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Community Guide to best BREITLING Replicas

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    Community Guide to best BREITLING Replicas

    FIRST: PLEASE DON'T PM ME AND ASK ME TO FIND OR RECOMMEND A WATCH (OR DEALER) FOR YOU. I DID THIS GUIDE SO YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! Don't hesitate to reply this thread and ask questions and give suggestions. There are lots of knowledgeable people in the forums who can help. I don't get paid for this, it's just a hobby... and I certainly don't have time to be every newbie's personal watch consult. So please don't take it personally when your PM gets ignored.

    Also keep in mind that all these descriptions always refer to one particular replica version. Only the best individual replicas of each model are listed here and it's your job to find out which dealer has the best one. Typical ignorant question sounds like this: "Is Joshuas SFSO better than Kings?" There are no such things as "Joshua's SFSO", these watches always come from different factories and all dealers (usually) get the exact same ones from the exact same sources. And if you can't find a particular replica model listed here, you can be sure it's not worth purchasing. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS AND UNDERSTANDING!

    Also note that you have to be a member (and logged in) at and RepGeeks to be able to read all the member reviews.

    I also want to refrain putting any dealers' products down (or praise them). That's why this guide doesn't have any references to specific dealers (and also because their stock can change). You have to figure out yourself which dealer sells the best version. With a few exceptions most of them sell the same watches anyway.

    Putting the watches in order from 1 to X is only a taste thing. These are all very high quality replicas and the order isn't carved in stone. The order could be reversed and nobody would probably even raise an eyelid. Even if you would like to remain as objective as possible you gotta admit these reps have become very, very good.

    Specific watch reviews are linked to RWI, RepGeeks and You have to be a member (and logged in) of all forums to be able to read them.

    Special thanks go to: Chronomat123, Andreww and Takashi. Because of them this came out much quicker than I excepted. Thanks also to Repaustria, Pugwash, Azgjav, Colinmgz, Andreww, Ubiquitous, Silix, Relaxman and Rolexman for the source pictures. Thanks also to all members who spent time and effort reviewing their watches and allowing me to get them linked here.

    Breitling Skyland Avenger Chronograph (Asian 7750 Automatic)

    There are three versions of this rep: Version 1 (originated from J&A), has a chopped in half lume dot at '3. On this version, the sizes listed were a millimeter too small, but not seen anyone who has measured it to confim if it is too small of just bad measuring by the dealers. Versions 2 & 3 fixed this issue as they both have the correct smaller but round lume dot at '3. In my opinion, v2 is the best of the bunch, overall but v3 is almost as amazing. Perhaps the best Breitling replica (providing you get lucky with the lume dots). All reps have more or less crooked '1 '2 '3 and '4 dots. Some more, some considerably less. Always ask a picture of the actual watch from your dealer if possible.

    My Skyland v2 review is HERE.

    Toadtorrent made another fantastic review of the Skyland HERE.
    Yodap's excellent Skyland Guide.
    Lani & co. made an outstanding review of the very popular Skyland "Blacksteel" variation. Read it HERE.

    Breitling Steelfish SuperOcean X-Plus

    Very, very accurate case, crown, bezel and caseback. This must be the most popular Breitlings in replica history. There are a few things to note, though: Black version is the most accurate Fish because blue and white dials are both way off (color wise). The biggest flaw is the lume. Dots on genuine should be "ivory white" and flat/recessed, while they're "pimplish" and greeny on the replicas. Actually the initial batch had whiter dots, but they were often very sloppily applied onto the markers. Even on black rep, the dial 3D hologramic effect isn't strong enough, but it's still best of the bunch & the most accurate color choice. There are also several QC issues even with the "Ultimate Swiss" version, especially regarding the bracelet SEL fitting. If you want to avoid the inferior new versions, AVOID ALL "arrow seconds hand" rep models like a plague. Also try to get your dealer to send you a photo of the exact rep he's going to ship.

