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The Gun Safe Guidelines - PLEASE READ!

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    The Gun Safe Guidelines - PLEASE READ!

    The RWI Gun Safe Forum Guidelines

    The purpose of the RWI Gun Safe Forum is to provide a place for firearm owners and shooting enthusiasts to share and discuss one of the human male’s favorite topics…GUNS! We (the RWI Staff) know that firearms can be a very volatile subject, especially with such a large international member base. With that in mind, we want to let everyone know that this forum is NOT for the discussion AGAINST firearms. If you personally are against the private ownership of firearms, we respect your position but would politely encourage you to steer clear of this forum. Political topics are allowed, but ONLY within a very narrow scope. If there is some sort of pending legislation (pro or con) that your fellow enthusiasts should be aware of, that can and should be posted. However, discussions that devolve into attacking a particular political viewpoint or related topic will not be tolerated.

    This forum will be very heavily monitored by members of the Staff and that ANY violation of the forum guidelines will be acted upon quickly. We will have a "zero tolerance" policy for violations. The first violation will result in a two week ban from RWI. Any subsequent violation will result in the offending member being banned permanently. Our goal is for this to be an enjoyable part of the forum for those that own and/or collect both firearms and watches.

    The ownership team reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any point without prior notice to the membership.

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