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Is this a good rep?


Supporter, Panerai lover
Trying to find a rep for a while but cant seem to have any success. Found this what are peoples opinions?


Can anyone find me anything better or similar?

Ok, few points to consider....
1. There's only a couple of tourbillion chinese movements around so you won't find many highly accurate tourbillion reps. Probably the best one is the milgauss label noir, but even that is thicker than the genuine. Remember, a Swiss tourbillion will often cost north of 100k so unless you can easily afford the genuine, any will be easy to be called out as a replica.
2. Buy what you will be happy wearing, not what I, a random person on the net, says I like. Do I find tourbillion movements fascinating to watch, yes. Will I buy one, no. They are extremely complicated movements, and only a few watchsmith will touch them.