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My first experience with InTime, still waiting

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    My first experience with InTime, still waiting

    I went through intime becausit was very recommended. i made the payment for an Omega Seamaster plus shipping, all went through. two days later i received the QC pictures, i approved, all OK. shipping info and tracking was sent through DHL. unfortunately, US Customs seized the package in San Antonio, TX CBP, so there's nothing I can do. however, intime offers to refund or send you antoher watch if something like this happen (is on the terms and conditions).

    so far i haven't heard back from Ryan, i sent an email yesterday when i got the notification from CBP that my package had been seized because copyright infringement or so, that they will send a letter, but there's nothing i can do.

    i sent an email today, still no answer from Ryan or InTime.

    I will wait a little longer, probably Ryan is very busy, but if i can get an answer or a solution. i will have to dispute the charge on my credit card. notice, i don't want a refund, I want the watch. but seems i'm not getting any answer, what else i can do??


    Dispute the charge on your credit card and you'll be banished from here forever - seriously, don't do it.

    2 emails in 2 days is quite enough for the moment - you are not Ryans only customer, therefore you'll just have to be patient, if you watch was seized then he will reship.


      Ok, that's what i thought. I'll wait for Ryan. actually i was recommended from one of his clients, and I have all intentions to keep buying from him. it's just that this is my first purchase from InTime, and as you may understand, I'm a little wary about it. However, I'll give Ryan time to come back to me. I hope it wont take too long.

      thanks for the suggestion.


        It's Thursday, wait till Tuesday of next week before contacting him again. He'll reship you a watch, no doubt about it.


          Ok, thanks for the. I'll wait. I know Ryan is a well respected seller and trustable. I've been reading the reviews