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A LEGENDary ZF 15202 Pictorial

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    A LEGENDary ZF 15202 Pictorial

    ZF 15202 modded by LEGEND

    Good day gentlemen of the AP Sub,

    This is a pictorial review / appreciation post / me gushing about a mod of my ZF 15202 done by the man, the myth, the legend .

    Let me preface this "review" by stating that:

    1) I'm not an AP guy, hell I'm not even a modern watch guy, my heart mostly belongs to vintage watches. So I may not be the most knowledgeable.

    2) This isn't necessarily a review of the ZF 15202 per se as such extensive finishing has been done that it might as well be a unique entity at this point.

    3) This pictorial is not very accurate in terms of how the watch looks in real life as I did a bit of colour editing here and there.

    4) I'm weird and like watches to have character and I don't mind damage as I have some kind of weird fantasy that the watch is now unique.

    Alright, let's begin.

    I first ordered this 15202 knowing the pizza peel hand base flaw existed but I reckoned that it should be an easy fix so I went ahead and ordered from my TD.

    However, the watch arrived damaged. The crown was sheared and the crystal had popped off.

    I then sent the watch to Legend where the following was done:

    Bracelet beveling and polishing

    Reinstalled crystal and gasket

    Shaving the pizza peel

    This is the result:

    Honestly, despite what has been said about the large cut out for the pinion, I find it unnoticeable IRL from at least a decent distance.
    (This may also have been a result of Legend's magic)

    The bracelet after beveling and polishing articulates so freely and smoothly I can't really put it into words.

    The case is wonderfully thin but sturdy and everything flows quite magically.

    LUME is kinda MEH due to the size of the indices and hands

    Finally a wristie in outdoor lighting (Ignore my ugly wrist)

    I genuinely don't know what kind of magic legend pulled off but these pics don't do this watch justice.

    The 15202 is not a small watch and quite out of the norm for me, but Legend has given it a soul
    and now I don't think I'll be parting with this for the foreseeable future.

    Do let me know if you guys wanna see more pics or have any questions. Or also if you guys wanna roast my lack of knowledge or amateur photography please go ahead.

    (Mods do let me know if i posted something weird or this needs to be moved, thanks!)

    Thanks, A.
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    Excellent review and pictures.


      Beautiful watch buddy! Congrats

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        That is a nice warming review, great job by Legend, lots of love and knowledge put in his AP work.

        Wear it in good health.

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          Beautiful watch and amazing craftsmanship/wizardry Wear it in good health!


            Congrats, looks superb!
            legend he knows his onions!!


              no idea why imgbb makes the pics so blurry


                Lovely watch.


                  As usual, a great job by Legend.
                  But, who ate my peeezzaa?
                  Enjoy you sweet jumbo bro!

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                    Nice review legend knows his work ! Wear it in health


                      Beautiful, how long did it take?


                        Awesome work and watch


                          Beautiful work by Legend. Thanks for sharing & giving us the fine look of this beauty!


                            Would be just about impossible to tell this watch from a genuine AP on the wrist. Very nice.


                              Great pictorial review, just ordered my ZF 15202 as well. Looking forward to it.