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A Brace of Bronze U-Boats

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    Originally posted by Bilko View Post
    Us two seem to be the only uboat fans left yet they sold plenty of rep U-42 and chimeras

    I am also after a u-42 and have a WTB on here and RG but as you say, no one wants to part with one which I suppose is a big vote for them ( or all are broken)

    You are right, they are a good rep but the small second hands are a big give away, not that you see many gens in the wild so doesn’t bother me that much, I want one to see how they wear as you can pick up a gen for good money s/h

    Now thinking about letting go of my SMPc for a Movelock or Stratos,a lot would say NOOOOOOO don’t do its an Omega but it’s what you get the most pleasure from wearing than counts.

    OH no.. your not the only U-Boat fan for sure. I have a gen Left Hook IFO Chrono that I love and I would love to find a bronze Chimera Rep to match my Pam Bronzo but apparently they dont make the U-Boat reps anymore. Which is absolutely heartbreaking.


      I'am in with my Flightdeck Chrono Carbon dial 50


        Count me in. Would love a bronze Chimera Rep also. Flight deck AKA hockey puck and capsoil which has beautiful dial with hands that "float".....


          Love that domed crystal!
          WTB: JF AP ROO Safari in coffee and cream