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Unnamed factory 16710?

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    Unnamed factory 16710?

    Hi folks,

    I’ve been starting to dabble on the Rolex side of reps and have been wanting to get a 16710 w/coke bezel. So far I haven’t found many options - but this unnamed factory option is available at trusty:

    Was curious if anyone has had experience with this? From my reading on the forum I noticed that BP was the go to, but haven’t found any TDs that carry them anymore…

    That's an old one- introduced in 2012. But if they're still making it and people are buying it, what the heck. Looks like a sub case but I doubt it's got gen like bezel construction. There was a post here where someone was picking up a better case and putting a 3186 clone in it- but it was a more pricey build as I recall.