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How to Buy my Straps

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Terms of Sale for SNPR Straps

Once details are discussed and we decide on your strap I will need the following information.

Full Name and desired shipping address

Email address

Desired Strap Length (exp 130/80mm) or wrist size.

Lug width dimensions. Also if you would like tell me what watch you plan on using it with, we can determine proper lug thickness.

Anything else special I need to know

Once this information is gathered I will prepare and invoice and email it to you. It will have a direct Paypal link attached which can be used for payment. The price given to you will include shipping and is for the leather strap only and buckle if discussed.

You can also visit the SHOP section of my website.

Payment: PayPal , Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover.

Shipping: I use USPS and will provide tracking numbers if requested.

Returns or refunds are given for non personalized straps as long as you haven't modified it in attempts to make it fit you or your watch differently such as notching or cutting the strap. I will only accept returns within 15 days from the time you receive the strap.

I know it seems like a lot of information but please remember this is a complete custom strap just for you. Its Takes time to make.
Thank you for your business
Joe D
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