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First Rep order - Cartier Tank Solo ZF

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    First Rep order - Cartier Tank Solo ZF

    Chose Ryan as my TD for my first order, I always got a response within a day to my emails and my QC picture requests were also answered. Had the watch in hand around 10 days after approving.

    To the watch itself: It's brilliant, will probably get a Croco strap from somewhere to replace the strap but the one that came with the rep is also fine. Also disliking the clasp because it sits a bit weird on my wrist, but will probably get better when I properly adjust the strap.

    All in all I would recommend Intime/Ryan to everyone, looking to order a watch. Fully pleased with his service.

    Here's a pic of the watch, wore the strap a bit loose when I shot this one.

    Hey, that looks razor sharp! Congrats!