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Panerai Pam438 advice

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    Panerai Pam438 advice


    I am about to pull a trigger on a pam 438 with puretime because of the 5% off for the CNY and $25 coupon i had with them.

    did anyone try to use 2 different promotional code with puretime? Sorry I haven’t tried that and i cant email them due to CNY.

    my biggest concern is how reliable the movement is? I knew the movement has been out for more than a year . Any inputs are appreciated!!! I actually just bought an Omega with the cloned movement about a month ago with gen functions and it stopped working after 2 days ( i had to send it back to China.

    if the topic has been discussed elsewhere, please give me the link. thanks

    a bit of reading and searching...


      Thanks for the link, a lot of good info on the 438. I think i am ready to buy it now.


        I finally ordered the watch thru puretime and amazingly they sent me QC pics right after the holiday!!


        my concern was that the watch is +6s/d. Is it acceptable?

        My last watch Omega i ordered from them was -6s/d so i asked them to adjust it and they did to +4s/d. Unfortunately, the movement failed after I got it (a screw fell out of place and got stuck into the movement). I think they messed up after openning the back. The TD is not trained as well as the factory! It is too risky to ask them to adjust it again

        any advices?