    My comparative review: Genuine and replica Steelfish X-Plus.
    My comparative review: Breitling Steelfish SuperOcean vs. Omega Planet Ocean UPO can be viewed HERE.

    Breitling Chronomat B01

    Two versions to recommend here over others: The Onyx black with sticks or Roman numerals (the one in the picture) The reason is obvious... you can't see the fundamental flaw (recessed datewheel) on the watch when the dial and datewheel are all black. At least it's not apparent. Stay away from all blue versions. The blue dial color is totally off as usual... it looks nothing like the genuine Breitling blue.

    Generally this is a great quality rep and very accurate one to boot. Bracelet, case and everything is very well made. The "Ultimate" version has removeable rider tabs and (supposedly) better quality steel. You'll be fine with all versions though.

    My review of the B01 is HERE.

    Breitling Chronomat Evolution

    Basically, there are 4 versions of this watch. There doesn't seem to be a consensus which one is better out of the box, v2 or v3. According to some experts, v2 has better dial but v3 includes a gen-like ETA datewheel. In my eyes best possible option could be the v2 with "Lello" datewheel. "Lello" was a community member who used to provide perfect gen-like dw's.

    My 2010 Buying Guide for Chronomat Evolution is HERE.

    Chrgod's outstanding review of the Evo is here HERE.

    Breitling Super Avenger

    Finally a new Super Avenger, replicated with today's standards! First impressions of the rep have been very good. The size is almost ridiculous 49mm, which makes this watch suitable for everyone who like gigantic watches. b16a2 put it nicely: "Instead of thinking along the lines of UPOs, which are built for function, think of this as being outrageous and built for pleasure. Compare the UPO to a Ferrari - heritage, function, and crafted with precision. Compare the SA to a Lamborghini (pre Audi-takeover) they were never as functional or as good on the track as the Ferrari's they were impractical, but hell were they good to look at and great fun!"

    AllergyDoc's great review of the SA v3 is HERE.
    Shultz posted a great and detailed review of his SA HERE.

    Breitling Avenger Seawolf Titanium
    Thanks to *Chronomat123* and *Takashi*.

    The version with the correct bezel and strong AR is probably one of the best Breitling reps I've seen. After owning the rep Seawolf, I'm having a lot of trouble justifying the $1000 for a used gen Superocean or gen Seawolf. This rep is very close. Wish they made yellow or blue dial reps, as I'd own both. Only flaw I see is the dial quality and hands could be slightly better.

    Here's things to take note about Avenger Ti rep:
    - Genuine dial has bigger writing on the Chronometre... The 3000m/10000ft should not be in italics as in rep.
    - Genuine dial has shorter rehaut ring.
    - Datefont is correct on this replica model.
    - The lume on hands should be white colour (RC Tritec Superlume C1/White). All reps using C3/green colour.
    - Caseback should have ETANCHE... 3000M not 300M.
    - Weight on the real deal is 102.30 gram, the rep is slightly heavier due to the movement spacer ring used inside the watch and different movement.
    - Probably different grade of Ti used as well <- unconfirmed
    - The rep has working He valve... Tested (it won't depress in, it will depress out instead when pressure is high enough).

    Editors note:
    The watch is huge and thick. I have tried on the genuine and it looks like a hockey puck even on my 8' wrist. If you have small wrists don't even consider it... unless you especially like HUGE watches of course. This rep is also available in stanless steel, although there's no genuine counterpart (although Steelfish SuperOcean uses similar case in stainless steel). Personally I've never been a big Ti fan so I like the ss version a lot more (although it's kinda fantasy watch).

    Rumor also has it that this rep is going out of production. So get one of these beasts while it's still possible!

    SD4K wrote another remarkable "test". This time of his modded Seawolf. Read his article HERE.
    Bazz reviews his "banana" Seawolf HERE.
    b16a2 wrote an amazing review of the grey model HERE.

    Breitling SuperOcean Heritage
    The following excellent description was written by *Willith*.

