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Christopher Ward C60 Tridents review

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    Christopher Ward C60 Tridents review

    I recently picked up a Trident C60 300 quartz in the third off sale for £209....................then DFQ made me aware of the C60 600 Autos going in the 50% off sale so I picked one of these up for a simply ridiculous £299!!!!

    Both 43mm models.

    These come with a 60/60 guarantee 60 days return, 60 month repairs, a great deal, so I returned the quartz, but before I did I snapped a few side by side pictures for your perusal.

    Having both in the hand they are great quality watches, nice tight bezel action, lovely flat crystals, and well machined cases, but to me the look of the quartz is slightly dated with the round hour markers and bezel font, but this is personal preference, the auto with its battons and fresh ceramic bezel, although the matte bezel of the quartz picks up less marks, looks sharper and more modern.



    Deeply stamped backs

    The wave dial, on White it is not that obvious but it is more prominent on the auto

    The lume is odd, brighter and darker variations between the hands etc, it is well applied on the brighter parts

    I would have expected a deployant on the Auto TBH, an upgrade for the future

    A size comparison against a YM

    Great watches, well packaged, well made, and they are quality and value

    Not sure why pics are not showing! thread over on RWG is working fine FYI


      Found out about Christopher Ward about 2 years ago. Found them being sold on ebay & was really taken with the blue bezel black face model of Trident. Contacted CW & they had stopped making it!, so i waited for 2nd hand one & i was lucky & got a very nice one.

      When they first were selling them they done different bezel/face combo's which i thought was good, now they only do a couple, which seems a shame. Also with the auto's you either get an ETA or a sellita & you wont know which, doesn't matter to me but i dare say there would be some who would like/need to know.

      Any how they are a very nice watch, well made & a great price. If if you take a look you may well be surprised, i know i was & i'm glad i did.



        I have a Mk1 c60 GMT on the bracelet coming from Christopher Ward themselves as part of a (limited stock and almost sold out of everything) sale they had on their forum, same 60/60 guarantee as brand new watches.


          Great looking watch, great value for nice gen

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            I saw a couple of reviews on youtube about this brand. One doubt would be the reflecting crystal. Anyone knows if it is an issue for the daily use?


              Depends were you live, in the UK no


                I have one of these in pvd with brown strap.

                Possibly the best watch you could buy for 300
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                  I have an orange bezel c60 trident pro. Lovely watch. I was hoping to collect some more CW watches, but then they remarketed and went all hip. I really don’t like the new logo/company name on the watch faces. The original style is much more classy imo.


                    Christopher Ward offer a great deal of bang for the buck. They appear well made and, while on the mechanical side they are not too exotic, they use well-proven and trusted movements that will work well and be easily serviced at a very reasonable price. I feel they represent some of the best value watch available along with Seiko.


                      i've had 3 c60s before, 1 gmt and the other 2 quartz. all excellent quality watches for the price. I should have kept the blue one!