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WTF are you folk doing to us???

What the hell? Do you people not like RWI because this section seems to be doing a damn good job of trying to get us shut down!

First up some fool posts libelous (and totally incorrect) comments about a gen dealer getting raided and if that isn't bad enough another fool then calls the guy to ask and tells him where he saw the comments! That lot resulted in a lawyer being thrown at us, how stupid are people?

That was last week, this week I have some Bierhaus member copying and pasting large chunks of RWI into his own blog which stirred up shit with gen owners who read said blog. On what planet did he think that was OK?

If you people can not police yourselves and report this stuff when it does happen we will have no alternative but to close this section as I will not risk the forum for your sake since it is obvious that some of you don't appreciate or respect it. I am seriously pissed off here, any further crap of this nature that is allowed to continue without being reported until its too late and there will be no Bierhaus, alles klar?
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Puretime Bestellung

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    Puretime Bestellung

    Servus liebe RWI´ler ich habe Probleme bei Puretime via Kreditkarte zu bestellen ..

    Kann mir jemand dabei behilflich sein ( Dispo hoch genug Konto gedeckt und es gibt laut Bank auch keine Einschränkungen zwecks Bezahlung im Ausland )

    Und vorab nein habe leider nur eine Kreditkarte ..

    Besten Dank im voraus

    Visa geht meist bei puretime nicht. MC geht. Kann nur sein du musst es mehrmals versuchen.


      Niemals Kreditkarten in China benutzen da kann nichts gutes bei rumkommen.


        Der Real Time Score von der chinesischen Providerseite ist zu hoch. Ruf deine Bank an, die sollen dich whitelisten, also von allen Kreditkarten Anti-Fraud-Regeln ausnehmen. Dann klappt’s.
        How did the cat get so fat?


          Danke domiffm ich werde mal versuchen