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Timewalker 7753 - which color combination?

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    Timewalker 7753 - which color combination?

    Hi guys,

    So I'm somewhat new to the replica game, but I recently discovered that the 7753 is what most people consider a "super rep," which is great, because I've always thought that it's a beautiful watch. After a little research, I saw that TrustyTime sells it, but I've noticed that they have numerous color combinations. My question:

    Are all of the color combos for this watch considered "super rep," or is there one particular finish that earns the praise? I say this because I own a Breitling Navitimer World rep, and most of the Breitling guys will tell you that only the black dial version of this watch is a first class rep, and that the colors are a bit off on the other combos.

    So which color combo earns the "super rep" title?

    The original ones released by Noob. I've yet to see a proper super rep release of the TW since then. The ones that came after are wrong in different ways and it seemed to be using a mix of parts from the new A7753 and old A7750 (it had correct movement as date wheel was proper but the dial was all wrong) or the later ones which are clearly just A7750 variants (datewheel is wrong). You'd have to look at the used section. The silver, black, and carbon variants would be mostly indistinguishable and if someone manages to call you out on it, they probably have the exact same one sitting at home somewhere.
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      Got it. Well, that's disappointing. But thanks for the heads up!


        Hi friends,

        I'm looking for a Montblanc Timewalker in a ceramic version but I don't know much about it. Do you recommend a 7750 or 7753 movement? If I can exaggerate, could you post me a reliable link with the available model?

        Thank you so much.