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Add Glide Lock to Jubillee bracelet

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    Add Glide Lock to Jubillee bracelet

    Is it possible to add a Sub style Glide Lock Clasp to a Jubillee bracelet on a DateJust 41mm? All VSF parts or ARF or whatever is needed. Need constant micro adjustment of the band size for daily comfort is why. Thanks in advance if anyone has done this.

    Interesting, I think it could be done but You’d have to polish the center of the clasp.

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      The last link inside the glidelock (the one that has the tooth that catches the recessed grooves) has an oyster center section, meant to be mated to an oyster link.

      Mating a Jubilee link to it would leave an open space in the middle of it, unless you filled that space with a round collar (basically a half link piece).

      The other thing you could do is take the easy link apart from the Jubilee and mate its center section to the glidelock last link. The easy link section is not pretty on top, so the bracelet would need to be long enough the keep at least half of the easy link section hidden in the clasp. You would need a bracelet puller tool to separate the easy link center section.

      The connection on the opposite end of the clasp would also need a center round collar to fill a gap, one of which is already on a Jubilee with an easy link clasp.

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