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Avenger's New & Improved Watch Catalog List Updated 11/20/2013 Thanks to RHP

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    Avenger's New & Improved Watch Catalog List Updated 11/20/2013 Thanks to RHP

    Here's a list of links to watch companies that will send you a FREE printed catalog upon request. I have over two dozen of these and most are excellent quality. Simply click the watch manufacturer name to be taken to their site. Enjoy!

    The links to the manufacturer's websites are active at the time of this posting. I will endeavor to keep this list as current as possible. Please PM me if any links are no longer valid. If there is a watch company that offers printed catalogs via online request that is NOT on this list, please PM me and I will add it.

    There was a bit of a discussion with the Tech Staff about certain problems that may arise from the re-director, but those have been put to rest.
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    Here is most updated info to get catalogs from various manfct.

    A Lange & shone









    Girard Perregaux










    Perrelet - It is flash based site so go to bottom, click on contact, fill in apllication


    Raymond Weil, on the page, go down and hit contact us. Select order catalog

    Tissot, in msg. area, leave a note to request catalog

    Ulysse Nardin

    Vecheron Constantine

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    Looks great 7, thanks for your hard work on this.
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      Thanks for updating this Avenger. I dug the old one up last night for shannon, and couldn't help writing for every one myself.
      Just a quick update,
      U-Boat only sends out PDF catalogs now, apparently
      If you want a rolex catalog (I know it's not on the list) you have to go to an AD, and give them a story about why you need a tangible book. I told them I was picking out a wedding present for my fiancee, and needed the book to peruse together. It took some convincing, but they finally gave in


        Thanks, MrY. UBoat edited.

        I think the Rolex book depends on the AD. I've been to a couple that had them out free for the taking. Breitling was the same way.

        I'm all like "Omega Planet Ocean", and they're all "Mega Plant Lotion huh what??"



          I just received my bell & Ross "catalog". It's just a foldout with a few watch shots, and aviation pics. It also came with a "thank you for your interest" letter, a few pages of ADs, and a link to their online catalog. Maybe someone else can verify if they have a catalog to send out anymore?
          Just got my hardback Cartier His and Hers product catalogs.

          I can keep this updated, with pics of what to expect, if you'd like.


            Corum added.

            I'm all like "Omega Planet Ocean", and they're all "Mega Plant Lotion huh what??"



              Great, already sent out 4 or 5 requests. Hopefully I'll receive 1 or 2

              Thx for your hard work, oh and the Corum update!


                Thanks for your hard work, Avenger

                I'd wait to order catalogues - they are still sending out old catalogs from 2010! I already had to throw away some because of that, today I dumped the Panerai Catalogues.

                So I'll wait until after the Basel Trade Show and will order then.
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                I have disabled my personal messages.

                For important issues please
                submit a support ticket here


                  DVL: the watchmaker's year begins with Basel World, untill that's in the can along with all the launches held there 2010 is what you will indeed get.


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                    2 catalogues arrived yesterday, Audemars and Panerai. Both beautiful in their own and full of information. Have to say i prefer the Panerai tho as it is massive. Still waitin for Omega and Corum, hopefully they'll arrive at some time during next week!


                      I just requested about 15-20 of those. The IWC website has changed recently, so you may have to go to and just click on contact us at the bottom of the page.

                      I clicked your link Avenger and it was bad.


                        Just got the first of the catalogs I requested and it was from Chopard. Came with mens, womens and an anniversary catalog, plus the price list.

                        6 days - not too shabby.


                          Thanks, thedoover! IWC is now up to date.

                          I'm all like "Omega Planet Ocean", and they're all "Mega Plant Lotion huh what??"



                            You can get iPhone apps for A.lange & Sohne too, it's not great but you get full 360 dissection of a few of their watches.
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                              Another follow up:

                              today I received a Vacheron Constantin, Longines and Hamilton catalog.

                              The VC is pretty small, but thick - about 4"x6". The Longines and Hamilton are much better looking and larger. They are pretty impressive to me.

                              Ive been wanting a couple of Hamiltons and the photography really helps make my decision between models easier. Ive been into the X-Wind, but the ETA is also to my liking.