    From a person who has a genuine, this is a pretty good rep. I only saw a few flaws from the quick comparison with the pictures. The font on the 15, 30, 45, 60 is a little off and the wrong color on the rep; the date font is a little off, it looks like the rep has a recessed cannon pin (but it cold be the angle); and the biggest the the short lugs. The crown looks a little different, but no one is going to notice, it looks a little more rounded than the gen which is more square. Finally, the lume dots on the dial look like they have little circles around them on the rep and the gen has nothing like that, just the lume. Pretty nice rep if you ask me.

    Krpster's amazing v1 vs. v2 comparison review is HERE.
    Seadweller4000 did another remarkable review. This time of the Heritage SuperOcean. Read it HERE.

    Breitling SuperOcean Heritage Chronograph Asian 7750 (old lowbeat version)

    Besides the usual wrong datefont this seems to be an excellent replication. Has an AR coating, just like the gen. According to rodwc the dial, however, isn't perfect. On the gen, the t, in ft. is spaced towards the end of superocean (underneath) and the a is almost above it. On the rep, the t, in ft. is spaced towards the e. It`s half a space out.

    Lani's excellent review is HERE.

    Breitling Navitimer Model Number 23322, introduced in 2003. 9-6-3 Subdial arrangement.
    Available with numeral and stick markers. Also available on a leather strap.

    Long story short: Andreww has written a complete guide for Navitimers. It contains absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know about this rep. Read his Guide HERE.

    Breitling Chrono Avenger
    Thanks to *Chronomat123*.

    Two versions going around. The [ame][/ame] has a mineral crystal (its possible that it's sapphire, but it sure looks plasticy like mineral) without AR and a silly looking bezel pearl that screams fake. But there's better one with the correct bezel and good AR coating. Dials look good. Highly recommend it. Short story: Back when I only wore/bought/sold gens, someone sold me a gen Avenger and sent me one of the Joshua Avengers on eBay. I noticed the AR wasn't perfect when I first got it, but I thought maybe it was just a factory flaw or perhaps the original owner had the AR polished off. Well I wore it for a few months loving it, thinking it was the real Breitling I had paid for. One day, the clasp breaks, so I drive it down to the Breitling service center to drop it off. They called me and told me that they opened it up to check the movement-- and it was fake! The Breitling service center was SHOCKED by the quality of this rep. A year later, I found RWG.

    Azgjav's last minute notes about the rep:
    - Case and bracelet are almost exact. The genuine is a bit bigger.
    - Crown guards on the gen are flatter.
    - Bezel screws on the gen are ti/brushed but the one on the rep are polished.
    - Printing on the dial is larger and sharper on the gen, thus the dial of the gen appears to be bigger and has more contrast.
    - AR coating on the gen is more pronounced. the AR coating on the rep does not cut out as much glare.
    - Bracelet and clasp are exact on the replicas minus the serial numer and model number.
    - Date font way off on the rep.

    Editor's note: Paul is obviously aware of the ridiculous pearl on the new rep version because the pearl isn't visible in any of his Wo-Mart sales pictures. As you can see [ame][/ame] the Wo-Mart text is printed accidentally over the pearl. You might argue that the new version has better dial though... but the jury is still out on that.

    Importr compared the rep to his genuine. Results are HERE.

    Breitling for Bentley 6.75 seconds at '3
    The following amazing description and picture were provided by *Usil*.

    The bracelet is 24mm polished SS and looks identical to the one which comes with the 47mm Bentley ‘Special Edition’ with one exception: the clasp looks to be of higher quality. The Breitling wings on the fold-over has a deeper imprint with better scoring in the wing definitions. The Breitling spelling on the clasp is cleaner looking more like it is engraved instead of crudely stamped.

