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Welcome to the brig jupiter0022 - and the hall of fame of stupidity

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    Welcome to the brig jupiter0022 - and the hall of fame of stupidity

    So, where do I start?

    1. You bought a fantastic Tudor 7031 for £1500 here:

    2. Once received, you decide to perform the scam of your life (which is a pretty short life so far, right?).

    3. You contact staff saying that you received the watch, a buddy of yours opened it while you were watching the entire time and lo and behold - it's not a gen movement inside. No no, it's a cheap old Seagull in there! You have been scammed, you send pics of three different watches to prove you are right. We wouldn't notice that, since staff on here are stupid ass idiots, right?

    This has to be one of the most stupid attempts to scam a good member on here, I almost applaud you for entering the hall of fame of stupid scammers. You tried to rip off a member, not just for any watch, but a really nice HVS piece. You tried to fool both staff and seller, that ain't a good thing. Too bad you were too dumb to pull it off.

    Perhaps we should post some pics showing what you tried to pull off. Sending pics to us proving that the watch had a Seagull movement felt good, didn't it? I'm sure the members would love to see how stupid you are, thinking we wouldn't see right through your absolutely ridiculous attempt.

    jupiter0022 Rot in here.
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    Nice try Michael ....... but not nice enough


      The mental ward of the Brig has opened for the pre Christmas liars and thieves season! We call it the 4th floor in US hospitals.
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        What a scumbag... even worse when you consider how kind/generous the seller was. His sales thread was great, honest and didn't expect to recoup all his costs, even admitting he overpaid for the movement etc.

        Total scumbag buyer - but I've said it before and I'll say it again. I know this isn't bulletproof/foolproof. But that is why I do not sell to new members. April 2020 account with 6 posts, no thank you.

        As sellers, I do think it is your responsibility to screen your buyers in a way... I know that's bad and we shouldn't have to. But even if takes longer to sell. I would always air on the side of caution and wait for someone with history to come along and want my watch. Risks are just far less reduced, not removed. But reduced.

        I'm the same way when I buy goods too, buy the seller not the watch.

        Anyway, none of what I say here alleviates or reduces the fact that jupiter0022 you are a scumbag piece of shit.
        SD43 Comparison - ARF v3 vs Noob v10

        SD43 - Franken Build


          "Tudor 7031/0

          22-09-20, 20:09

          My name is Michael and i believe that I was scammed on the recent Tudor 7031/0 franken that sold here. I know that I am not necessarily the most experienced member here but I have made a few posts and have made a few purchases. The listing from HawkZero stated that the watch included a gen Tudor 7734. He showed pictures and even sent an alleged service record. It arrived in working condition so I assumed everything was good. However, when my buddy opened it up (don't worry, I watched him the whole time) it turned out to be the standard seagull column wheel chronograph. Since that was the main reason why I bought the watch (the only gen part of the franken build), I would like to get my money back.

          What should I do? I did pay via PayPal Goods and Services so I am protected.


          Here is a better Osage with more natural light and a different camera setting. It should be more clear.



            Funny how the crown guards magically disappeared. And that's not the only thing wrong with your pics. You're clever.


              LOL. SO he's saying those pictures are this watch?

              Tucker seems to be fallen into a pit of ignorance - Cavemax

              But in this underworld of rep watches,it is clear that the normal thing is to play with the luck of the Seller's roulette - j.m.mozos

              I wanted this omega so bad :/
              I opened the box and got a star wars shampoo...cookienc10


                I must have missed April 4. This is an elaborate joke right?

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                That's some blazing pretentious sniffing your own fart shite right there going on about gens being valuable and better because they can be passed on to children and such. Heck, that's advertising right in line with the De Beers diamond cucks


                  When i mentioned one of those watches had screw in pushers and the other did not , he sent me this picture

                  Then i asked to see the front of the watch , he sends me this picture

                  When i asked how the crown guards are missing from the other pictures , he goes silent .....


                    Looks like he took the bracelet off the Tudor and put it on a Daytona to help fake his pic


                      Sort of like comparing a rolex 6263 to a Tudor 7031 and claiming it's the same watch.

                      Hmm, different light, different location, different camera as in phone cam -vs- High end Nikon 35mm digital, different lens, aperture. Yet didn't think to include another cheap screwdriver in the background

                      Formerly diverdown60


                        To be honest guys, I was one of the only staff to not see anything wrong with the pictures he sent, but then again, this is a picture of the last staff G2G that tripdog took of me :


                          Originally posted by Glaude View Post
                          To be honest guys, I was one of the only staff to not see anything wrong with the pictures he sent, but then again, this is a picture of the last staff G2G that tripdog took of me :


                            I don't think only those words is enough to describe this person, my brain hurts just trying to fathom and describe him further.

                            He should have his own special scumbag dumb witted membership club., he is in a different league of stupid.
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                            It's not a sin to get knocked down; it's a sin to stay down.


                              I'm looking for a hematologist, somebody highly qualified with an impeccable reputation - someone who would not take kindly to that reputation being besmirched.

                              I really need him to be as close as possible to my home - I hate travelling.

                              I found this guy on line, seems to have all the right qualifications, I'm just wondering where he's based. Ideally he'd be in Novato, California, and in a perfect world he'd have his offices - or even his home - on Silver Maple Place.

                              This is the guy:


                              Anybody with experience of dealing with the Doctor Chuanyi Mark Lu please advise.

                              jupiter0022 aren't you based in Novato CA ? Any experience with this guy - positive or negative ?