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Bad experience before I found RWI

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    Bad experience before I found RWI

    Hi everyone! Found RWI after got an awful experience getting a rep. Am not sure why my user ID is multi account. Getting the admin to rectify.

    How do I post photo? It's say my user grp exceeded the limit. Would like to share my awful daytona I got from some unreliable dealer. I've place an order of my next rep with 1 of the TD recommended here. Looking forward receiving it.



      Welcome aboard.

      You're definitely in the right place now, chalk it up to a learning experience, hopefully not too costly.

      I'd recommend parking some time and reading everything in the below section:-

      There are alot of stickied threads, written by both past and present members, so a wealth of free information that is highly valuable and will equip you in efficiently navigating the forum.

      I see you've ordered already, so the hardest part now is waiting, and of course working out what'll feature in order 2 :-)

      Best of luck & enjoy exploring the forum, there's a thread for nearly everything :-)

      'Take care to get what you like, or you will be forced to like what you get'


        Welcome and enjoy your stay. Stick with our Trusted Dealers and you'll be safe. All the best.


          Welcome on RWi, your next daytona will looks way better than this one

          -PAM 024 & 025 / VSF 213
          -JF Black AP RO 33mm

          -JF AP ROO Sachin Tendulkar, Jarno Trulli, 57th Street, Black Rubberclad... anything else, offers?