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Welcome to my section


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Hi can you swap hands from one of my noob hulks to another noob hulk i have please


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Hello, I hope you are well. I recently purchased a gmf Rolex from steve at theonewatches, however when the watch arrived it was not functioning. Upon inspection it looks like the hairspring in the balance wheel snapped. I tried to fit a new balance wheel however it did not fit as a result the jewel. And it’s casing have flown off the balance bridge. I was wondering whether you can preform a full service and repair the existing issues.

kind regards



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Hello and welcome to my section!

I am a UK based watchmaker only accepting work from the UK.

I have been a watchmaker for all of my adult life and I am employed full time so the amount of work im able to take on will be limited. I will start slowly and work up to a level im happy with. Id much rather provide a decent service to fewer customers than struggle and provide a sub par service to more people. The bulk of my work is made up of genuine watches.

So to start with I will offer the following services ;
  1. Full services on gen ETA 28xx movements
  2. Full services on clones of the above
  3. Full service on 6497 + clones
  4. Various movement exchanges.
  5. Rolex clones 31XX (I will judge case by case, Issue with parts availability for these. )
  6. ETA 7750 and clones. (Standard config only i.e. min@12, secs@9, hrs @6)
Depending on the work load I may offer more services in the future but I want to control the flow of work to start with.

Please read the below list of things I do not offer. If you email asking for any of the below, I will not respond.

I don’t want to get into part jobs, I only offer full servicing on gens and reps will be the same. Trying to fix a watch without fully servicing it is often not worth it in the long run.

I also don’t provide lume, bezel insert swaps, case work etc.

I dont offer advice on what rep to buy.

I dont source case parts for your replica.

Please can you read through my terms before contacting me

Please contact me via email for all enquiries, don’t PM me. And again, please read through my terms before contacting me.

[email protected]

Thanks for taking the time to look at my section and I look forward to working on your watches.

52 degrees.

*****Please note ive changed my email address. Im still monitoring repairman.com*****
sent an email, are you still taking reps for repair?