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Montblanc Tribute to Montblanc Rollerball [Pic Heavy]

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  • Montblanc Tribute to Montblanc Rollerball [Pic Heavy]

    Hi there, today I got my first rep pen and I actually ordered it from an app called "". They feature quite a lot of china gadgets but if you search a bit you'll also find fake and replica clothing and accessories.
    So after a while of browsing the app I actually found a MB pen with outstanding ratings. This will be the one you'll shortly see in this review. The photos looked pretty solid so I tried that one and ordered it.

    Price, Shipping & Customs

    I actually just paid 8€ for the pen itself and 2€ for shipping to Germany. I ordered via PayPal so the transaction was done pretty quick. The pen was then sent with China Air Mail and it took about a month (!) till it arrived. But unfortunately I got no problems with customs and the package featured a little tag which said "free from custom duties" because the seller declared it with a value of 2 US$. But this was my personal case so don't rely on this because you can get in big trouble here in Germany for importing replicas.

    Pics, Quality & Flaws

    So you before get bored here is the first pic of my Montblanc replica:

    It's a "Meisterstück LeGrand Tribute to Montblanc" and it weights about 44g which is very heavy compared to normal pens with a weight of 3 to 8 grams. So the haptic is amazing. It actually feels like the real deal.

    And as you can see in the pictures it also has an outstanding "MONTBLANC - MEISTERSTÜCK" engraving on the gold area of the tip and also the correct serial number with two letters and seven numbers and the "Germany" engraving on the top of the tip.

    The quality of the inside is just awesome. There is actually no spring like in many of the cheap replicas but a screw down holder like in the gen. Also the inside holder for the tip is made out of rubber like the gen. The MB star on top of the cap is perfectly centered and inserted.

    But actually there are some big flaws with this pen. First of all the "mountain-engravings" are pretty detailed yet wrong. The gen has more of a light white engraving while its kind of a relief on the replica. I think this is the biggest flaw because you can instantly tell it's fake. The second thing is the the famous "Pix" engraving on the back of the clip. On the rep it says "Made in Germany".

    The last one that's significant is the fake refill. It's kind of scratchy when you write with it. I solved the problem with buying a real MB refill for 6€ at my local dealer and it fit perfectly and writes amazing.

    Overall I'm pretty happy and I think it's an outstanding replica for 10€. I definitely recommend this pen to all of you and I would also buy it again.

    I hope I could help you and I also hope my english writing skills are not too bad.

    And here is another picture of the pen next to my Gigandet Seaground G2 Rolex homage:

  • armedcor
    Just ordered one..this damn site haha

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  • Phener9
    great review thanks,
    my fake refill is also scratchy, gen on the way from the bay,

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  • Muhammad
    I have the Fountain version of the same pen, which I found on ali. Overall, a very solid rep. Originally it had scratchy writing, but I tweaked the nib to fix that. Its a very nice pen overall.

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  • bene1337
    Originally posted by Rolex17, post: 3238158, member: 0
    Good to see another member into Montblanc, kinda a niche here. I have a bunch of Meisterstuck on order from Ali. Probably will post a thread comparing it to the gen.
    I really enjoy those replicas because there ist a bunch of nice ones out there and Montblancs are my favorite ones. I'd love to see a rep vs. gen comparison, keep me updated please.

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    Guest replied
    Originally posted by bene1337, post: 3235695, member: 0
    Good to see another member into Montblanc, kinda a niche here. I have a bunch of Meisterstuck on order from Ali. Probably will post a thread comparing it to the gen.

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