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Watchmaker/Modder of the year 2011


I have used 4 of these guys now, and they are all excellent. Vac's mods are beautiful, second to none. He is the only modder I have used, but he does such an amazing job I'll never use another one. The lume and AR on my watches is stunning. I sent Katt a movement to swap, and he completed the job perfectly in under 24 hours turn around time! I was amazed.

However servicing provided by 14060 or 16610? watch repair is the best I've ever had, rep or gen.

I'm not trying to throw anyone under the bus here, but I bought a big date breitling for $500 used because it had been serviced by Goin. I prefer serviced movements. I confirmed with Goin that he did the service before purchasing used. I sent it to 14060 or 16610? watch repair when it stopped working the day after I bought it and this is what he found:

Just a quick note to let you know disassembly, cleaning, and 10x inspection is complete on your Bentley. Plenty of pics attached. Please note in the pics that I disassembled EVERY single piece down to the last screw. Every spring, screw, and all the tiniest parts were completely stripped from the mainplate and bathed/rinsed in the ultrasonic machine. I like to point this out, because there are a LOT of pieces on this most complex of all A7750 movements, and I don't skip any step. The press-in pivots were all removed, even the copper jumper springs are removed, and they will be lubed upon reassembly.

The movement overall was totally filthy. I found hairs, thick sticky oil where it doesn't belong, grit, and most strangely the remnants of some bug that was squashed between the mainbridge and chrono jumper spring during assembly. I found legs, what appeared to be a wing, and a couple of nasty brown dried-out smears. Yuck!

Anyway, the parts have been cleaned and inspected, and so far everything looks good. I will know more during reassembly; it will be a few days before I get to that.
I'm not saying that Goin didn't do a good job servicing the watch, but it's rediculous the level of service we are able to get on these reps because of 14060 or 16610? repair. He's the reason I'm comfortable putting $500-$1000 in mods in the watch, because I know the movement will be bulletproof after he's done with it. I send him all my A7750's for service, and they all work amazingly well.

Jannis K4

New member
Voted for Domi!!!
Great watchmaker, very reliable, works fast and very clean!
And he is really a GREAT person!!!




Section Mod
Section Moderator
Congratulations Domi's for this award !!

And congratulations Wiz for a very good job in this pole !!


Active member
Vendor (Watch Repair)
I thank all guys those who voted and those who I voted