I picked up this watch M2M a few weeks ago - I really like the face, it's kind of a silvery white. The photos don't do it justice, it's really classy. It's also big, 47mm, which I favor for a casual watch. It was kind of boring with the plain black strap, though.

So I went in search of a better strap. I found this beauty on Etsy, handmade by a guy in Spain. It's in the classic orange/blue Gulf colors, and I think it looks fantastic on this watch.

And here's a wrist shot.

This strap would also look great on a Monaco, especially the Gulf-colored one. The quality is very nice, perhaps not quite as thick and sumptuous as a Corrigia or Mays, but not nearly as expensive, either. No affiliation, but I would gladly recommend this shop: www.mansarea.com