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Hi from a newbie !

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    Hi from a newbie !

    Hello Guys,

    I'm very new to replica watches (I've discovered them like 2 days ago now...) and after a few searches on reddit, I ended up here

    I currently own a genuine Rolex Milgauss + Datejust 36, but I'm pretty curious to buy a few set of replica to see how big could be the difference.
    I've been easily lured by all the ruckus around the "swiss-made-luxury-watches". Yet, I'm sure I could find almost 80% of that in a watch 20-30x cheaper.

    Also... I'd really like to check if my surroundings can spot the difference when not side by side comparison. So yes, that's mainly curiosity.

    I'm currently reading this topic and I think I'll try to buy two "approved' watches" and see how they compare. Even more with IWC, which is fairly expensive for what they offer IMO.

    So yeah, that's it !

    Anyway, thanks for the forum, lots and lots of info here !

    Ps: seems to be the reference, true/false ?

    Welcome to RWI and enjoy some good reading


      Thanks, i’ll read it right away