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Rolex 2017 SD43 Sea Dweller 126600 REP vs. GEN

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    Originally posted by kadakn01, post: 3806791, member: 20010
    LOL, sorry maybe I forgot to mention that is the GEN! That's why it looks so perfect! I was just posting a couple of more pics as a newer ARF rep just was released, and wanted to show the more dull look of the GEN dial.

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    Wow, I thought this was a very high quality rep as I have seen some in the wild that are just perfect. You just saved me $11,140 (11,350-210)


      Originally posted by DStark, post: 3806800, member: 142633
      now understood) that's why!
      I'm just have a very big wish to get this model, but don't have enough patience to wait for V2, V3 and ...
      wanna get it for holidays.
      The funny thing is I get more compliments on the rep! I think it because mine is a very early rep I bought m2m and that has a deep black gloss dial. It just looks "nicer". The issue I believe is the dial, if deep black and glossy, would be too similar to a submariner with the gloss dial. What is interesting is the submariner had a grayish matte dial in the 2nd phase of dials, see link.

      So it looks like to separate this watch as it really looks like a sub with red lettering, they used this finish instead, which I assume improves legibility in the water. After all it is a tool watch, albeit a very expensive one!
      In some places I have seen them call this dial a " satin" finish and it has some brown hue to it. I believe is similar to the sd4k.

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        Originally posted by kadakn01
        One more with outdoor lighting, the newer reps have the bezel spot on, maybe a little to silverfish, but close, and overall I would say a pretty good rep

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        Pretty nice one!

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          Make sure you dont sell your v1. Yours looks like the later batches of V1 with the correct crystal mag so it looks good. Not like the mickey mouse crystal that the V2 currently has. The incorrect mag on the v2 watch makes it look like a cheapo toy actually.