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    Lange & Sohne on Ebay

    I'm a newbie, so sorry if this is not the right place to post, but I think it is.

    I have a friend who showed me this forum and I am just sad I didn't know about it before. I think I had better get it firewalled from work before I get fired.

    I need some advice. I need a dress watch for some up and coming events and was looking at Patek and Lange reps, when I saw this rep on Ebay. I know that there are two types of Lange Flyback - is this the cheapy one or the more expensive. It certainly looks the part.

    Thanks for your help and keep up the good work ... 0077946600

    I would advise not buying off ebay for reps, the dealers here have the best reps available and if something goes wrong most are willing to put it right.

    When you say cheapy one you do realise that there isn't really such a thing for Lange, the 'more expensive' flyback costs in the region of £60,000 so could be tricky to pull it off if someone spots it who knows a bit about their watches. On the other hand that hasn't stopped many of us so look through the dealer sections and PM the dealers any questions about the quality of the reps and movements.

    If you go for the ebay one then good luck but I stongly reccomend having a good look around here first.


      Thanks for your very quick reply. Sorry to not be clear. What I meant is two types of rep - one with a kinetic mechanism (cheaper) and one with a wind-up mechanism - the Ebay seller calls it Lemania?

      I have just had a look on Trusty Time and they sell two types of this Flyback. This looks like the more expensive one as it has the ornate mechanism showing at the back.

      The seller has a lot of good feedback, so I will ask him a few questions about it and see how much it goes for.

      Loving this site already.