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A Lange & Soehne replica

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    A Lange & Soehne replica

    i´m quite new and I want to buy A Lange & Soehne - Classic Tourbillion White dial
    and i found this page
    now my question is if this is a good offer? and how the quality of this watch is?
    thx a lot

    Hey there,

    I suggest to do some reading here and there on the board.

    I also suggest to stick with the dealers on this board, they are all top grade dealers.

    stay away from possible scam site. I don't say that site is a scam but with the dealers on this board you not only get quality reps but also quality service.

    Take care Niels


      I agree. I was shopping and also found this site. I read and took a month or so before I purchased my first watch. I only buy from here and believe me there is plenty to choose from. You can always email a dealer and see if they can find the watch for you. 2 months later and 7 watches, I am completely happy.

      Good Luck

      It's ok to lose it once in awhile, it reminds others that we are human.


        This is a simple cheap asian replica. Quality isn't great (fake chrono, fake tourbillon, low quality overall)
        This shouldn't be more than $120 (or even ~80$ from Silixwatch) which make it a "fun watch" if you like it. (don't pay what this site is asking you for it !)

        Edit: as a "fun watch" I mean wear it for fun and be ready to trash it if it broke.. That said, even if the quality is very bad, it could work for many years, or few minutes.. Gamble fun.

        IMO, if you are ready to pay $200 for a rep, you should get an ETA one. Even if those also come with problem now and then, they are usually much better and you would be able to "build your confidence" in rep with a first good one.

        Edit2: All the watches on this site are low quality asian movement. Look at silixwatch, you will find them all at much better price. But again, Quality over quantity is my preference


          Welcome Blizzard.

          As some of the guys have already said, do your research on RWI and then check out our dealers.

          There is sooooo much knowledge here that you will always get the answers you need from our members.

          It helped me alot when I first joined, and now I have some great watches.


            This web site has many alias, lowcostreplicas,monsterrolex and others. the rolexes dont even have solid end links. cheap asian reps for more money than you should spend. try or



              hey guys
              really great to get such quick and good replies!!!!
              i join quite a lot forums but noone was as good as this!!!
              ok i will search and thx for avoiding me buying at that page
              and sry for my english but i´m from Germany^^

              IMO, if you are ready to pay $200 for a rep, you should get an ETA one
              what does ETA mean??


                Your english is fine.

                You will find by reading what is ETA (hint: it's a "Swiss" movement)


                  I live in Stuttgart
                  It is zour choice, and if like the watch is OK, but this fake tourbillon is reallz bad. everzone can see it from a kilometer. There is a better version, if zou are interested in a A&S that is the chrono version manual. My working college buyed it from Trusty, and he is reallz happz. And the movement, a lemania, it is really good.


                    heyho viele liebe grüße nach stuttgartt!!
                    ok if its not a good quality i won´t take it!
                    but at trusty there´re only a few a.l&s watches
                    and my favourite one isn´t available!


                      Yes I can understand it. But you must understand this rep world. The first thing is that not everything is possoble to rep. Special movements (like the A&S uses) are very complicate to replicate. Or are too expensive to replicate. And the rep makers, choose normally brands that are more suit to sell in numbers, like omega, breitling, now panerai, and rolex. Brands like A&S, Glashutte, etc, are more indicated to "aute horology" and not so well sell (at least, like the others). The Glashutte reps are crap.
                      Choose more or less what you want (from what you have), then find a good movement (read a little bit in the forums. ETA is good, but also there are a lot of "simple" asian movements that works really fine), and them choose your dealer. That is very important. I must say that working with a good dealer can avoid you to have problems and loose a lot of money.


                        ok i know what you mean
                        but i don´t know which dealer is the best for me!!
                        do you have a favourite one?


                          Well, I have buyed for almost most of them and I have no problem at all. ÇFor my very first watch, I buyed from Trusty. Its is easy, you can pay with Paypal, the web is very clear, and he ship to Germany witout proble. He always send to you a tracking number. He is one of the best. It is a garanty. It is not the cheapest, that is true, but for your first time it the best solution (also joshua). Or, you can also try Silix (Prime, the best ones). Jay and Paul, sell good quality, and best prices.
                          Most of the dealers here are really good ones, especially because all are tested here, and a lot of people buys from them. For your first try, I will go with Trusty.
                          Read in the forums a little about how to handel with the dealers: be police, not too impacient, really know what you are buying (what model, what version if there are more than one, what werk, if it is realliable or not, if it is Asia or Swiss, if it is with saphire or not, etc). When you have all the clear, go on. But first, you must know what can you expect or not.
                          My first rep was a Tag HEuer Link from Trusty, and I love this watch!!!

                          Know I am waiting for a 177h Panerai from EddieLee


                            ah ok
                            i will collect the informations you told me
                            it don´t have to be a cheap one ,but
                            the quality must be good, then i would
                            pay much more!
                            and another question how do i know
                            which price a dealer told me is fair and
                            not to high
                            thx a lot


                              approved dealers here offer listed price, which usually does not include shipping - sometimes $25usd depending on where you live. If you go to their site, you will see set prices to know the dealer is not creating a price or charging too much for you.

                              This forum is very good/honest and the dealers will be respectful and helpful in return, so no need to haggle. Price is set and very fair. My humble suggestion is use an approved dealer even if they cost a little more. You will get your watch with little problem. There are many cheaper 'dealers', but they may sell you a junk watch - as they say, buyer beware!

                              one last try for your dream watch could be Ruby. She is very good at finding special reps. If they make it and its good quality, she can find it for you. She will want a picture of the watch you want and then - she will find and seek! Ruby is very very good that way! She found me 2 special bracelets I was could not find.

                              Best of luck and.........