    The back of the watch does not have the standard Bentley cars or Bentley logo with ‘Special Edition’ text but instead, has a raised wheel. Not sure of it’s accuracy but looks similar to the pictures I have seen for the Gen. One word about the bracelet length. I have a 7.5 inch wrist and did not have to remove or add any links to my Bentley ‘Special Edition’. I have the spring pin located in the second hole on the clasp and it fits fine. When I tried these same settings with the 6.75, it has a little less room on the wrist which is taken up by the extra wheel on the back. I still wear it in the same pin location but at the end of the day, it gets a little tight. As I do with all my bracelets, I oiled the links pivot points, cleaned it and polished and used Loc-tite on all the bracelet screws to insure they are not lost. The bracelet moves smoothly without any binding and feels nice on the wrist.

    The dial is one of the best I have seen on the Breitlings. Noticeably well printed and clear. All hands of the Chrono were perfectly set when I got it and remain so after several uses of the Chrono function when I first tested it. The date function works smoothly. The crystal is well AR coated and, like on the Breitling Super Ocean, is invisible most of the time. If there ever is a reflection it can be seen as coming off of the dial and not the crystal! It is remarkable how much better a good AR coating makes a watch look and it is a shame that this is not the norm for all reps. At this time, only the Breitling (rep) Super Ocean, the Evolution and the Bentley 6.75 have a good AR coating on them. The lume is about what it is on any other Breitling rep I have seen - nothing remarkable. The bezel is firm but turns smoothly.

    If you like the looks of a Breitling Chrono with a lot of SS and a little weight on your wrist, this watch can not be beat.

    Finally a review of this watch! Thanks to Shultz. Read it HERE.

    Breitling Flying B Chronograph, seconds at '3 (Asian 7750 Automatic)

    Another new and very expensive replica. Everyone seems to be genuinely surprised that they replicated this. According to the reports, the genuine is only 9mm thick, but due to Asian 7750 being thick movement the rep is probably thicker.

    No reviews of this watch yet.

    Breitling Blackbird, seconds at '3 (Asian 7750 Automatic)
    Thanks to *Andreww*

    Small excerpt from Andreww's amazing review:

    The dial on this one is pretty close all around. The hour markers seem to be slightly thinner than the gen, and the subdial numbers seem slightly smaller on the rep. The most notable flaw is that the date window is slightly wider on the replica. The post that divides the window is also noticeably wider on the rep.

    The name “Super Rep” gets tossed around quite freely these days, and IMO very few of the Super Reps are really worthy of the moniker. In this case I feel that the Blackbird, although a very good rep, falls short of Super Rep status. Because of non-compatibility with genuine parts or movement, poor quality control on the pearl placement, and the horribly inaccurate caseback (SEE EDIT), the Blackbird has just too many flaws. Having said that, it is still a very impressive piece, and from the front, the “tells” are hard to find. Until now the Blackbird has also only been available on leather. I have heard rumblings however that it is now available on a stainless steel bracelet at a cost approaching $500 (unconfirmed).

    Read the rest of Andreww's impressive review of this watch HERE.
    Pix wrote another great review of this watch. Read it HERE.

    Breitling Bentley GT 44.5mm
    Thanks to *Chronomat123*.

    Nice looking rep, correct subdial configuration, but-- NO AR. Excellent quality case and bracelet. Dial printing looks clean and spot on. NO AR!!!! Shame, because it's a great looking watch. If it had AR, I'd put it above the Avenger. I cannot stress enough that a Breitling rep without antireflective coating on the crystal (AR) SCREAMS fake to anyone who's ever owned or handled real Breitlings, because Breitlings seem to have the strongest AR of any manufacturer around. My gen Breitling Headwind's crystal GLOWS with a strong bluish purple tint.

    Rolexman's excellent review of his Bentley GT can be found HERE.

    Breitling Bentley Full Size (49mm)
    Thanks to *Chronomat123*.

    Ok rep, of the same quality of the Bentley GT, but the subdials are configured wrongly and the datewheel sits a bit low. And the watch has zero AR. Some of these have misspellings on the caseback. Again... people with girly wrists beware: the size is humongous 49mm!

    Colinmgzt reviews his monstrous but very handsome full size Bentley HERE.

