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Tiger Woods Tag Heuer Golf Watch - Review & Pictoral

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    Tiger Woods Tag Heuer Golf Watch - Review & Pictoral

    Right Cick - Save As For Hi-Res

    The Tiger Woods Tag Heuer Golf Watch has finally been repped properly. Previous versions have left us wanting a more accurate replica, and this time around the replica makers have left me satisfied. The dial is properly reproduced to represent the dimples of a golf ball. These are highly pronounced and give the dial a personality not found on other watches.

    Conventional watches often get in the way or affect your swing in a negative manner. Tiger Woods and Tag Heuer have eliminated the common problems associated with a regular watch. The Profession Golf watch was designed specifically to be worn while playing a round of golf.

    The first major obstacle was the clasp. Quite often a standard clasp can feel awkward and often hurt a players wrist. Tag Heuer integrated the clasp into the watch head with a revolutionary patented system. This is replicated very well on this version and the clasp closes tight and leaves no worry that it could possibly open unintentionally. The clasp is deployed by pressing the push buttons located at the 10 & 2 o'clock markers.

    To further improve the comfort of the watch, the crown was moved from the 3 o'clock position to 9 o'clock. The crown on the replica does not screw down, so by no means would this version be considered water resistant. Be sure to take cover when the rain starts falling! Or at least pop it in the waterproof pouch on your golf bag

    Tag also utilized a ultra-flexible rubber strap for convenience. The strap never slides, prevents any shock on the wrist and adapts its length to any change in wrist diameter. The strap is adjustable by deploying the clasp and clicking back the "Tag Heuer" marked lever. After you adjust the rubber to the appropriate length, just move the lever back into place and it snugly grabs the rubber strap. In order to make the strap fit my wrist properly, I had to cut a portion of the rubber strap away. Since the adjusted portion of the strap is inside of the back of the watch, there is no room for additional strap.

    "Its so incredibly light you literally forget it’s on your wrist--until you need it." - Tiger Woods

    One of the first things I noticed when I received my watch was just how light it was. A regular watch is often too heavy and your swing and putting precision can be affected. The genuine is made of ultra-light titanium, stainless steel and silicon rubber. The genuine Tag Heuer Golf Watch weighs only 55 grams. The replica follows this trend and is also extremely light.

    Another reason I typically do wear a watch during a round of golf is the wear and tear on an automatic movement caused by repetitive and violent shocks generated by golf swings. The genuine as well as the replica both house an accurate and reliable quartz movement. Now I can swing without the worry of ruining my expensive ETA movement.

    The caseback is also copied accurately. It includes Tiger Woods' signature, limited edition numbered markings, and a finely brushed SS finish.

    The Tiger Woods Tag Heuer Golf Watch is a great value for the price. It can generally be found for between $110-$130. For a little bit more you can even receive a box set that includes a Tag Heuer hang tag, circular zipped box, warranty card and papers. If you are an avid golfer or just a fan of the sport, I highly recommend picking one up! I purchased this particular watch from TWP and it was an excellent transaction!

    Thanks for your valuable review...its great to knoew about it..and people can now have a look at it in different level ..

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      Keyhole, nice work mate. Pictures are awesome and the review is unfathomed.


        thx for this review on an unusual watch. I've been lurking at it often, even if it's not on my priority list.
        But how to choose the right one ? There are so many models, including very inexpensive ones (that look good too and cost less than 70 dollars).
        Just as an example, here are the ones found by TT : ... d=tag+golf

        Any thoughts ?
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          The cheapest one I see listed on there is the $108 version. That is the same one that I have with the Asian Quartz.

          Thanks for the compliments guys!


            Nice review Keyhole.....

            But the question is you think wearing the watch will improve your handycap
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              Originally posted by Aji
              Nice review Keyhole.....

              But the question is you think wearing the watch will improve your handycap
              Absolutely not!


                Great review and stunning photos.

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                  Keyhole, you did too well with this review. I was moved to make the purchase of one of the new TW models with box and papers (not sure why I need the box etc.) from Perfect Clones. It arrived in less than a week and is everything that your review says that it is. I had the opportunity to compare it to a genuine recently while playing golf with a gent who also had one and there are no apparent differences. Other players commented on the watches and no one knew the difference...and I didn't tell


                    What a ugly watch.

                    Great review none-the-less!


                      Great review. It's been a few months since it was done; does anyone know who carries the best version of this watch for a decent price? I'm looking to get one as a gift for my brother.
                      Thanks in advance.


                        indeed, great review! I think I'll copy this to the hall of fame if you dont mind?
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                          very interesting watch, great photos
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                            Originally posted by Aji
                            Nice review Keyhole.....

                            But the question is you think wearing the watch will improve your handycap

                            Lol, I know right, I dont even feel comfortable wearing a watch when I hit my drive


                              I would really like one of these