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Rep Antimagnetic cover question

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    Rep Antimagnetic cover question

    Hi all, apologies if this has been asked before, but I cant seem to find the answer around here.
    I would like to know if the antimagnetic covers used in rep watches actually work? Example LMPO V6, or BP FF, are they actually antimagnetic?

    Never had any problems with my PO with the anti-magnetic plate. You should be just fine unless you're looking to go into a giant science lab all the time.

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    Do you have Genuine Omega Planet Ocean parts for the 2500 series?


      Doc Holiday Hi, thank you for your input. Not really concerned that I would ever be in a situation where I would need the antimagnetism of a watch. Purely interested to know if the factories making these reps would actually make effort to replecate that as well. Thought maybe it might be like the case where most reps are merely splashproof where it should be 1500m water resistance.