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    just wondering if anyone has used and how it went?

    Originally posted by PLJ View Post
    just wondering if anyone has used and how it went?
    They are using pictures of genuine watches to sell their replicas. Their watches are very cheap. If you put those two things together you are going to receive a total piece of sh!t that looks nothing like their pictures. That’s assuming you even receive a watch. Is there a watch they have that you believe can’t be sourced by an RWI TD? Why would you ever buy a watch without ever seeing a picture of what it will look like? I would steer clear of that place before you get shamboozled.
    Tucker seems to be fallen into a pit of ignorance - Cavemax

    But in this underworld of rep watches,it is clear that the normal thing is to play with the luck of the Seller's roulette - j.m.mozos

    I wanted this omega so bad :/
    I opened the box and got a star wars shampoo...cookienc10