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Welcome to the Brig twoheadedemperion and BierMeister

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    Welcome to the Brig twoheadedemperion and BierMeister

    twoheadedemperion and BierMeister, 2 budding young businessmen who thought they were smarter than everybody else.

    After quite a bit of investigative work, RWI staff have uncovered the scheme set up by these 2 individuals, whose aim was to make money from the sale of replica watches, replica and genuine parts - this is all about making themselves money, and nothing else.

    One of our 'businessmen' speaks Mandarin and has contacts in China, enabling them to purchase in large quantities and with a heavy discount - a great opportunity to make some easy money.

    But frustratingly, the problem they kept butting up against was the no profiteering rule - selling for profit is not allowed on replica watch forums, especially on the 2 biggest - RWI and Reddit.

    So a plan was hatched to get around the no selling for profit rule which is common to all the rep fora - create a place where profiteering is not only allowed, but positively encouraged.

    Reddit is set up differently to other fora, it is possible for members to set up sub-reddits. The plan was to set up a sub-reddit where selling for profit is allowed, which would allow them to sell what they wanted, at the price they wanted, in the quantities they wanted.

    In the end, 2 selling for profit sub-reddits were set up - & You'll note that twoheadedemperion is a Moderator on both of these sub-reddits - the ruler is in charge of his kingdom..

    This scheme was discovered when a closer look was taken at the sale of a genuine Daytona dial that was posted for sale not only on RWI, but also on RepGeek, and Chrono24 too.

    1 genuine Daytona dial, 3 sellers, 3 different platforms.

    The 3 accounts linked to the gen Daytona dial:

    DTV on RG - selling a gen Daytona dial.
    twoheadedemperion on RWI - also selling the same dial.
    Unknown individual - also selling the same dial on CH24.

    Some other important accounts:

    DTV: Rep Geek, EU
    Good-Price: reddit, EU
    BierMeister: RWI EU
    twoheadedemperion: RWI NY, US, a little before that on reddit reptime.

    DTV is selling a gen Daytona dial on RepGeek. DTV has made a mistake in one of previous tags, showing the name Good-Price, so we know he is u/Good-Price on reddit.

    Good-Price on reddit has his sales limited (as on RWI, no parts, only watches). He's not allowed to sell the Ember sets because of profiteering, he was shut down on reddit because a reddit Mod who has an account on RWI saw this thread:

    BierMeister on RWI was selling exactly the same Ember kits as G6P on reddit, using the same pics, lighting etc.

    So now we can deduce that Good-Price (reddit) is BierMeister (RWI) and also DTV (RG) = All 3 accounts held by the same person.

    twoheadedemperion on RWI is selling a gen Daytona dial on RWI. He also has an account on reddit, TwoHeadedEmperion, and twoheaded on RepGeek = All 3 accounts owned by the same person.
    The problem with his sale is his tagged pic doesn't match his other tagged pics on RWI and reddit.

    The unknown seller on Chron24, who's also listing the very same genuine Daytona dial for sale. Who is he - DTV, twoheadedemperion, or somebody else again ?

    It's at this point that we get a little help from an 'outside source', and finally all the pieces of the puzzle slot into place.

    The clue is in the username - 2 headed emperion. The dictionary definition of emperion: Male monarch or ruler of an empire.

    Good-Price (reddit) is BierMeister (RWI) and also DTV (RG): Dylan Zach - a repeat scammer, pathological liar, thief and cheater.

    twoheadedemperion, the twoheaded account on RG and the TwoHeadedEmperion account on reddit: Dylan Zach's Mandarin speaking co-ruler of their money making kingdom.

    Together they form the 2 headed ruler of the kingdom they created - the 2 sub-reddits they set up, where selling for profit is allowed.

    I'm sure that the reddit Mods with an account on RWI and some other members would be very interested in this thread.





    You two frickin Asshats!!! Will you never learn Dylan? And your friend in NYC... dude you better stay the F away from here.
    "People don't care about your watch, so wear what makes you happy!!!" -RWI Proverb# 7


      majwilliams0308 kennygconspiracy N3xt


        It’s always those pesky little details that people overlook that will trip you up. Nice sleuthing, Cicero

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          Just in case anybody doesn't understand what these 2 have done - they set up their own sub-reddits so that they could sell for profit.

          They chose not to set up a website to sell their goods. Instead they took the easy, lazy route and used a platform that had been set up by other people in order to profit - freely, without charges or fees - from other people's work and line their pockets with cash.

          Difficult to imagine the level of arrogance and self-absorption required for that sort of behaviour.


            Dylan Zach's career history:



              Originally posted by Cicero View Post
              Thanks for the heads up. I don't appreciate profiteering, especially on rep parts...


                Originally posted by majwilliams0308 View Post
                I don't appreciate profiteering, especially on rep parts...
                Added to which, Dylan is an out-and-out thief not just a profiteer. He'll end up in prison one day.

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                People always forget, the correct sequence is rape, pillage THEN burn. sfa437
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                hmm - from what I know of Guanaco all he'll do is try to make the trouble more fun.... greg_r
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                When you say modding, do you mean repeatedly hitting it with a hammer? Mickey Padge

                Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens


                  Excellent sleuthing
                  So much want.


                    As it was mentioned here, all his sales were limited to watches only with hard price checking on everything over ReptimeBST, we do not allow any kind of profiteering and he's banned now ofc! Thx for the heads-up



                      What do I have to do with this, I as I promised did not sell any parts here.

                      Please leave me out of it, if I can help with anything I am happy too.

                      Best Regards


                        HeY GuYS LEAvE mE OuT oF ThIS

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                        For all that is good in the world read the sales rules BEFORE making a sale

                        sub4me You should buy from TxThrob, he has his own thread here.


                          Originally posted by BierMeister View Post

                          What do I have to do with this, I as I promised did not sell any parts here.

                          Please leave me out of it, if I can help with anything I am happy too.

                          Best Regards
                          Um, I’ve been looking for a bridge, by any chance would you have one for sale?



                            I was asked to stay away of RWI so I did, I did not even sell any builds or used watches which I (was) allowed to.

                            Ive sold a dial to someone selling it on here, I can not control what happens after.

                            You must see that point as well.

                            I have no interested on selling in RWI or anything of the sort, check my private messages, did I solicit anyone? Did I try to sell anything here? Trade?


                            Please I ask you to leave me out of this matter in which I have nothing to do with, I did not make this for sale post, I did not encourage this post.

                            I hope you understand and are able to reason here with me today.

                            I hope this just not beceomes a meme fest or shouting fest or telling me Im an idiot. I might be an idiot, but not enough to return to RWI knowing Im not welcome.

                            I hope anyone reading this can understand, and see what I mean.

                            I wish you all a pleasant evening.

                            (I am not twoheaded nor do I condone his subreddit or any profiteering of his )


                              Really appreciate the excellent work by the mods here and bringing this to light!

                              Both members have been removed from Reptime BST. We will be making an announcement post shortly to inform members of the Reddit community (many of whom are not on RWI).

                              "Real G's move in silence like lasagna"

                              WTB :

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