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    The House of Tudor

    Ello all! Post number 5000! Yay!

    I've been working on my next little pictorial article about another small sub-selection of my watch collection. And at the same time, I've been posting the usual nonsense around the forum. And I could see that my 5000th post was fast approaching - so my intention was to celebrate it with a new picture post, which this time is dedicated to my current crop of Tudors. Anyway, what's happened is that time got away from me - mainly because I spend too much of it posting nonsense on the forums, which in turn has accelerated my post count towards this milestone. Oh the irony.

    But I didn't want to waste my 5000th post completely, so what I thought I'd do is run a trailer for the upcoming article, because I've already done the title image for it. And posting this will give me the incentive to get on and finish the whole thing. So here's the title image, and you'll all just have to wait now until I get my lazy bottom in gear and take the rest of the pics.


    And after that pic it'll go blah blah a bit of Tudor history, blah blah rep number 1, some pics, blah blah rep number 2, some pics, blah blah and yeah you get the idea.

    Thanks to RWI (and the guys over the road at for being here and keeping me off wider social media for the past few years.

    *ish. Probably.
    FrankenSubs! - Subs! - Daytonas! - Seamasters! - A 1675 Adventure - A Budget 6538 build - Tudors! (COMING SOON!)

    The trailer has dropped

    Always enjoy your write ups, so am looking forward to this one too Sir & could actually sway me towards my first ever Tudor
    "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time"

    "Take care to get what you like
    you will be forced to like what you get."


      Congrats on the 5k!!

      Look forward to the finished article. All the best!


        Can't wait


          Gratz !
          BAH !!!!


            Excellent , looking forward for this. Congratulations for your nice performance in this forum good Sir.
            Educated by RWI


              Cool 5000th


                Waiting patiently!