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Ruger P85, Redhawk, Officer Issue 1911, Cheapy Chineese .45

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    Ruger P85, Redhawk, Officer Issue 1911, Cheapy Chineese .45

    Howdy gun nuts,

    Thought I'd do a little bit of show and tell out of the old man's gun closet.


    Here's the true blue home defense pistol, Ruger p85 9mm. Nice gun, interesting weight distribution, where the most of frame is composite it almost comes off as top heavy. Fun to shoot and great at the range.


    Group shot here. From top to bottom we have a Redhawk .357 (double action vs the single action Blackhawk.) Very comfortable Pachmayr grip on this cannon. Definitely my favorite of his collection to blast at the range. Below that is a rare(ish) Vietnam Officer issue Colt 911 MK IV. You have to be a real man to pull the slide back on this thing, very stiff spring. And on the bottom, a not so exciting Chineese .45 that was converted to a .22 for maximum plinkage.

    That is it for pistols. If you folks like hundred year old rifles, vintage octagonal Wichesters, that sort of thing, let me know. Most of the cabinet is occupied by some really cool older stuff.

    Cheers and hope you enjoy!