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    GUG posting policy

    OK, after some growing pains, I think we've got this worked out now. Here's how the GUG section will work. Anyone can post anything they want in the GUG section concerning Gens under a Grand. If you want to post a single line saying "Hey, check out this Fossil for $28," that's fine. Alternatively, you can do a big write-up and review, with links and pictures, like Jake48 did for the Steinhart.

    If it's a good review, and it's something that will likely appeal to a number of RWI members, we'll sticky it and relabel it as GUG REVIEW #___. If you want your post to be considered for a GUG REVIEW, here are some items to include:

    -Lots of pics
    -Price of the watch
    -technical specs of the watch
    -Link showing where to purchase
    -Some history and background of the company
    -How you heard about the company
    -Whether you own one or have seen one in person
    Any advice for those just starting to get into replica collecting?
    Yes. Stay away. Stay very far way. Use your money on something more productive and less addictive like, say, blow, midgets and hookers.

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