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First order @ChazingTime

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    First order @ChazingTime

    My first order,

    After reading some reviews & how long the dealer already was a TD decided to order Chazingtime.
    Ordered 16-07-2019
    WU Money PickUp 19-07-2019

    After this it went quiet voor some time and as a noobie, i already was getting worried, so i e-mail’d with them a few times.

    They answered pretty fast max 1-2 days and they told me it was really busy with the crew that is locked after the raid.

    What i can totally understand, after some waiting and impatience from me i email’d them a couple of days ago to get a status update. They answered fast and told me a new batch would come in 3/4 days (8-8-2019)

    Today i recieved the QC pic’s they look amazing!

    Big probs to ChazingTime for the fast replies & they answered all my questions with patience.

    ChazingTime is my go-to TD for now.

    Here are the QC pic’s:

    Wow, Very nice watch!
    I just ordered today my first replica (PAM1392) @ ChazingTime.

    So exciting!

    Hope you receive your beautiful watch soon.
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      Nice! Have patience though, good choice by the way!

      it’s kinda “scary” as a noobie to hear nothing for a while but it will be fine


        Sorry to tell you this, but you are not allowed to post QC pictures on this forum.


          Originally posted by Gfpatt View Post
          Sorry to tell you this, but you are not allowed to post QC pictures on this forum.
          Didn’t know, thanks.

          Can i edit the post or should i delete it?


            Would delete if you can.