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It's always better to service your new replica

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    It's always better to service your new replica

    Look what I found in last watch I serviced....


    If you guys need help with your watch please pm me.

    Hahahaha. I'm speechless.

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      I sent my new sub from BK off for a service because of issues and there were two broken parts. Its unfortunate but these things happen.


        Is that a noob 127? I have one and it looks like the same thing happened. The micrometer screw fell out and it’s bouncing around inside 5e case. It actually appears to be a problem. I saw someone posted one in the sales thread that didn’t have a micrometer screw so I looked at mine and noticed it didn’t have one either.

        Someone else posted that theirs didn’t either and we went back to look at our QC pics and we all had them in there but they rocked out pretty easily.

        I started a thread and I think a few other people popped up with the same problem.

        ETA: when I say “it seems to be a problem”, I mean it is an issue that seems to be reoccurring with this model.

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          Yeah It is. Not sure if noob as it is not my watch and would have to ask the owner.


            Something similar happened in a miyota that was in one of my reps, I'm definitely not trusting these factories.


              Originally posted by oascom View Post
              Yeah It is. Not sure if noob as it is not my watch and would have to ask the owner.
              Well, when you return it, especially if the owner is not a member of the forum, you can mention how other owners of the same watch are experiencing similar issues and it’s good he got it serviced. But I’m guessing he knows that already.

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                He's a member. He bought it from a trusted TD here.

                Watch didn't work when arrived. TD suggest Ed to him that "he should wait few days and after few days he should hit the watch with his palm and that should help"

                Not gonna mention which TD it was. But that some poor advise if you ask me.


                  I read all about getting your rep serviced first thing but was too excited when I got the watch in and just wore it right away. Lo and behold, it stopped working and now oascom has a PM from me.


                    I don’t do a full service but here’s a few things I do when I get a rep (from a TD or a M2M). Remove the movement. Take the auto wind bridge and most of the easy parts to remove and put back together.

                    Give everything a once over. Get all the dust and dirt I can find out of there.

                    Look for excessive oil everything and clean that up with rodeco. Keyless works and mainspring areas always tend to have waaaay more oils than it should. Some are damn near gunked up.

                    Check the gears to make sure there are no broken teeth.

                    Use a air puffer and blow air all throughout the movement. You’d be amazed at what comes out of some of these watches.

                    De-magnetize the movement. Be careful with this as I recently found out that if the hands or markers are electroplated with gold or white gold, it will start melting or whatever that caused one of my hands to do this.

                    If needed, I also swap out the mainspring with a gen ETA one if the power reserve seems to be “ehh”. This is a fairly easy mod to do.

                    If you do all of this and something funky still happens, just get it serviced or just stick a gen ETA in there. It would cost pretty much the same.

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                      Boom another one... Look how dirty those movements can be

                      Time for a deep cleaning !


                        Another week another projects




                            I just sent my Noob 116610LN V9 SA3135 to oascom last week for waterproofing, movement cleaning and calibration and alignment. WOW! He was great at communicating and keeping me informed. And he was FAST, as well as friendly and professional. He also sent qc pics which I didn't expect . He's located in the U.S. on the east coast and will be getting my watch back soon for gen crystal and insert installment.


                              Movement inspection.

                              Another dirty one...