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SpeedMaster Snoopy Apollo 50th Anniversary by OMF

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    Originally posted by fran9127 View Post
    I did a quick GIF. Other then the spacing of the dials which we discussed the subdial hands are black instead of white?
    There are also some other minor things wrong but oh well...

    Pushers and crown are a mile off too
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      I mean it isn't going to fool anyone, but its one that you can wear and enjoy just because its fun to look at.


        Originally posted by MJH89 View Post
        I mean it isn't going to fool anyone

        It's going to fool the entire population of planet earth - minus the comparatively infinitesimally small number of watch nerds who hang out on forums like this.
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          Nah, you'll have people calling you out from across the street when the see half the dial poking out from under your cuff .

          You are right, we obsess about the tiny details, but no-one apart from us notices or cares, all they normally see is that you are wearing a watch if at all. I used to love my JF 45th An. Snoopy, most people have never and probably will never see the genuine article anyway or know that it is unobtainable for mere mortals.