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ZZF New 116610LN Submariner 3135 V2 Releasing!

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    ZZF New 116610LN Submariner 3135 V2 Releasing!

    Hi guys,

    Glad to tell that ZZF is releasing their new 3135 version black submariner now.
    Luckily we had the real watch 2 days ago then have prepared some pics for sharing some info advance to you all.

    And sorry for those customers who contacted us that I did not reply in past 30 hours (if you are reading this topic), because I was stuck in preparing something for this topic.
    But I will be back to you all as soon as I can, and everything with our orders will be on scheduled.

    Then let's get down to some detailed pics you might would like to see.

    General Front View

    Sorry we have used one ZZF V1 no date sub here as the reference, as we dont find any V1 116610 left here already.

    Dial Marker Close View

    As we all know, there is an issue with V1 dial that there is dent can be seen in some angle around the markers.
    Now ZZF has fixed this issue on this new V2 version as we can easily see on the picture above.

    Genuine Dial Close View

    We can see that there are curved dents around the hands hole and date window on genuine dial, ZZF V2 dial has keep it same to genuine as well.

    Rehaut Close View

    We can see that the rehaut engraving on V1 is kind rough and the alignment is quite bad.
    They have upgraded the rehaut as well to make it closer to the gen both on engraving details and alignment.

    Hands Close View

    ZZF has upgraded the hands details too to make it with a better 3D effect, compares to V1.

    Hands and Markers Pictures from Factory

    Among all the rep submariners, there is a common issue that lume color between hands and markers are a bit different, even it is not even easily noticeable. Because in fact hands supplier and markers supplier are usually different, so it will cause this issue even they using the exactly same lume material.
    From what I heard from ZZF, in order to fix this issue they have asked both the hands supplier and markers supplier to supply the hollow hands and markers only, so that they can use another professional parts factory to fill the lume for them, then the color difference issue will be solved.
    And from what we saw personally, ZZF lume is quite bright and blue, very close to genuine.

    Pearl Triangle Close View

    We can see the edge of the triangle is kinda far from the insert edge on V1 compares to genuine, and the edge looks too straight as well.
    Now this issue has been fixed as well on V2, it is very close to genuine.

    Front Crystal Edge Close View

    Many people might already know that in fact ZZF V1 crystal is considered a nice rep sub crystal already.
    But they still has upgraded the edge radian of the crystal as well, we can see that the gap between the edge of crystal and the edge of insert is bigger than V1 and closer to genuine.
    And as I know, dealing the edge of the crystal is actually very hard during the production procedure.

    Cyclops and DW Close View (1-31)

    They have updated some of the DW font as well.

    Bracelet and Clasp Close View

    As factory told, they have upgraded the bracelet as well, and we can easily see some differences in pictures above too.
    1. The color of the new V2 bracelet looks brighter than V1.
    2. The edge of the new bracelet has been dealt more rounded than V1.
    3. The gap of the new clasp at the logo position is bigger than V1, closer to genuine.
    4. The embossed part on the new clasp is better finishing than V1.

    Markers Comparing Close View

    Regarding to the question about "thinner or fatter edge of the marker", from this picture above we can see:
    The genuine black submariner (bought in 2019) has the fatter ones, the genuine hulk submariner (bought in early of 2018) has the thinner ones.
    Based on our experiences, starting from about middle of 2018, submariner has started using fatter ones already.
    I think both thinner and fatter ones are fine, like the longer FT and the shorter FT issues too.

    3135 Movement Close View

    Sorry I am not very familiar with this clone movement, and due to some reasons we did not get much info from factory as well.
    Wish some pro members can give us an advise about it.
    And we might prepare a comparison topic about this clone movement and genuine movement in the future, if our time and energy allows.

    OK, due to the our own busy schedule, this shall be end of this topic now.
    Please leave comments and thoughts about this new rep submariner freely.
    Also we might squeeze some of our time to sharing more info about this watch, depends on what else you guys need to see about it.

    Overall, I think ZZF is kinda an aspirant and humble factory willing to face their disadvantages and make the updates based on customers requests.
    And another news is that they will release their hulk submariner soon too, let's see how it looks when it is ready here.

    Wish you all the best.

    JTime Watch

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    Looks promising

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      Thanks Li! Very nice pics and comparison. Thanks for all your effort. The V2 looks fantastic. Now as it comes with 3135 I might consider to replace my Noob V7
      How did the cat get so fat?


        Looks good Li, rehaut is much better now! I like that they go away and make improvements after feedback. When is it available?

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            This is some great looking rep, waiting for some real feedback. When are you starting to take orders for this one Li?

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              jtimewatch 1) Will they release v2 also for the 2836?
              2) Will they release also the v2 no date? Thanks


                Great post and excellent photos as usual Li, thank you for this.


                  Originally posted by rolexppapfan View Post
                  he says in the post its fixed, its already fixed on the 114060


                    Wow, I was almost pulling the trigger on the boxy ARF, good to know that there is also this one that is coming out to the market!

                    To me looks spot on but I’m ( a noob and) curios to know what the maximum expert thinks about that new release, smoke could you ?

                    jtimewatch I join other members here to know when it will be available in your stock, anyway thanks for the time spent here man, very much appreciated.


                      Having an excellent ARF SD43, I had thought I'd written off the sub all together. Jeez man. If ZZF comes out with a v2 for their no date I'd be all over that.


                        Without being too picky and for sake of discussion only, I’m just noticing that the dial crown logo on ZZF-V2 to me looks bit worse (fatter circles?) than ZZF-V1 (that was really gen like), has they actually redesigned from scratch missing this (very small) detail !?


                          Originally posted by KSwatches View Post

                          he says in the post its fixed, its already fixed on the 114060
                          THX KSwatches i was a bit more focused on the photos didn't read very carefully


                            ZZF is the best Sub. Noob and ARF lost that battle for sure. Thanks Li.


                              Great VS thread, thank you.
                              Availability Li please?

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