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Primestrap's matte python strap, so freaking awesome!


You're Saying I Can Sell?
My experience with Jeremy was nothing short of spectacular! First I ordered a tan leather strap with red stitching that ends with 2 crosses (X) on each side. I thought that was a cool and unique design for my Pam 318, until I saw his new offering of matte python straps, and instantly fell in love with them. Jeremy was so kind as to letting me switch my order to the python hide while he already started working on the tan leather strap.

Communication with him was very prompt. He made the strap exactly to my specification and then some. The strap was finished within 2 weeks, and when it arrived basically blew my mind, lol. The material and texture was first class, finish was immaculate, and the combination with my Pam 318 was just a killer! I haven't touched the stock rubber strap since!

I do apologize for the lack of pictures at this time due to technical difficulties (I know, my bad). I will try to get some pix going up in here asap. But one cool thing about the python skin is that the scales actually change color/mature, and some dark color scales glisten/reflect light. I mean the whole thing is just mesmerizing!

I highly recommend Jeremy for his unique offering of hides, top shelf craftmanship, friendly customer service, and a totally individualized buying experience. He will go out of his way to make his customers happy! I will definitely buy from Jeremy again, when I have money :D

These are pix from his thread :p