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    Watch Services NY


    Hello RWI members

    Most of the rep lovers know me from RWG, so I believe no introduction need it.

    Fixing, modding and playing with watches since 2002, came across the forum in 2007 and the addiction reborn.

    Just to give basic idea what I can help you with

    Any ETA/Asian 28xx movement fixing/overhaul

    Yuki/SH 31XX full service with genuine parts available

    Swiss 77xx, some Asian 77xx on request

    Any Rolex Gen movement service from caliber 1030 through 4130 (genuine parts available)

    Assembling watches from parts you collect

    And all simple jobs which you afraid to do yourself like crystal/crown/bezel/insert replacement, movements swap, etc.

    Modding on request

    Below are my simple rules

    1. No payment at front

    2. I'm not sourcing any parts unless i have them in stock

    3. Lead time usually take between 3-4 weeks for one project/service

    4. Job may take more time then we agree as this is not my full time job and I have a life beside watches

    5. As a payment I'm only accepting PayPal gift from known members and WU or MO from members dealing first time

    6. Shipping back is your choice and your expense, but I recommend FedEx (for high value with insurance) and usps for low value

    7. Please don't send several emails/PMs as I can't answer them right away, I'm not ignoring but simply doing something else and will get back to you asap

    8. I will update you on progress accordingly

    9. Don't have huge expectations as we dealing with mixed parts (rep and gen)

    10. If the project doesn't looks right or impossible for me to do I will not accept the job

    11. Please include a note with your forum member name and work requested, if you don’t include the note then your watch will be set a side until establishing ownership

    12. Please don’t send watches and parts in boxes which is valuable to you, bubble wrap is more then enough to keep them safe.*

    You agree to leave work review in my section on RWI

    Turnaround my vary from job to job but shouldn't take longer then 2-3 weeks, not because required much time to do, but simply because I still have to take care of my full time job and family

    Thank you for understanding


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    I have to thank to Trailboss99 and his team for allowing me to be here.
    Big thank you to all mods

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      Subscribed! Great to have someone like you in the states. Thank you!

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        No intro needed at all!!! Thanks for this Mike.


        [Link] The Truth About our Reps...


          Subscribed to this thread. I’m based in NYC. Good to know there’s an expert local in my state to help.


            Best watchmaker ever! Now I can just refer people right here instead of sending them too RWG!
            Rolex brought: 2003 16613, 2000 16610
            100% Complete Rolex built by me: 16800, 16613 black and gold., 16610LN
            Crazy builds: 5513,16610 LV, 16613 Bluesy, 16520 Zenith QFOAHDT!


              Sweet, we're going to be good friends soon


                Can't say enough good things about Mike. Great guy who really knows what he's doing.


                  Originally posted by misiekped, post: 3819697, member: 4422
                  Simply PM me or email at [email protected] on all injury

                  Welcome Mike , im think you might be a doctor ? :P


                    Originally posted by Raddave, post: 3838666, member: 42327
                    Welcome Mike , im think you might be a doctor ? :P
                    LOL. Yes-watch doctor. Or- Just bad spellcheck. Welcome Mike.
                    That is the cleanest workbench I have ever seen!
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                      Sorry word correction

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                        Originally posted by misiekped, post: 3839525, member: 4422
                        Sorry word correction

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                        was just teasing ya mike :P


                          Welcome! Love your work desk... I saved the pic of it to model my desk to look like it [emoji106]

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                            Mike is awesome. Glad to see he has his own spot on RWI now. Highly recommend using him if you are in the US.

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                              Mike is the absolute best. He built my V6s with Yuki with gen parts, gen auto wind module, gen dial, gen DW, gen Hands, gen crystal, gen insert, gen crown. The watch is magnificent. He has repaired/upgraded several of my TC V6 and TC V7. His work is exceptional, His attention to detail...Well no one is better and I have tried them all. Thank You Mike
                              I Need another watch box!