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A Tale of Three Milgauss Watches - Three 116400GV Replicas of Different Quality

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    A Tale of Three Milgauss Watches - Three 116400GV Replicas of Different Quality

    I purchased three ostensibly identical replicas to see what different tiers had to offer. I hope this helps someone who has a similar fascination with the Milgauss!
    My first purchase was a Milgauss from WBK and I posted an initial review here:
    My second purchase was a DJF 904L 2836 w/green sapphire that I got from M2M, same as this one:
    My third purchase was a DHgate gamble and the link no longer works.

    I’ll show some side-by-side photos where I tried to get comparable shots to a gen and then I’ll provide my own semi-subjective rating.

    Dimensions in mm:

    Green dial on the DJF stands out. Minute markers on the WBK are red, but should be white.

    DJF case shape is nearly perfect. WBK and DHgate have a decent shape from this view, DHgate has an 18K stamp for some reason.

    DJF second hand is the best, but none of them have the sharpness or zigzags as the Gen.

    SEL shape varies, the outer two pieces of the SELs on the WBK are about 1mm shorter. Bracelet quality also varies significantly. DJF bracelet is smooth and nearly without and sharp edges, WBK has some sharp edges especially at the clasp, DHgate has many sharp edges everywhere (although it still has screw links).

    Case shape, bezel shape, and crystal height can be seen here. DJF and WBK have the best case shape. DHgate case now shows more flat. This and likely no inner magnetic cover make it 1.5mm thinner. WBK and DHgate bezels are the largest and just slightly too big. DJF crown is the most accurate, WBK is decent, DHgate is 1mm smaller which feels weird when compared to the others.

    Only the DJF had decent lume, but none seem to match the gen lume colors.

    Regarding accuracy, none of the watches have been regulated, but the WBK was serviced. Approximate accuracy is:
    DJF +15 seconds per day
    WBK -40 seconds per day
    DHgate +25 seconds per day

    Regarding the movement, the DJF is clearly superior with a hi-beat asian 2836. The WBK and DHgate have unknown asian autos, likely 2813 movements.

    Regarding the crystals, I purchased a Diamond Selector II as used by a favorite youtube watch reviewer and I confirmed the following crystal details:
    DJF - Green sapphire
    WBK - Sapphire with green AR coating
    DHgate - Mineral with green gasket

    My semi-subjective scoring includes many things shown in the images above. I also included a category for "wife" from when I handed my wife all three watches and asked her to sort them from best to worst (she is not into watches). Lastly I divided their total score by their list price to get a metric of units of goodness per dollar.

    DJF - 150 grams
    WBK - 147 grams
    DHgate - 140 grams

    I still have all three watches. What did I miss?
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    Great review, mate! Thank you! I am considering getting a milgauss but I'm still on the fence which version to get.


      Great Review!. i am thinking about getting a milgauss from puretimewatch. It's a pity that it is not in your review collection


        Kudos for the great review.
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          After completing this review, I have posted all three of these for sale over in M2M:


            How do they compare weight wise?


              I do own a Milgauss replica which I bought M2M without knowing the factory. To me, it looks pretty close to gen. Do you have a clue which factory it is? Thank you for your opinion.


                Very nice review!


                  Originally posted by Docrolex View Post
                  I do own a Milgauss replica which I bought M2M without knowing the factory. To me, it looks pretty close to gen. Do you have a clue which factory it is? Thank you for your opinion.

                  I'm not sure which factory that is, but two things stand out to me: the crystal and the bezel. The crystal isn't the green sapphire like the DJF, it looks like a clear crystal with a green gasket and perhaps green AR coating and I see a laser etched crown. The other thing is the bezel is large with a different meeting between bezel and case. All three of the watches I had showed the edge of the bezel making a small 90 degree angle where it met the case. On the watch you show, the bezel is wider, sits higher, and has a different shape and angle where it meet the case.

                  Sorry, that's a long winded way of saying, those are some items that I see in your photos and I have no idea what factory it is.


                    Couple things I would like to add about the DJF Millgauss.

                    The crystal is indeed a green sapphire
                    The channel where the crystal gasket sits is pretty rough and I'm not sure how to smooth that out. If anyone knows how to smooth the channel out let me know I would like to give it a shot.
                    The crystal gasket is green in color. The color resembles a green milk jug lid.

                    The outer case back has nice outward facing engravings. The inward facing engraving is of the same quality.

                    There is an inner case back marked with a B with a right facing arrow similar to the genuine. I'm unsure of the metal composition of the DJF inner case back. I know that the genuine inner case back should be made of plated iron to aide in the resistance of strong magnetic fields. When I have time to service the movement ill try to make a point to weigh both the inner and outer case back. I would hazard to bet that both case backs are made from the same stainless steel material.

                    The inner case back was extremely tight.

                    Both case backs have gaskets and they were dry as a bone.

                    Movement ring is custom. The movement ring is keyed to fit into a hole milled into the case at the 12 clock position. The movement does not utilize case clamps.

                    Movement is a "gold" plated A2836 with a Novodiac style shock system. The amplitude is good and regulates nicely. There looks to be a decent amount oil under the capstone it could definitely use a servicing in the near future.

                    The rotor bearing was very very very bad. The bearing was so bad enough that nothing could save it. I immediately proceeded put it out of its misery by chucking it into the thrash bin. I replaced it with a nice Sellita rotor that I had laying around from another project.

                    I'm unsure if there's a metal plate that goes in-between the dial and the moment that replicates the genuine design. When I service the movement ill be sure to update this to whether its present or not.

                    Final thoughts
                    I think the DJF milgauss is a top quality rep. If your in the market for a good out of the box milgauss I would recommend picking up DJFs offering.


                      Originally posted by cocoloco View Post
                      How do they compare weight wise?
                      I've added the weights to the original post


                        there is an ARF version out. Would love to see a comparison of that ARF with the DJF...
                        Interested in getting some spoilt movements or spoilt 42mm AP ROO, as well as parts. Hit me up if you are letting go.


                          I´ve ordered that new ARF. It´s on ist way to me :-) Can post the QC pix if ist allowed here.


                            Would like to read a review on that ARF Milgauss