicas to use as a base watch. This is primarily due to almost all 1016 Explorer I case sets without lug holes which is a major tell. If you can source an experienced machinist to drill out the lugs to accept the springbars then you are on the right path.

                              Vintage Explorer Project 3: Space-Dweller by LHOOQ

                              Rolex Space Dweller by watchlord

                              Space-Dweller REP? by unixunderground

                              ~ Explorer II – 1655 ~

                              Introduced in the early 1970s as model 1655, it is essentially a GMT-Master with a fixed bezel. Using the same caliber 1575 movement as a GMT- Master, it also had a fourth hand which rotated once every 24 hours, however on the Explorer II the hour was read from this from a fixed, engraved 24 hour steel bezel. The watch was introduced as being especially useful for the speleologist (or cave explorer), who, Rolex claimed "soon loses all notion of time: morning, afternoon, day, or night.” For these intrepid souls Rolex developed the watch which would tell them whether the "2" on the dial was 2:00 a.m. or 2:00 p-m. (14:00 hrs.). This may well be true, and perhaps cave dwellers are more susceptible to losing track of time than others. We would suggest, however, that the demand for a watch specifically targeted at speleologists would find a tiny market, and that even its limited popularity was due to its acceptance by others who work in civilian and 24 hour time systems, such as pilots and air traffic controllers. The watch went through two styles. The first, made for only three years, used an orange 24 hour hand, and the following model, made until 1985, used a red one. The 1655 Explorer II and the 1019 Milgauss are the only Rolex models which use hands that are used by no other model.

                              This watch is also known as the Steve McQueen Explorer but for no good reason at all. Steve McQueen never wore the Explorer II but was well known for wearing a 5512. Many different case sets are available, as always with vintage, generally the more expensive the more accurate but there are a lot of cheaper options available.

                              Cheap Vintage 1655 Steve McQueen build by watchguyusa

                              pbdad 1655 by spybuster

                              1655 Explorer II build by Bonesey

                              Looking for a decent 1655 by discocain

                              Rolex 1655 TIFFANY & Co. by discocain

                              My first 1655 Explorer II by Bonesey


                              ~ Milgauss 6541 ~

                              The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss is a wristwatch model introduced by Rolex in 1956 with model number 6451. With the progress of modern science and technology, as well as the maturity of electromagnetic technology, the watch’s application was also facing a new challenge. More and more scientists and technicians were exposed to the electromagnetic working condition, in order to successfully complete their precise working content, a reliable watch was needed to compute the time accurately. Unfortunately, in the electromagnetic environment, which was more than 60 to 70 Gauss, the traditional watches they were wearing were easily affected by electromagnetism and walked at random. When the electromagnetic intensity was greater than 1000 Gauss, the movement completely stopped. Rolex decided to accept such technical challenge, researched and developed a watch with high anti-magnetic ability, after several years of researching and striving, Rolex finally invented Milgauss.

                              Most of the existing 6541 Milgauss had a bezel with black scales, which was similar to the early Submariner watch, the unique Lightning Bolt second hand with a small red arrow at the top, 6541 Milgauss was made in 1958; it was equipped with Caliber 1080, which were 25 jewelled. The dial of Milgauss 6541 had distinctive honeycomb decoration, 3-6-9 hour markers were triangular and made of steel, the other hour markers were radium-coated rounded dots. Milgauss used Oyster case and bracelet, its anti-magnetic property depended on the protection from the soft iron in the three-tiered case, the dial was also made of soft iron, the screwed down case back had an extra cross-shaped accessory.

                              There is no perfect out of the box 6541 as with most other vintage reps.

                              6541 Milgauss Build by Marchj3

                              Rolex Vintage Milgauss 6541 by pvag

                              Vintage Milgauss 6541 by Bronzy

                              ~ Milgauss 1019 ~

                              In 1960, the second generation of Milgauss, Oyster Perpetual Milgauss Ref. 1019, was officially unveiled, it was equipped with Caliber 1580 movement, which was 26 jewelled. Ref. 1019 cancelled the black-scaled bezel of Milgauss Ref. 6541, the hour markers were changed into rectangular metal markers, the second hand also gave up Lightning Bolt and used linear hand, but it still had a red arrow. The case diameter of 1019 Milgauss was 38mm, not only 1019 Milgauss could be anti-magnetic to 1000 Gauss, but it was also water resistant to 50m. Milgauss 1019 was discontinued in 1980, which drew the ending song of whole Milgauss series.

                              A simple synopsis of this model revels to us that only two dials were ever issued for this reference. A silver and black dial was the only chosen options a buyer had on this model.
                              The 1019 featured two types of minute and hour hands. The early 1019 hands featured a gloss polished hour and minute hand built out of an antimagnetic material. The later hands had an aluminium matte textured hour and minute hand. Oddly enough the 1019 straight second hand with a red arrow tip and apparently been used on the early and later 1019 model run.

                              Vintage Rolex Milgauss 1019 by xebyrus

                              Is there a decent 1019 Milgauss rep out there? by greg325i

                              TitleistRolex: my question wasn't to ask "Hey QueDick can you tell any flaws of this watch or that watch?!"
                              I’ll give you my cell and FaceTime me and I’ll show you wealth you petty lil child