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HR case vs athaya tube

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    HR case vs athaya tube


    Seems that HR 5517 case tube from inside is just a straight tube. Original 702 have star like grooves for the removal tool to grip in.

    How to remove HR case tube? And can it be replaced with Athaya 702 case tube?

    OK, HR case tube is bigger (in the case side) than Athaya tube.

    HR case tube 3.33mm / 4.57 mm
    Athaya 2.85mm / 4.92mm


      You can remove the movement first, then hammer in a rat tail file into the stock HR tube, and then use a pair of pliers to grip onto the rat tail file and unscrew the HR tube.

      Once the HR tube is out, I recommend tapping the hole to ensure that gen-spec / athaya tubes can fit the threads. The proper Rolex tap for 7030 and 7020 tube is M3 x 0.35

      You might need to make the hole slightly recessed so that the the new tube and crown can fit closer to the case.

      if you are unfamiliar with modding, I recommend giving it to a watchmaker and let them figure it out.
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