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Any good 37mm JLC reps?


Horology Curious
Been around the block at PT, GT and Hont and didn't see anything. I know the MUT is very popular and that's maybe 39mm. Aside from that, all 40mm and up now with 46mm lug to lugs?

Hard times for us JLC fans with smaller wrists. I do have a new 40mm Master Control order in with Hont and trying on the gen yesterday. It's not terrible on my wrist, seems to wear fine, but it's not got that understated class I used to associate with JLC. It's actually surprisingly bling and eye-catching due to the sheer surface area of white face and bezel polish!

Will be a nice watch, and fun on the tan strap (assuming I'll need to change the strap as expecting the one coming with the Rep to be poor), but it's not dreamy like some older models. The new MC's are very modern, more cool, than classy, to my eye. I'd like something a bit more under the radar if possible.
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