    Breitling Navitimer Two-Tone

    This is a new model and it looks absolutely gorgeous and is highly accurate. It's available on a bracelet and leather strap. It's available on two different subdial arrangements (12-9-6 and the Tricompax). The 12-9-6 model has excellent date font, but silver subdial hands (should be black). In this regard the Tricompax version is more accurate, but then it doesn't have as good date font.

    My detailed review of the Two-Tone Navitimer can be found HERE.

    Breitling Navitimer World (GMT)

    This rep hasn't been discussed a lot. It's fairly new replica model and I haven't seen even one single member review of it yet. We all have learned from Ziggy's breakdowns how the movement modifications can be problematic. I suspect the GMT function is handled the same way as in the modified ETA 2836-2, by adding an extra gear. This would be a faux GMT movement which could function well... or not. [ame][/ame] is a picture of genuine.

    No reviews of this watch yet.

    Breitling Navitimer Montrbrilliant Datora

    This is a complicated watch to replicate, but the factories have done surprisingly good job with it. However, there are still some issues. The watch does NOT have any antireflective coating, despite the claims of some dealers. Also, the white dial is supposed to be pure white, and the rep dial is clearly in creamy color. Read Sam's review for more detailed information.

    REVIEWS: 436NR reviews his Montbrilliant HERE.
    Onzenoob wrote a comprehensive review of this model HERE.

    Breitling Navitimer Montrbrilliant Legende

    Besides the "sunken datewheel" problem, which is unavoidable in Asian 7750, the watch is an excellent replication. Legende might even be the most accurate forgery in the Navitimer rep family. Allegedly the date isn't correctly centered on the date window though.

    Mahler's outstanding article of this rep is HERE.

    Breitling Chrono-Matic (Venus/Seagull movement)
    Thanks to ***Andreww***

    In 1969 Breitling created Caliber 11, the worlds first selfwinding chronograph movement. This invention would enable the development of an entire range of chronographs named Chrono-Matic, instantly recognizable by their left-placed crown. Even though it is strongly inspired by the original model, today’s Chrono-Matic is far more than a mere re-edition: it is truly a reinterpretation in a resolutely contemporary spirit.

    I was somewhat hesitant to review this watch. Although I have been a longtime fan of it, I do not own this relatively new rep, and have yet to see any user posted images of it. So, I am relying soley on information and images supplied on the dealer sites.

    Seeing a decently repped version of this watch was quite a pleasant surprise, as I never thought we would see a solution to replicating the Chrono-Matic’s left hand winding crown. Unlike other “Destro” watches, the Chrono-Matic’s chrono pushers remain on the right side, so simply rotating the movement 180 degrees does not work. Apparently this problem has been solved with a new version of the Seagull movement. Unfortunately, the Seagull does not have a date function. The lack of a 6:00 date window is the biggest flaw of this watch, and an obvious “tell”. Another “movement” related flaw of this watch is that it is manual wind, not automatic like the gen.

    Click to see Andreww's reference picture.

    Looking past these two glaring flaws, the Chrono-Matic is not that bad for a first generation replica. The subdial spacing is slightly greater than the genuine, resulting in the 3:00 & 9:00 markeres to be slightly reduced in length. Otherwise, the dial and hands look very good, although the dial color seems to be a bit suspect. Breitling only produces this dial in black or silver (subdial color varies), but the listing on one of our dealer sites shows the color options as black, grey, blue, white and red. The slide rule ring is not printed all the way to the bottom, so the dial and ring markings do not touch (a common first generation flaw that has already been fixed on the GMT). The case itself looks very good and although it is .4mm thicker than the gen, in all other measurements it is bang on with the genuine (44mm x 14). Markings on the caseback are accurate, but for the serial number which is a little too high.

    Click to see Andreww's reference picture.
    Click to see Andreww's reference picture.
    Click to see Andreww's reference picture.

    The bracelet is typical Breitling reps, heavy and of a good quality. From pictures on the Breitling site, it appears that this one should have 5 center links (rep has 3) and 2 outer links. At least one dealer seems to have recognized this problem and sells this watch with a leather strap only.

