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    Welcome: Custom Orders

    **We can’t take custom orders or get prices until after CNY Holidays ~ 16/02/2019***

    By popular demand, we have decided to trial a custom order service for Supporting members only.

    We will still sell in-stock watches but members now have the opportunity to order a specific watch.

    Hand-picked for quality:
    We work with a number of suppliers in China for our in-stock items but for custom orders we will use our hand-picked service supplier. They will do their best to select the best quality watches direct from the China stockists.

    How it works:
    Upon receipt of your order confirmation our supplier usually takes 1-3 days to collect the watch from the factory stockist and provide initial QC pictures for your consideration.

    The supplier will then test the watch for 2 days before shipping the watch to us in the UK.

    Once in the UK we will test the watch again to make sure no issues have arisen during transportation. Buyer will get another round of QC pictures for final acceptance. We will ship the watch to the customer from U.K.

    How to order:
    Send us an enquiry email stating the following minimum information and we will endeavour to get back to you with a fixed price as soon as possible.

    Our Email: [email protected]

    Member details:
    User name:
    Member since (date):
    Number of posts:
    Supporter: yes or no

    Watch required:
    Link or picture:


    1. Orders are via email only (do not PM us) and for Supporting Members only.
    2. We will send you a fixed price for the watch you request. Each watch is shipped individually, there is no discount for combined shipping.
    3. Full payment is required prior to us placing your order.
    4. We guarantee customs from China to U.K.
    5. We ship from U.K. using Royal Mail. Tracked and Signed and insured for £175. If the package gets lost, we will work together to make a claim (UK and EU customers only).
    6. Do not get paranoid and ask us for tracking up dates every 30mins.
    7. Payment is via bank transfer only (we have U.K. and German Bank accounts and can accept payment in GBP or Euros)
    8. We cannot provide a full refund if buyer rejects second round of QC pictures for known factory issues (administration fee applies). This wastes our time and our suppliers time, which ultimately drives industry prices higher.

    Important points on buying reps:

    We can only guarantee stock availability at time of writing. It is possible that the watch sells out in the time it takes for your money to clear our account and/or in the time it takes for the supplier to collect the watch from the main stockist. If stock runs out, please do not panic and get paranoid. Buying counterfeit items from China dealers is not like amazon. There are often delays with factory stock etc. These are out of our control. If stock runs out after payment clears our account, you will be offered a refund or the opportunity to pick another watch. It is impossible for us to know when the factory will re-stock a particular piece.

    Initial QCc can take 1-5 days (depending on factory stockist)
    Our supplier requires 1-2 days testing period prior to shipping the watch to us in the U.K.
    China to U.K. shipping takes around 1 week.
    We require 1-2 days testing period before triangle shipping watch to customer.
    U.K. to EU shipping takes 1 week via Royal Mail Tracked and Signed.
    If the first round of QC pictures are rejected or if the supplier finds an issue with the watch, this would obviously delays things.

    Please be patient.

    If you’re the typical paranoid rep buyer that thinks dealers are here to scam people out of their £300, then it’s best you buy from elsewhere.

    Watches are tested thoroughly before shipping and chances of movement issues, post shipping, are very low. However these are replica watches built in Chinese warehouses, so occasionally an issue can arise.

    Our watches come with a 2day limited warranty for genuine buyers. If there is an issue we will work with you to get the watch fixed by a forum watchmaker. Sometimes the buyer may be asked to send the watch back to China for repair/replacement (depending on issue). We cannot warranty aspects of the watch that are subject to buyer misuse (eg. water resistance, crown, stem, winding and chrono movements). There’s so need to be paranoid. We’ve been selling watches for a long time and will work things out in the event of a problem.
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    eeeexactly.. think good about it.. understand me...


      Originally posted by johnlia View Post
      eeeexactly.. think good about it.. understand me...


        Brilliant news. Should please alot of us enthusiasts. Feedback so far has been excellent for you guys. Lets all support KS, in their new challenge.


          I can vouch for kswatches, they already did a custom order for me, al went very smoothly !
          They communicated on every change in the order !
          If you hesitate , please dont !


            This is great news for all of us in the UK

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              I’ve order from KS and all was amazing

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                I'm in Canada, a UK this matter?


                  Originally posted by Bones2U View Post
                  I'm in Canada, a UK this matter?
                  No. Our shipped prices include world wide delivery however we can’t guarantee customs from U.K. to ROW.


                    "6. Do not get paranoid and ask us for tracking up dates every 30mins."


                    Will look at what it involves to become a supporter, would love to get a few specific pieces.


                      When will the cny be over? Anybody have some experience? Cant wait to place an order


                        19th of february but TDs are already working on sending mails etc so the factorys will be starting again in a few days.


                          So by custom, you mean extra level of attention to QC rather than mixing parts, for example getting a mkf Cartier santos with a v6f bracelet?
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                            Originally posted by Nivka View Post
                            So by custom, you mean extra level of attention to QC rather than mixing parts, for example getting a mkf Cartier santos with a v6f bracelet?
                            Normally we sell U.K “in-stock” watches and don’t take orders for specific watches from China. Maybe the stickie title is confusing.