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Cheap replicas?

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    Cheap replicas?

    Hi everyone,

    I am pretty new here and have gotten two reps so far.

    One from TD1 and another from TD2. There is a reason why I am not mentioning the TDs.

    I recently come across a non-TD and saw that they offer cheaper replicas with Chinese Mingzhu movements.

    I had a colleague that went to china and came back with one Rolex Sub around that price range and it looks pretty decent too.

    I am asking, as I had one of the TDs telling me that the movement on the rep he sold me was not the most stable and reliable and recommends that I change them AFTER I had receive them.
    I was a bit disappointed. I did not pay $300 plus USD to get an unreliable movement watch.

    Reading on the chinese mingzhu, I know they are not the best, but they sound like reliable work horses.

    I was wondering if there are TDs that offer such cheaper reps?

    Why not ask them or better still ask some guy selling watches at most holiday locations as they sell rubbish.




        I understand your disappointment ! Imho any 200usd+ watch should work just fine and be reliable. And at least come without screws loose in the case etc...

        But I think the cheap stuff is not a solution as those watches are, well, made even worse.

        It is possible to upgrade to a better movement, but that costs mo’money.

        And at least you should have a new rep serviced (yes, mo’money again) so you get a better shot at longevity.

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