    Click to see Andreww's reference picture.

    For a first generation watch the Chrono-Matic is a decent rep, and a real step forward given that the left hand wind issue has been overcome. But, until the 7750 is modified with a left hand wind, this watch will forever be plagued with two major flaws, hand winding and no date window. If you can ignore these flaws, you may want to hold out for a later revision. This watch would be much nicer if the slide rule ring were to be improved, and an accurate bracelet were to be attached.

    REVIEWS: No reviews of this watch yet.

    Breitling Superocean "older model"

    This watch has inaccurate case size. The SuperOcean should be 42mm and the Steelfish is 44mm. Looks like the rep makers have just used the SFSO case and exchanged the dial. Helium valve and date font are off as well. The bezel fonts are off and the caseback has wrong markings (the dial has 2000, caseback 1500). Summary: A real half-assed effort. Avoid.

    REVIEWS: No reviews of this watch yet.

    OMG ! Very NICE!!! I'm going to have to read this one a couple times.

    Guanaco on 4chan... "It's like putting a few puppies and a few butterflies with some rose petals into a blender and pushing the 'puree' button while videotaping it"


      ByTor... My thanks to you to come up with such a comprehensive and elaborate review. Although it's only the first version, my impression is this guide is gonna be very useful for both enthusias and newbies. Excellent work~!


        I need to read it all slowly..I like it ...thanks man

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          so is it safe to say the navimeter is the best rep?

          Too much is just enough!!!


            @joey: in Breitling rep world, it's cosmetically most accurate to date.


              The most accurate Navitimer available is this one...

     ... -1871.html

              In my opinion this one is as close to genuine as you will find.


                There is also a Chrono Super avenger in Quartz (in Titanium) which have incorrect sub dials (correctly marked vs the movement it use, but not like the Gen)


                  Originally posted by Vric
                  There is also a Chrono Super avenger in Quartz (in Titanium) which have incorrect sub dials (correctly marked vs the movement it use, but not like the Gen)
                  Yeah, I left the quartz models off this review on purpose. I could use a review of the Breitling Chrono-Matic that Andrew sells. It has a 7750-movement, I take it?


                    Originally posted by By-Tor
                    Originally posted by Vric
                    There is also a Chrono Super avenger in Quartz (in Titanium) which have incorrect sub dials (correctly marked vs the movement it use, but not like the Gen)
                    Yeah, I left the quartz models off this review on purpose. I could use a review of the Breitling Chrono-Matic that Andrew sells. It has a 7750-movement, I take it?
                    Couldn't see an automatic Chrono-Matic on Trusty's site. There are a couple of quartz versions there though.


                      As usual, well done bytor. I would really like to see some more information on the Super Avenger. I'm intrigued by the 49mm x 18mm case. Monster. If only the dealers could source the correct combination of dials with hands. The dial should numbers that stand out and it should have a red tipped/boxed second hand.


                        Originally posted by Caseydog
                        As usual, well done bytor. I would really like to see some more information on the Super Avenger. I'm intrigued by the 49mm x 18mm case. Monster. If only the dealers could source the correct combination of dials with hands. The dial should numbers that stand out and it should have a red tipped/boxed second hand.
                        I really like looks of the Super Avenger too. I'm not that well informed about the flaws in this rep... so naturally the review is still lacking." But at 49mm it's ridiculously big. I have wrists for big watches but still... anything over 42-44mm isn't aesthetically pleasing for me.

                        I know... I sound like a broken record but I really wish they replicated the Windrider/Chronomat... it's my favourite Breitling hands down.


                          Informative and interesting read as usual. Big hands to By-Tor.

                          Too bad the titanium Seawolf is out of production right now. Beautiful watch especially with the genuine dial in it.


                            Great guide and many thanks by-tor for the compilation!! Will read slowwwwwly


                              What can I say By - T , another great piece of work mate :-)