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    Many thanks

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to say thankyou to Trailboss99 and the admin team for allowing me to peddle a few wares over here.

    Very nice to see a section dedicated to writing instruments, and that so many take interest in pens to compliment their watches.

    Hope to be around, but not to outstay my welcome or take advantage.

    Hope you enjoy some of the pens.

    If you wish to purchase, please just pm me, and I'll contact you with details.

    Many thanks,


    No problemo mate, good to see some life in the ol' Inkwell!

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    hmm - from what I know of Guanaco all he'll do is try to make the trouble more fun.... greg_r
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      Cheers mate
      Hope I can spark things up a bit


        Great to have you here and good luck with selling but I see we will have to work on your post count

        I've never bought a replica pen before so expect a first time
        customer soon.
        "Big hitter, the Lama. How about a Fresca? Gunga la Gunga"


          Thanks very much mate
          No replicas here though....


            You've posted some great stuff, Graman. You seem to be super knowledgeable too which makes a big difference. All the best to you.

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              Cheers JC,

              I wouldn't call myself super knowledgeable......It's all just been a process of discovery, trial and error for me.....

              ...I just make sawdust... the pens just fall out of the process....

              That said, I have grown to love using a pen...particularly something that's as individual and unique as timber......Every variety has it's own properties, hues, shine and idiosyncracies.

              Some of the best fun in the world!

              Cheers! Appreciate the welcome from everyone!


                I've been thinking about it all day....

                Guys....Sorry to disappoint....I don't make replica pens.

                I make pens, but not replicas....sorry...I couldn't make a rep to save myself.
                Timber, and some other exotic materials on occasion, but never a rep, and absolutely never, a montblanc.


                  Your pictures are of great quality, and I bet so are the pens you create. It's a pleasure to see your creations, and a pleasure to read you when you describe the joy of "...I just make sawdust... the pens just fall out of the process....". Keep on this way!


                    Fully intend to Brin, cheers!
                    I don't do this for a living.....just a hobbyist, but I love working on stuff to get the right balance, or the right sheen.

                    Best fun ever......well....almost


                      As a proud owner of a "graman" fountain pen, I can only tell you that people look at my pen with envy... Pen envy, not penis envy! The first thing they ask me is the brand, and I say: it's a "Graman" "Graman?", they ask. "I've never heard of a Graman" they say. And I turn around and reply: "well, a Graman is a very unique pen. They are made to order, not two are exactly the alike, and it is only for a highly selective taste". "You must become a member of a club to which Mr. Graman belongs in order to be able to purchase it from him"
                      Jorge Gutierrez

                      Spring, TX


                        Have to check your pens out.
                        Nice watch


                          Ok so how do I see the pictures of your pen??


                            he has posted many pics in this sub-forum!